Finding the rainbow: They meet again (Chapter-1)

Finding the rainbow, a story that tells even when love huts, rainbow shines. A story where trust is breached yet love prevailed. Continue reading Finding the rainbow: They meet again (Chapter-1)

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Contagious Optimism

Nowadays, many people have lost confidence in the world around them. Rampant increase in crime rates, daily marathon of horrific and gruesome news headlines concentrating mainly upon the bad that’s happening in the world isn’t helping either. Due to personal hardship, failures and day to day stress we are becoming less optimistic about a well defined bright future. People around are mostly in bad mood all the time, their faces are mostly decorated with a frown than a sweet smile. Amidst of black clouds it’s very difficult for a person to look for a silver lining in each cloud but it is an essential aspect if we want to be at the brighter side of the picture. Continue reading “Contagious Optimism”

Chapter 13 : Breaking Bad

Team – The Spellbinders

The story up until now :

Chapter 13
Breaking Bad

“I am afraid patient is in no shape for the interrogation,  Officer.  Fortunately the knife missed the spinal cord tissues but he lost a great deal of blood and has concussion.” The doctor informed Malik who was waiting outside the operation theatre.

“It will take only a minute; this is a crucial case and he is a vital lead.” Malik persisted sizing the doctor in blue scrubs.  It was a futile effort; he knew officials of this type.  The doctor would not let him anyway near the patient.  Interrogating a patient can make you a bad guy fast.

“Officer Malik I have to ask you to come back later.” The doctor started to walk towards his cabin only to be stopped by Malik’s piercing gaze and urgent voice, “Little girls are dying and he can lead us to the killer. You have to understand – ”

“No, you have to understand” the doctor raised his voice by a notch “I cannot let you take risk with my patient’s life.  Now if you will excuse me I have more patients to attend.” And he walked past him.

Malik stormed into the police station with such a fury that everybody steered clear of him. Where is my coffee? he wanted to shout at the juniors.  If it was his police station, he would have.  But he was here at the behest of the DGP and had been given the use of a corner of the evidence room.  At least he had a desk and a phone.

He had a strong hunch that this attack on Aryan was the breakthrough he was looking for.  If he could get a clue, he would solve the case and go home.  Living in circuit houses was not his favourite thing.  But the damn doctor …
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The Spellbinders : Chapter 1 – Room number 4

Team – The Spellbinders 

We are a team called the Spellbinders.  We are collaborating and writing a story for the Blogadda challenge “Game of Blogs”.  The team is diverse, and we are having fun interacting with each other creatively.  To know about us, join us here

Chapter 1
Room number 4

11th April

“She can’t be Roohi!” Shekhar screamed “She is not my Roohi.” His screams and anguish went unheard in the God forsaken secluded warehouse. Another shrill cry of a child stirred the beast in him, he ran frantically towards the sound. His bloodshot eyes filled with rage adjusting through his thin silver specs to the dark disgusting room barely lit by street lights filtering in through broken window panes, and searched the scattered wooden boxes.

“Where are you?” He softened his voice trying not to scare away the child, and then he saw twin tiny pools filled with fear, her eyes he thought “I won’t hurt you.” He tried to coax her out of her hiding place “Come to Daddy, daddy won’t hurt you.” He continued in a sing song voice and felt a strong blow against his jaw, so hard that it rattled all his teeth. He pulled out his knife in fury and started slashing the thin air and froze when he saw blood, thick crimson splashed across his face, splattered on the floor, blood on his hands and the lifeless body of the child, its cold eyes staring deep into his soul as if to ask “Why?”. He squeezed his eyes shut and covered his ear with his bloody hands but the loud blaring of sirens wouldn’t stop. “I said stop. Stop. Stop.” He kept screaming, hot tears on his red cheeks “Stop you spawn of Satan!” he howled not realizing he was Satan himself. The door flew open with a loud thud and he knew it was the police.  His whole body trembled and he sat upright on the battered hard stone bed, his eyes open now and his body on high alert, but his mind still in the hazy arena between nightmare and wakefulness, the iron bars of his cell mocked him. Continue reading “The Spellbinders : Chapter 1 – Room number 4”

Exploring NeverLand!

Neverland, a land that thrives on the imagination of humankind specially kids is weakening as technology is taking place in the dreams rather than breathtaking imaginary stories and Metal is a deadly poison to NeverLand. The growing demand of technology is Metal-lashing the NeverLand. A land in alternate dimension that used to stand strong between human world and the Downworlder.

Downworlder are nightwalkers, blood suckers, demons, werewolves, and all the evil that can destroy humanity. Albeit NeverLand is a part Downworld but part human as well. Nightwalkers wants to rule the world, bite each human either to kill them or convert them into one of them, since NeverLand is standing between their dreams, they are attacking NeverLand with all their might when NeverLand is already weakening. It is Nephilim’s, (who are part human and part Angel) duty to save humans from Downworlder but because the Clave* signed an accord** which restrict them to kill a Downworlder unless they are attacking a human or seen near the vicinity of a human.

Nightwalker is attacking Faeries of NeverLand and if they succeed in taking over NeverLand then they will unleash demons and all the evil on humankind and there won’t be any saving for us so it is the high time that a human enters NeverLand and save it to save Humankind and I am chosen for the job. I didn’t know all my training of my twenty-two something years was for this precise moment. I am one of the only few people who have ‘the sight’, who can see clearly in NeverLand, distinguish between reality and figment of imagination, and I am chosen because of my strong will because NeverLand is ambiguous, constantly changing with one’s imagination and will power. My father, the India’s representative in Interpol along with each Interpol General Secretariat believes that I am their last hope; they can send only one person through the portal to NeverLand which takes a lot of energy to open hence can be open once in four years so yes I have no army at my disposal only one other Nephilim who was sent to NeverLand 4 years ago. And you heard me right, Interpol does believe in this gibberish, I would have waved it off and walk out of the door if I wasn’t already excited to explore a different enchanting dimension.

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Dare to Say

Protagonists and antagonists introduction: 1)  (Newcomer) Urvashi Garg: Skilled classical dancer from north India, knows all the eight classical forms to perfection. They say her eyes speak, her expressions tell a story and when she dances, the world disappears except her. Her smile, her charm, her ‘addayen’ can make a dead sing her tunes and kill an undead. She is desired not only in India but … Continue reading Dare to Say

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Lovelets ~ Words for the Heart ~

Butterfly & The Bee …your literary angels In association with All About Books Global Presents LOVELETS ~words for the heart~  AN ANTHOLOGY OF POEMS & SHORT STORIES This is a collection of 71 alluring and ardent poems and 10 enchanting short stories. From every shade of Love, darkest and brightest, amber and pure.. every word written from heart, meant to touch your heart. Here is the Poem and short stories collection list … Continue reading Lovelets ~ Words for the Heart ~

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