Thou shalt laugh your hats off

  Me: I went to a restaurant yesterday, there was this board hanging that said “Help Wanted” and just beneath it another board said “Self-service” so I did what any sane person would have done. Miss Felicia: And what would that be? Me: I hired myself. Since I was well qualified so I gave myself a raise and seeing my dedication I promoted myself. But … Continue reading Thou shalt laugh your hats off

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What does jewelry personally mean to you? A question that must have bring innumerable words in your mind but if I ask you to collect them in a comprehensible string forming a sentence, you most probably will fumble. Why? Simply because jewelry isn’t just an article but a piece attached with feelings and emotions, they are a lot more than what they appear to be hence while making a purchase, it’s very crucial that you get the right piece at the right price.

With changing trends in accordance with the need of the hour, online jewelry stores are gaining a lot more attention as customers aren’t shying away from it. Before I give you a walk you through the how-to’s of buying a quality jewelry online let me enlighten you about it’s pros :

  1. Time-Saving : It’s not a hidden fact that online shopping is always time saving, one doesn’t have to struggle in traffic, wait at the conventional jewelry store etc.
  2. Convenience : One can shop anytime from anywhere be it home, workplace, while commuting likewise.
  3. Variety : One can find a lot more variety according to the preference by few clicks.


Welcome changes

#StartANewLife : It’s not easy but you may regret if you don’t give it a chance.

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. ~Lao Tzu

My heart resonates with Lao Tzu on this thought, often we are so hang up on our old selves that we don’t give a chance to new opportunities. We aren’t always so welcoming for changes and we forget that everything is changing everyday albeit we don’t realize that at the moment and suddenly one day everything looks different and then we regret the opportunities we had missed along the journey. Continue reading “Welcome changes”

Life lessons I learned from camping

To be amidst wilds with family is best way to build a stronger bond with the family. When I was little my parents took me and my elder brother for a memorable camping trip in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh. The bank of Betwa River near the lush green mysterious dark forest offered the delight of both adventure and the learning of the rich cultural heritage of that region.

The lush green forest offered many hiking and trekking trails which my father wanted us to explore. I being a kid wasn’t expecting the surrounds to be completely raw. I didn’t expect to fix my own tent in place and definitely wasn’t mentally prepared for that complete experience. And my father had a different plan, he didn’t only plan to have a nice camping experience where we can relieve stress of studies and get closer to the nature, be environmentally conscious but also wanted to teach me and my brother a lot about life so that we grow up to be a better independent people.

You will be surprised how a 2 night- 3 days trip in wilds can teach you.

1. Attitude of Gratitude :

We often take food for granted, especially when as a kid we make a lot of fuss over food, we have our favorites and choices. Many don’t even touch vegetables but like fast food and many kids don’t like raw food. Food. water and shelter are the most taken for granted things for a kid who has a well provided family but camping teaches the real value of all these things and much more. You will miss your warm chapatti when you would have to cook rice and beans or cuppa noodles after ten-twelve hours of trekking. Trekking and hiking exhaust you completely and then after you come back, you just want your mother to serve you nice warm plate of meal but while camping my father made sure that I and my brother be major part of all the activities. He taught us how to cook rice with minimum supplies over fire in a small tin container. It wasn’t all flattering but fun and educational. That experience taught me not to take things in life for granted and for grateful for what I have even the smallest of things.
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Life I Have Always Dreamed Of!

Some say dreaming is a waste of time, I believe it raps the ineffable creative energy that is stored somewhere in your mind. Dreaming lets you connect with your inner desires, your inner hidden strengths. It tells you what your soul really craves for and that dreaming is self exploration hence It’s important for physical, emotion and mental health also as it creates a bridge between your conscious and subconscious self. But this dreaming is more or less like a dream seen with open eyes, sometimes lucid sometimes wishes. These dreams are most vital and in order to convert dreams into reality, it takes a lot of effort, determination and freedom. Most of the times in the rat race our wishes takes a back seat and others expectations from us calls the shot gun as we drive through our lives. Our duties, constrains, priorities, what’s-need-to-be-done makes us forget our dreams and often our dreams lose confidence in us as well.

They say don’t dream a life but live a life of your dreams. Well I am carving the life of my dreams and if in case there was nothing to hold me back then I can think of top 5 things from top of my bucket list that I would love to do should be: Continue reading “Life I Have Always Dreamed Of!”

10 steps to Swachh Bharat

We like our homes neat and clean. When it comes to cleanliness we become best orators then how our surroundings are not as clean as our homes? How many of us actually make an effort to clean our community or have stopped someone from spreading filth. Ask yourself? We are the best critics of our society, when we see an unattended garbage or filthy roads, we blame the municipal corporation workers, it’s true it’s their duty to clean the city but what about our social responsibilities? We see, We Blame; But we need to be the change we want to see and raise our voice, make a change and change the game.

10 steps to Swachh Bharat :

 1) Stop littering and dispose garbage properly:

We have a very bad habit of disposing the thrash right where we are sitting or standing. Don’t do that. Don’t litter in your streets, your society, the woods, the water bodies, or your surroundings. Start with yourself by being a model example and encourage others to do the same. Throwing thrash at wrong places never goes away, ever. It will find it’s way to effect you so dispose it in dustbin only for your own good. Continue reading “10 steps to Swachh Bharat”

Quikr : Perfect matchmaker of buyer and seller

“Hmm.. this corner of the living room looks dull, I need something to add to the charm.”

*Go to the mall swishing my hair in complete confidence and browse almost all the home decor stores, found nothing that goes with the entire Royal golden maroon theme of my living room.*

Then suddenly, an antique brass statue  caught my fancy and I almost swoon after taking a look at the price tag which suggested Rs. 14,999 and it wasn’t even that appealing. Yeah, I may have moved on but there was only a teeny-tiny-tad-bit problem, I was completely taken by the idea of placing some brass sculptures in my living room, My father loves such artifacts and this would be perfect Diwali gift  for my parents.

“Well, I may have to sell my  tab to buy this statue, or my smartphone, or may be on serious note I can try looking for such sculptures online.”

And that idea lead me to

Why :

I have tried almost all the eCommerce portals which sells articles at a fixed price, they mostly add royalty and other profits and sell it at the retail store price and basically there is no scope of bargain. But with , buyer gets to meet the seller in person like conventional shopping with the advantage of not going through the hassle of hunting down what they need in the market, but simply logging on to the website, filtering the options to your liking and voilà, you have a huge listing from the dealers and individuals.

It’s the perfect combination of online shopping and conventional shopping. You see the item, meet the dealer/individual, check the item, bargain, then bargain and some more bargain, pay hand to hand and bring it to your home with yourself with a smile as big as river Nile . Can anything get better than that ? I guess not 🙂 Perfect matchmaker of buyer and seller

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Nail art – Independence day

Hello Friends,

Wishing a very happy 68th Independence Day to every Indian across the Globe. It’s time for celebration but before that it’s time to remember the real heroes of our nations, the saviors  ‘Jawans’ who stay up all night each day to to keep us safe so that we can sleep peacefully and the martyrs who freed our nation after colossal struggle.

It’s time to bow to our mother nation and make a solemn promise to take care of her with utmost priority and huge respect. Freedom comes from within, it comes from mind and soul, it comes from deep discipline as well. It means to respect and honor the freedom of others as well. So come together and promise that our patriotism won’t be just for 15th August each year but we will have a patriotic soul throughout the year and do our bidding with utter seriousness.

So to celebrate this awesome patriotic day, I have created a DIY easy Nail art.

nail art, independence day, India, 15th august, august, tricolor, white, DIY
DIY Nail art – Independence day

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Zest up my life

Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest. 

Christian Dior

Recalling those childhood days when I used to meet each day with ardent exuberance, my eyes used to twinkle with delight and feet used to tap as I hum the happy jingles of life, I realize that I still have that child inside me alive, I still greet each day with a smile, seek for adventure, look at the bright side of situations, for I live with enthusiasm for my passion with passion. Zestfulness is not situational but it’s a lifestyle and adopting it will unleash the hidden child in you whose eyes can see beyond the mundane masks and mind can fathom the real beauty as it won’t be clouded.

People wonder if the zest of life is related to age as it is envisaged to be, I simply refuse to accept that. However, no matter how exuberant one is, needs take onto them hijacking the front seat. Life indeed is not a magical carnival and we have to work hard to achieve certain goals in life, we race to outshine others, we race to attain perfection, we race to race and in this race we struggle and take a lot of stress and lose the beauty of life. So, what do I do? Simple, I keep adding a little zest to my life and have a beautiful meaning to it. I Create those magical moments which makes me more lively, more enthusiastic, makes me want to breath some more and more.

How do I zest up my life : Continue reading “Zest up my life”