Experience Real Togetherness

Piglet – “How do you spell ‘love’?”
Phoo – “You don’t spell it…you feel it.”
These are one of my favorite lines from A.A.Milne. But If I really have to spell love, I would spell it as T.I.M.E. Yes in a sense love can be spelled as time not as a quantity but as a quality. Giving your quality time to your loved ones is the best gift that not only makes the receiver feel special but giver feels content as well. Alas! Time is that precious thing that often eludes us. Weather we have a deadline to meet, take our meals, have a new job, complete the pending tasks, meet family or friends or go for a vacation, we find ourselves wishing for more time. Unfortunately, we only have 24 hours a day, time is a limited commodity whereas love isn’t then why are we so restricted with giving love to people around us? I am not talking about family and friends, we all love them I can bet on it but I am talking about our neighbors, or people at the workplace, or all those strange faces we see every morning when we go for a jog or our environment. We are a part of a disconnected society, we don’t even know our neighbors properly. People don’t even help each other these days, maybe they are less empathetic and have trust issues. Life is already complicated enough to invite more complications into it and that often stops us from knowing others and caring about them. 
We always complain that we don’t have enough love in our lives; we are constantly seeking for more. What if I tell you that the love we seek for is right here in our hearts, it’s always been there and it grows by giving. Building trust is a gradual process but giving love should come naturally.

So let yourself free to love your surrounds, people around you and the nature around you. How to do that? You may ask. Well, start by loving nature, it’s easiest and you can always trust nature. Have potted lively plants at home, it will be a good start. You may involve people around you like your neighbor in the same, maybe go out sometimes to water the plants at your nearby park, sow seeds, dig holes and plant saplings. Take care of each plant and tree like a family member, more people will join you and help you take care of the park. Kids planting sapling, tree plantation, Can you imagine strangers working as a team on something without being forced? Nature can create this miracle and this will break the barriers in the society and people will start to trust others more. I can assure you this activity does bring society together because it’s a huge step in restoring faith and trust in our surroundings also when you are spending time with people and nature, you are giving your love to them. Don’t be strangers, be friends and experience real togetherness.

Life is too long to be disconnected from surroundings and too short to wait to live and feel the present moment, don’t run blindly to the destination but enjoy the journey as well with the people around you.

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6 thoughts on “Experience Real Togetherness

  1. You make a very pointed observation. Time is a limited commodity. Love isn’t. So why are we inhibited in expression of love. Probably because we’re scared of the repercussions. But when it comes to showing our love for nature, repercussions can only be good,as can be seen with Kissanpur. Nice post Ankita 🙂

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