Awards I treasure :

From Jingle:

Best Blogging Friend Award

Am Go glad to be your friend Jingle, ThankQ so much for this award.


Thursday Poets Rally Week 27 Awards:

Am so thankful to Jingle for conducting poem rallies. The efforts all participants is reachable. Thanks to all who visit.

The Most Considerate Poet Award
The Most Stylish Poet Award
The Most Mindful Poet Award
Happy Best Friend Day Award
Talented Blogger Award

Awards courtesy:


The Best Weekly Photo Award
Friends are the best award

The Most Elegant Blogger Award

THANKQ JINGLE for passing the above awards to me. 🙂

outstanding blogger award

I wanna thank Jamie Dedes for thinking of me fr this amazing award.


Awards by Jingle

Thank you so much Ji 🙂

The butterfly award

I’d love pass on these amazing awards to my blogger friends:








Richard North (

jamie dades


Official Poetry Awards-The Celebrate Poet of July Plus… by JINGLE

Thank you so much Jingle for all the hard work you do coordinating this.
Thanks to poetry for making this world a better place.

The Celebrate Poet of July Runner-up Award:

The Celebrate Poet of July Runner-up Award

The Celebrate Poet of July Honorable Mention Award

Thank You Award
Poetry Is My Sunshine Award


Ilakya thank you so much for amazing award 🙂

The Most Openminded Poet Award


Your Comments Are My Sunshine Award by Jingle

Thankyou 🙂

The Versatile Blogger Award by Jingle

Thanks again

the spot light award


Friends are special award by Jingle:

Thank you thank you jingle 🙂 😀

Friends are special award

Family is special award by Jingle:

Thank you again Jingle 🙂 🙂 🙂

Family is special award

Family can be large,

Family can be small,

Love makes a family,

Jingle loves u all.

Happy Weekend! 😉 🙂 😉


Jingle’s Community Award Plus Special Poetry Awards:

By Jingle

Jingle’s Poetry Community Award:

By Jingle

Happy Moments Together Blogging  Award:

By Jingle

Supportive Blogger Award:

By Jingle

Thank you again Jingle for these amazing awards… 🙂 🙂 🙂


Award By Jingle:

AM so Thankful to you Jingle 🙂 😀

I am also thankful to Ilakya for the following award 🙂

Sweet Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award By Jingle:

Again am Obliged 🙂 🙂


Awards By Jingle

Thank you so much Ji 🙂

The Most Creative Blogger Award

You are a rare friend too JIngle…

happy to have you.

U R A Rare Friend Award

18 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Aww…thanks my dear friend, I will pick 2 and place them in Jingle’s awards page on my blog…I really value your friendship and thanks so much for thinking of me….Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. Your friendship means a lot to me Ankita, I truly appreciate this gesture…thanks so very much for including me…you are a special girl!!! I will place this on my awards page…..with pride!!!! YOU ROCK and congratulations!! Love you girlfriend xoxoxoxoxo Hugs x


  3. This is very sweet. Thank you! I think I missed it before. I’m so sorry. You’re so kind.

    I found it now because my post that goes up tomorrow gives you the outstanding blogger award, which I do hope you’ll accept.


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