Stayzilla: Make room for something new

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Quikr NXT!

In this digital world, one can get anything and everything online, all they need to is to search at the right place similarly one can sell anything and everything online, all they need to find is a right place to sell. They don’t necessarily have to be a seller, wholesaler, shop keeper but a regular person who can sell his goods, be it old or new, his services and advertise for anything ranging from their business to look for a new tenant/room-mate and one such right place is It’s a website that lets you put classified advertisements online and where you can look up from a knife to a car, from anything to everything.

Now, what happened when I had put up an advertisement regarding my used microwave oven over, I start getting n number of calls daily from interested buyers. Getting many calls from interested buyers sounds very good, right! But in reality it can be a real nightmare, I will tell you how and also let me introduce you to the super cool Chat option of the quikr NXT. Continue reading “Quikr NXT!”

Fat Cat™ – Unique Lottery-Style Games on Mobile

Getting lucky has never been this easy!

Yeah who doesn’t like to have Lady luck on their side but Alas! Lady isn’t always pleased with everyone all the time. but behold, this FAT CAT™ can make it happen. And you my dear friend can be the most favorite fellow of Lady luck. Want to know how to do it in the most interesting way? Simple, by playing Lucky 6 Games by FAT CAT ™.

What is Lucky6™ by FAT CAT™ ?

It’s a combination of fun engaging social games with a chance of winning life changing prizes. You dear friend can win humongous prizes by playing on your own or by challenging your friends and increasing your chances of winning even bigger. You get exciting games to play with the prizes that are actually worth winning.

Features :

  • WIN CASH : Fat Cats don’t play for points, they play for big money.
  • HUGE JACKPOTS : Fat Cat jackpots are huge because it’s more fun that way.
  • Challenge your friends : Competing against friends is great, but winning even when they win is the Fat Cat way.
  • Share with your friends : When your friends win, you win. Every friend you invite increases your odds of winning.
  • BRANDS YOU KNOW : There’s no research involved because every brand is a household name.
  • EASY TO PLAY : Playing is as easy as tapping the logos of your favourite brands.

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Quikr : Perfect matchmaker of buyer and seller

“Hmm.. this corner of the living room looks dull, I need something to add to the charm.”

*Go to the mall swishing my hair in complete confidence and browse almost all the home decor stores, found nothing that goes with the entire Royal golden maroon theme of my living room.*

Then suddenly, an antique brass statue  caught my fancy and I almost swoon after taking a look at the price tag which suggested Rs. 14,999 and it wasn’t even that appealing. Yeah, I may have moved on but there was only a teeny-tiny-tad-bit problem, I was completely taken by the idea of placing some brass sculptures in my living room, My father loves such artifacts and this would be perfect Diwali gift  for my parents.

“Well, I may have to sell my  tab to buy this statue, or my smartphone, or may be on serious note I can try looking for such sculptures online.”

And that idea lead me to

Why :

I have tried almost all the eCommerce portals which sells articles at a fixed price, they mostly add royalty and other profits and sell it at the retail store price and basically there is no scope of bargain. But with , buyer gets to meet the seller in person like conventional shopping with the advantage of not going through the hassle of hunting down what they need in the market, but simply logging on to the website, filtering the options to your liking and voilà, you have a huge listing from the dealers and individuals.

It’s the perfect combination of online shopping and conventional shopping. You see the item, meet the dealer/individual, check the item, bargain, then bargain and some more bargain, pay hand to hand and bring it to your home with yourself with a smile as big as river Nile . Can anything get better than that ? I guess not 🙂 Perfect matchmaker of buyer and seller

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