Why we shouldn’t address NAVIC as ‘our own GPS’.

Oh, did I just ask to not address NAVIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation) as our own GPS (Global Positioning System). Have I lost my mind to go against the trend media has created? Am I actually serious about it? Well, let’s see why I am making such a preposterous appeal.

I have realised while talking to a lot of people on social media that they think GPS is a technology per say in generic terms which is completely incorrect. And the headlines all over media are reflecting as such. So first let’s talk about different satellite based navigation systems.

What is GPS:

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a global satellite-based navigation system made up of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). It is a U.S.-owned utility that provides users with positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) services. This system consists of three segments: the space segment, the control segment, and the user segment. GPS is operated and maintained by the U.S. Air Force (Source: HERE). It is currently the world’s most utilized satellite navigation system.
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The joy of dancing

Let it go. yes, let it go.

I know you are wondering what sort of starting is that! What exactly am I trying to convey. Wait, hear me out before concluding me as a nutcase. I am asking you to let go of that heavy feeling in your heart or that mental pressure that has been building up for long. Just let go of the feeling of pain, resentment, anger, tension, worries. All the pessimistic energy you have been building up for all this time, let go of that. Untie your body from your mind, let your feet go freely like they have their mind of own, stretch your arms out and let them follow with the motion of your feet. The world around you has its own rhythm, feel it in your heart and sway with it. That rhythm will remind you of your own existence, your body which is owned by only you, no one else. So celebrate it because no one’s is judging you and who cares if anyone’s watching. This is your time, fill your body with joy and life, let go of negativeness, dance it out. Continue reading “The joy of dancing”

Experience Real Togetherness

Piglet – “How do you spell ‘love’?”
Phoo – “You don’t spell it…you feel it.”
These are one of my favorite lines from A.A.Milne. But If I really have to spell love, I would spell it as T.I.M.E. Yes in a sense love can be spelled as time not as a quantity but as a quality. Giving your quality time to your loved ones is the best gift that not only makes the receiver feel special but giver feels content as well. Alas! Time is that precious thing that often eludes us. Weather we have a deadline to meet, take our meals, have a new job, complete the pending tasks, meet family or friends or go for a vacation, we find ourselves wishing for more time. Unfortunately we only have 24 hours a day, time is a limited commodity whereas love isn’t then why are we so restricted with giving love to people around us? I am not talking about family and friends, we all love them I can bet on it but I am talking about our neighbors, or people at workplace, or all those strange faces we see every morning when we go for a jog, or our environment. We are a part of a disconnected society, we don’t even know our neighbors properly. People don’t even help each other these days, may be they are less empathetic and have trust issues. Life is already complicated enough to invite more complications into it and that often stops us from knowing others and caring about them. 
We always complain that we don’t have enough love in our lives; we are constantly seeking for more. What if I tell you that the love we seek for is right here in our hearts, it’s always been there and it grows by giving. Building trust is a gradual process but giving love should come naturally. Continue reading “Experience Real Togetherness”

Honey, Honey diet, benefits of honey

Say hello to Honey

“I love Pizza.” My youngest cousin declared, she is 8 years old and dear lord being the youngest, she is most pampered and most adorable so everyone gives into her wishes.
“And pasta, Manchurian, Hakka-noodles, burger without lettuce,” She made a face while saying lettuce as if its lizard (sorry for giving that image) and then she continued, “Finger fries, potato chips, soft drinks. Did I mention Pizza? I love pizza a lot; a lot.” She emphasized it all in a single breath. I just stood there nodding my head like a bubble-head doll, she isn’t getting any of that, I thought. Of course she isn’t. Do you know how unhealthy all that is! That’s the problem with kids today; they just want junk food not healthy, oh! Hang on there for a moment! I am giving this know-it-all speech because I am aware about the benefits of balanced healthy-diet but I am a kid myself; now that we are clear on that, let’s continue. (Where was I? Yes) Because of the easy access of world cuisine to kids, they just want food that tastes delicious and general misconception is that the food that’s healthy isn’t delicious.
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The innovative harbour of learning

It is a well known fact that the real wealth of a nation dwells not in its current economy or abundant resources but in the quality of lifestyle of its children, they are the future of a nation so it’s important to give them extra attention, ensure that their basic needs are fulfilled but alas, not all children are privileged.

With around 37% of global illiterate adults in Indie and about 30% people living under poverty line, it’s a challenge to make sure that each child of the nation gets basic education. It’s an ambitious dream to see 100% literacy in India, ambitious but not impossible. If each one of us, the educated group contributes, we can achieve this ambitious dream. We can do right, we have the power and resources only if we channel them in the right way.

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eBiz Platform

Achieving the Vision of Digital India through e- Governance

Digital technology offers enormous potential for the government specially of a developing nation that wants to be ultra responsive to its constituents by keeping up with the current world and evolving for future needs, such government takes the route of electronic governance also known as e-governance. E-Governance in India, a major initiative under the ‘National e-Governance Plan’ (NeGP) of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India, was approved in 2006 and it is the backbone of ‘Digital India’ vision. E-Governance is about Government’s interaction with government, it’s way of conducting business with companies and delivering services to its citizens by leveraging Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled strategies for ensuring transparency, efficiency, and accountability in the process which is not only faster but also more personalized and can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also entails integrating services across different governmental agencies in order to reduce cost structures, simplify interaction and improve overall service delivery in real time. It has envisioned large scale citizen services delivery through 1,00,000 kiosks upto village level, throughout India. It comprises of 31 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs), in three categories viz. central MMPs, State MMPs and Integrated MMPs. These MMps aims to provide services by leveraging and optimally utilizing the four pillars of IT/e-infrastructure namely – State Wide Area Network (SWANs), State Data Centers (SDCs), State Service Delivery Gateways (SSDGs) and Common Service Centers (CSCs).
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Contagious Optimism

Nowadays, many people have lost confidence in the world around them. Rampant increase in crime rates, daily marathon of horrific and gruesome news headlines concentrating mainly upon the bad that’s happening in the world isn’t helping either. Due to personal hardship, failures and day to day stress we are becoming less optimistic about a well defined bright future. People around are mostly in bad mood all the time, their faces are mostly decorated with a frown than a sweet smile. Amidst of black clouds it’s very difficult for a person to look for a silver lining in each cloud but it is an essential aspect if we want to be at the brighter side of the picture. Continue reading “Contagious Optimism”

Life I Have Always Dreamed Of!

Some say dreaming is a waste of time, I believe it raps the ineffable creative energy that is stored somewhere in your mind. Dreaming lets you connect with your inner desires, your inner hidden strengths. It tells you what your soul really craves for and that dreaming is self exploration hence It’s important for physical, emotion and mental health also as it creates a bridge between your conscious and subconscious self. But this dreaming is more or less like a dream seen with open eyes, sometimes lucid sometimes wishes. These dreams are most vital and in order to convert dreams into reality, it takes a lot of effort, determination and freedom. Most of the times in the rat race our wishes takes a back seat and others expectations from us calls the shot gun as we drive through our lives. Our duties, constrains, priorities, what’s-need-to-be-done makes us forget our dreams and often our dreams lose confidence in us as well.

They say don’t dream a life but live a life of your dreams. Well I am carving the life of my dreams and if in case there was nothing to hold me back then I can think of top 5 things from top of my bucket list that I would love to do should be: Continue reading “Life I Have Always Dreamed Of!”

I am litterbug and I know it

When I walk on the street (Yeah)
This is what I see,
Every minister is
sweeping the street. (Ohkay)
I got thrash in my hand,
And I ain’t afraid to
Throw it, throw it, throw it. (Heck Yeah)
I am litterbug and I know it.

Oh yeah! The great Indian litterbug.


This one is for the Indians with litter-system
Top notch, freedom of the tossing system
When they go outside they throw stuff
‘Cause sitting inside they collect enough

And then this guy walking on the street
drank water from bottle, looking so neat (dashing)
In slow SRK style he
Spread his hands in a lazy stretch
dropped the bottle right there, that wretch.
That kind of dude I was looking for,
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Truth be told

The most common word that is the least common thing is “Truth”. We can run around the world and this fact will not change.

Even the famous theory of evolution by Charles Darwin could be a hoax & Albert Einstein failing mathematics is a big lie. Lie, in fact, is so common that it has become the natural spontaneous tendency of almost every human being, it is deeply embedded in our subconscious system as a result of evolution, here evolution means surviving because of lies, many times we are told that in this century those who doesn’t have a knack to deceive are often eaten up by the large fishes who survived because of lies thus multiplying liars. And the most interesting factor is that we are always told that lying is wrong, they condemn lying verbally but the same society more than often reward lies and that creates the evolution. But how long can this continue? because with time truth always reveals itself and fake/lies fades away.

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