Asus Zenfone 2 seems promising!

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Just few days back I wrote about the awesomeness of the much anticipated smartphone of the year, Asus Zefone 2 which is to be released Today, that is 23rd April. So I thought why not indulge in its top features again.

Asus is known to introduce standout features in its every new smartphone and this time with Zenfone 2, it has outdone itself. It is a well known fact that this century belongs to those smartphone makers who are capable of optimizing technology to deliver never-seen-before features to its customers and only those who succeed will survive in the category of premium high-end smart phones. After checking the specifications of Asus Zenfone 2, I am sure it is here not only to stay but is capable of doing what it claims, to give direct competition to high end smart phones like Samsung and Apple. Continue reading

Glorious wings

Casting a mirage,
Smoothing the sharp edges.
Making things appear enticing,
Vicious expectations are inviting.

The wondrous fantasies you envision,
With twinkling eyes and bouncy feet
You jump in split decision,
Waiting for the arms
Strong yet sweet. Continue reading

ASUS Zenfone 2

ASUS Zenfone 2

Asus zenphone 2

Are you one of those people who are waiting for Smart phone giants to launch a new smart phone which isn’t just an upgrade of its old models but has a completely innovative design and is all about the new technology that makes you want to simply grab it & make it your own? And I forgot to mention the prime factor, the price tag, of course a smart phone that fits your pocket too metaphorically? Today smart phone makers have the needed innovative technology at their disposal but not all of them are jumping right in to use that. For a quite while we have been seeing not-so-tech-giants barging into the realm of premium high-end smart phones with their totally-worth-it luxurious series. Only those smart phone makers who come up with never-seen-before standout feature will survive this realm and Asus Zenphone 2 seems like one of those. Asus has announced this phone a flagship destroyer, which is goin to give the direct competition to the likes of Samsung and Sony. It has quite an interesting specification sheet that sparks confidence, Asus is known for its accountability and product quality, so it is indeed a trust worthy brand. This beauty is to be launched on 23rd April’2015 in New Delhi.

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The innovative harbour of learning

It is a well known fact that the real wealth of a nation dwells not in its current economy or abundant resources but in the quality of lifestyle of its children, they are the future of a nation so it’s important to give them extra attention, ensure that their basic needs are fulfilled but alas, not all children are privileged.

With around 37% of global illiterate adults in Indie and about 30% people living under poverty line, it’s a challenge to make sure that each child of the nation gets basic education. It’s an ambitious dream to see 100% literacy in India, ambitious but not impossible. If each one of us, the educated group contributes, we can achieve this ambitious dream. We can do right, we have the power and resources only if we channel them in the right way.
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Edelweiss Tokio Life -CritiCare+

The pace of the this contemporary world is rapidly accelerating, everyone seems to be rushing for next appointment, next project, next presentation, next exam and when we have time at hand we spend it over whatsapp, twitter, facebook or start crushing candies. Albeit with 20th century breakthough in medical science and proper awareness about hygiene and sanitation has increased the life span of an individual but the lack of time for self-care, constantly increasing stress, pollution, climate change has increased the health risks. Today, almost all the critical illnesses have a cure and with many people adopting healthy lifestyle, the chances of such unfortunate happening have been reduced but it’s better to be plan ahead than be sorry. Critical illness makes an individual indisposed to work also it incur significantly high treatment cost, with current scenario of medical inflation rates may lead to improper cure due to non-affordability which can be avoided with a critical illness plan. It ensures that at the time of need the patient and his family concentrates on the recovery rather than finances and absurdly high hospital bills, one such solution is ‘Edelweiss Tokio Life -CritiCare+’.
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Achieving the Vision of Digital India through e- Governance

Digital technology offers enormous potential for the government specially of a developing nation that wants to be ultra responsive to its constituents by keeping up with the current world and evolving for future needs, such government takes the route of electronic governance also known as e-governance. E-Governance in India, a major initiative under the ‘National e-Governance Plan’ (NeGP) of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India, was approved in 2006 and it is the backbone of ‘Digital India’ vision. E-Governance is about Government’s interaction with government, it’s way of conducting business with companies and delivering services to its citizens by leveraging Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled strategies for ensuring transparency, efficiency, and accountability in the process which is not only faster but also more personalized and can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also entails integrating services across different governmental agencies in order to reduce cost structures, simplify interaction and improve overall service delivery in real time. It has envisioned large scale citizen services delivery through 1,00,000 kiosks upto village level, throughout India. It comprises of 31 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs), in three categories viz. central MMPs, State MMPs and Integrated MMPs. These MMps aims to provide services by leveraging and optimally utilizing the four pillars of IT/e-infrastructure namely – State Wide Area Network (SWANs), State Data Centers (SDCs), State Service Delivery Gateways (SSDGs) and Common Service Centers (CSCs).
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Simple act of care

Time doesn’t wait for anyone, moments pass too quickly to ignore chances to connect and spend quality time with your loved ones. One thing that stands correct is that true happiness comes when you share it with your family. Good or bad, stormy or calm sea, things get better with surrounding love. With inevitably changing environment one thing that stays constant is the presence of our loved ones, our family. When we feel like drowning under pressure our loved ones never leave our hand and keeps us afloat, they become the tremendous source of energy giving us the strength to fight the dark clouds and let the bright sun shine upon us. When we are riding success then the happiness doubles with the presence of our family. The bond that a family shares is always much stronger, ever stronger than a covalent bond ( for non-geeks : covalent bond is the strongest form of chemical bond ). Continue reading

Welcome changes

#StartANewLife : It’s not easy but you may regret if you don’t give it a chance.

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. ~Lao Tzu

My heart resonates with Lao Tzu on this thought, often we are so hang up on our old selves that we don’t give a chance to new opportunities. We aren’t always so welcoming for changes and we forget that everything is changing everyday albeit we don’t realize that at the moment and suddenly one day everything looks different and then we regret the opportunities we had missed along the journey. Continue reading

Contagious Optimism

Nowadays, many people have lost confidence in the world around them. Rampant increase in crime rates, daily marathon of horrific and gruesome news headlines concentrating mainly upon the bad that’s happening in the world isn’t helping either. Due to personal hardship, failures and day to day stress we are becoming less optimistic about a well defined bright future. People around are mostly in bad mood all the time, their faces are mostly decorated with a frown than a sweet smile. Amidst of black clouds it’s very difficult for a person to look for a silver lining in each cloud but it is an essential aspect if we want to be at the brighter side of the picture. Continue reading

Life lessons I learned from camping

To be amidst wilds with family is best way to build a stronger bond with the family. When I was little my parents took me and my elder brother for a memorable camping trip in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh. The bank of Betwa River near the lush green mysterious dark forest offered the delight of both adventure and the learning of the rich cultural heritage of that region.

The lush green forest offered many hiking and trekking trails which my father wanted us to explore. I being a kid wasn’t expecting the surrounds to be completely raw. I didn’t expect to fix my own tent in place and definitely wasn’t mentally prepared for that complete experience. And my father had a different plan, he didn’t only plan to have a nice camping experience where we can relieve stress of studies and get closer to the nature, be environmentally conscious but also wanted to teach me and my brother a lot about life so that we grow up to be a better independent people.

You will be surprised how a 2 night- 3 days trip in wilds can teach you.

1. Attitude of Gratitude :

We often take food for granted, especially when as a kid we make a lot of fuss over food, we have our favorites and choices. Many don’t even touch vegetables but like fast food and many kids don’t like raw food. Food. water and shelter are the most taken for granted things for a kid who has a well provided family but camping teaches the real value of all these things and much more. You will miss your warm chapatti when you would have to cook rice and beans or cuppa noodles after ten-twelve hours of trekking. Trekking and hiking exhaust you completely and then after you come back, you just want your mother to serve you nice warm plate of meal but while camping my father made sure that I and my brother be major part of all the activities. He taught us how to cook rice with minimum supplies over fire in a small tin container. It wasn’t all flattering but fun and educational. That experience taught me not to take things in life for granted and for grateful for what I have even the smallest of things.
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