Why we shouldn’t address NAVIC as ‘our own GPS’.

What we say today, what we trend today will be remembered tomorrow and I do not want NAVIC to be known as ‘Indian GPS’. Read to know why… Continue reading Why we shouldn’t address NAVIC as ‘our own GPS’.

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The innovative harbour of learning

It is a well known fact that the real wealth of a nation dwells not in its current economy or abundant resources but in the quality of lifestyle of its children, they are the future of a nation so it’s important to give them extra attention, ensure that their basic needs are fulfilled but alas, not all children are privileged.

With around 37% of global illiterate adults in Indie and about 30% people living under poverty line, it’s a challenge to make sure that each child of the nation gets basic education. It’s an ambitious dream to see 100% literacy in India, ambitious but not impossible. If each one of us, the educated group contributes, we can achieve this ambitious dream. We can do right, we have the power and resources only if we channel them in the right way.

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eBiz Platform

Achieving the Vision of Digital India through e- Governance

Digital technology offers enormous potential for the government specially of a developing nation that wants to be ultra responsive to its constituents by keeping up with the current world and evolving for future needs, such government takes the route of electronic governance also known as e-governance. E-Governance in India, a major initiative under the ‘National e-Governance Plan’ (NeGP) of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India, was approved in 2006 and it is the backbone of ‘Digital India’ vision. E-Governance is about Government’s interaction with government, it’s way of conducting business with companies and delivering services to its citizens by leveraging Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled strategies for ensuring transparency, efficiency, and accountability in the process which is not only faster but also more personalized and can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also entails integrating services across different governmental agencies in order to reduce cost structures, simplify interaction and improve overall service delivery in real time. It has envisioned large scale citizen services delivery through 1,00,000 kiosks upto village level, throughout India. It comprises of 31 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs), in three categories viz. central MMPs, State MMPs and Integrated MMPs. These MMps aims to provide services by leveraging and optimally utilizing the four pillars of IT/e-infrastructure namely – State Wide Area Network (SWANs), State Data Centers (SDCs), State Service Delivery Gateways (SSDGs) and Common Service Centers (CSCs).
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Contagious Optimism

Nowadays, many people have lost confidence in the world around them. Rampant increase in crime rates, daily marathon of horrific and gruesome news headlines concentrating mainly upon the bad that’s happening in the world isn’t helping either. Due to personal hardship, failures and day to day stress we are becoming less optimistic about a well defined bright future. People around are mostly in bad mood all the time, their faces are mostly decorated with a frown than a sweet smile. Amidst of black clouds it’s very difficult for a person to look for a silver lining in each cloud but it is an essential aspect if we want to be at the brighter side of the picture. Continue reading “Contagious Optimism”

I am litterbug and I know it

When I walk on the street (Yeah)
This is what I see,
Every minister is
sweeping the street. (Ohkay)
I got thrash in my hand,
And I ain’t afraid to
Throw it, throw it, throw it. (Heck Yeah)
I am litterbug and I know it.

Oh yeah! The great Indian litterbug.


This one is for the Indians with litter-system
Top notch, freedom of the tossing system
When they go outside they throw stuff
‘Cause sitting inside they collect enough

And then this guy walking on the street
drank water from bottle, looking so neat (dashing)
In slow SRK style he
Spread his hands in a lazy stretch
dropped the bottle right there, that wretch.
That kind of dude I was looking for,
To master the art of littering is my hope. Continue reading “I am litterbug and I know it”

10 steps to Swachh Bharat

We like our homes neat and clean. When it comes to cleanliness we become best orators then how our surroundings are not as clean as our homes? How many of us actually make an effort to clean our community or have stopped someone from spreading filth. Ask yourself? We are the best critics of our society, when we see an unattended garbage or filthy roads, we blame the municipal corporation workers, it’s true it’s their duty to clean the city but what about our social responsibilities? We see, We Blame; But we need to be the change we want to see and raise our voice, make a change and change the game.

10 steps to Swachh Bharat :

 1) Stop littering and dispose garbage properly:

We have a very bad habit of disposing the thrash right where we are sitting or standing. Don’t do that. Don’t litter in your streets, your society, the woods, the water bodies, or your surroundings. Start with yourself by being a model example and encourage others to do the same. Throwing thrash at wrong places never goes away, ever. It will find it’s way to effect you so dispose it in dustbin only for your own good. Continue reading “10 steps to Swachh Bharat”

Raj Express Pride of MP

A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who just tries to give back as much as possible and help people. A hero to me is someone who saves people and who really deeply cares. Debi Mazar Hero can be anyone, he can be Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, your neighbor, your father, your brother, your friend or yourself. … Continue reading Raj Express Pride of MP

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She is a Khasi ‘Mardaani’

Shillong, best known as ‘Scotland of the East’, capital of Meghalaya, one of the seven sister states of North East India. It’s a beauty that attracts many travellers from around the globe. Its quaint charm is not hidden even to the naked eyes and for which it attracted me even more when I heard the seven sisters (seven states) of North East calling.

Travelling is exploring, learning new culture but most importantly it gives a glimpse to the world out there and I had such similar life changing glimpse when I was travelling from Guwahati (Assam) to Shillong (Meghalayala), on National Highway 40 we took a stop to a roadside vendor selling many fruits but Pineapple got our attention.

While having a rather casual chat with the Lady who was selling pineapples, she told me she was a ‘Khasi’ woman. Khasi is a tribe of Meghayala where the status of women is a lot different from rest of the nation; they are treated with more respect, have more freedom and control over life. Having known that I was very curious about them hence I asked her about her culture and specifically status of women in their tribe. Her name was Munasha, I am going to call her Munasha the Khasi.

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Someone Who Made A Difference

I strongly believe that a small change can make a big difference (as the tag line of my blog suggests) but this belief is not something I developed out of the blue, I had an upbringing where I saw many people contributing towards the wellness of general public even unknowingly, yes we are always surrounded by such people and we do notice them and learn from them, many times unconsciously.

One such person in my life was my Guruji, my kathak (classical dance) teacher, Late. Mr. Dholpuria Ji. It was my mother who saw my love for dancing when I was probably too small to speak my own name and at suitable time she found the perfect teacher for me. Little did she know that I wouldn’t only learn the real essence of music & dance but also the real essence of life. Or perhaps she did know. Continue reading “Someone Who Made A Difference”

NGO – Help A Child To Study

ActivityHelp A Child to Study sponsors the higher education of meritorious underprivileged students, supporting them to achieve dreams of a better future. They sponsor all formal courses above 10th, including 11th and 12th, diploma courses, degree courses, B.E., M.B.B.S. and Postgrad. Through education their students are able to escape the cycle of poverty through their own talents.

Details They are very proud of their students – who are the children of labourers, small scale farmers, weavers and other families with low incomes. These students have enormous potential to succeed and only need financial support to do so. They say they are thrilled that today some of the graduates are placed with large companies such as Mahindra Tech, L&T, and TATA Consultancy Services.

SupportEducation, higher education, sponsorship of students.
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