The joy of dancing

Let it go. yes, let it go.

I know you are wondering what sort of starting is that! What exactly am I trying to convey. Wait, hear me out before concluding me as a nutcase. I am asking you to let go of that heavy feeling in your heart or that mental pressure that has been building up for long. Just let go of the feeling of pain, resentment, anger, tension, worries. All the pessimistic energy you have been building up for all this time, let go of that. Untie your body from your mind, let your feet go freely like they have their mind of own, stretch your arms out and let them follow with the motion of your feet. The world around you has its own rhythm, feel it in your heart and sway with it. That rhythm will remind you of your own existence, your body which is owned by only you, no one else. So celebrate it because no one’s is judging you and who cares if anyone’s watching. This is your time, fill your body with joy and life, let go of negativeness, dance it out.

Dancing is one of best stress buster, the provider of ultimate bliss. Once you stop blocking your body and mind, that’s when the dancing will happen. It’s an art, free for all without any restrictions or constrains. You don’t have to be a professional to dance or be perfect at it, all you need is a zeal to express yourself with motions, without uttering a single word. And if in case you need to connect with the like-minded people, hone your skills, share it with the world or learn about all those numerous dance forms, you can always check out this new ultimate online destination for all-things-dance- #TheDanceBible.

Why would you visit The Dance Bible?

For non dancers, it’s one place where they can get encouraged to feel the joy of dancing without being embarrassed because they can find a lot of people like them over there dance forums. And for the professional dancer, it can prove to be a life-altering opportunity, they offer this awesome section where anyone can create their portfolio, upload photographs or videos and share it with the world. Isn’t that what’s’ needed in this tech-savvy world, to present your skills and make it available to the world. With so many professionals already available there, you never know which unicorn will mine you out.

Their zone is like a fairyland for kinds, it has everything one can relate to dancing. From the theory to crazy moves from all over the world, covering every dance form. It is basically one portal that is offering everything a professional can utilize to grow much more and a non-dancer can use to express himself/herself better and feel divine.

I hope that you are encouraged enough to give dancing a chance.

You may want to connect with The Dance Bible: Facebook | Twitter


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