Poster poem: Another love story

Poster poems, poem on love, love poems, Ankita Singhal,

I first wrote this poem in 2010 (Which you can read HERE), my very first Poetic-short-story when I started blogging. Miss Felicia, the expert adviser told me to create a poster of it and voilà! Hope you like it, feedback and comments are always welcome.

Stay Happy and keep smiling 🙂

14 thoughts on “Poster poem: Another love story

    1. Thanks Alok, yeah the poem is bittersweet, it made me emotional too when I wrote it. Will keep your feedback regarding light background in mind in my next edit 🙂 I guess got too carried away with Pink too 😀

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    1. Hello Anonymous, I have no idea what you meant but I got a strange feeling by this comment. Please clarify and would love to know your identity 🙂 Do visit back soon.


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