The last Chance

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A slow smile spreads on my face as I feel the warmth of the morning sun on my skin and I open my eyes, the azure rays pouring in my room, striking the mirror and spreading gold dust everywhere, this is what I love about morning, a promise of a whole new day, a mystery that unfolds itself.

I am the first one to reach office; I am always early. As I headed towards my cabin I notice that Varun’s cabin is open, Who is in there? I peeked inside and saw Varun in his signature crisp three-piece suit and managed to turn before he noticed me.

“Aadhya, Aadhya.. Could you please come in here for a minute?” Varun asked from behind.

I curse my luck and turned back to face him. Varun is always the unruffled kind of guy, from dressing impeccably to behaving with authority, but today he looks shaken up, his tie loose and has dark ringlets around his eyes.

“ Why isn’t SME’s market research report on my table, You were supposed to submit it yesterday.” He enquired patiently.
“Why Varun, are you losing your good night sleep over it? Or is it Tina?” I asked sweetly.
“Where is the report Aadhya?” He empathized
“I am working on it.” I claimed
“Still working on it.. It’s been three days Aadhya! What have you been doing? I want the report now, you know we crashed the project, every minute is crucial!” He shouted, Varun never lose his cool, what’s the matter with him?
“Three days are not enough for such a big report and you know that Varun.” I countered.
“That’s why I gave it to you… You would have completed it before the clock strikes.” He said

I am a workaholic, its no secret, just like Varun is but he has been losing his edge lately. Continue reading “The last Chance”

One step at a time

This post grabbed the WOW Badge as part of the Write Over The Weekend contest conducted by Blogadda. Black, a colour of absence, Mourning and war, sophistication and power. Black is a mystery, untold and encoded. Black, colour of nothingness. I can take a stroll in rest of the house without hitting anything and pick anything without any assistance but the store room is a … Continue reading One step at a time

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Love Is…

This post grabbed the WOW Badge as part of the Write Over The Weekend contest conducted by Blogadda .

My first Entry
My first Entry
Image:Google, Edited by me

There he said it, Bared his heart but the silence was killing him. He musters all his courage and looks at her face. His amber eyes lose the entire gleam as it met her warm chocolaty eyes becoming too large for her small delicate face. It shook his soul, taking him to the time when he first met the same warm chocolaty eyes wide with fear, her small Frame of twelve years old perfectly hidden behind the row of palm trees of her lawn. He never paid any attention to his neighbors before. And why should he, they only gossip but the rustling of the leaves stopped him by his neighbor Mrs. Sharma’s lawn. He has seen her daughter from his window many times, cycling around the colony, laughing and playing but lately he hadn’t seen her, who was she hiding from. He moved carefully towards her, showing his hands as if to say that he comes in peace. She was quivering badly.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He ask in hushed voice. He didn’t know he was capable of talking so quietly.
She didn’t reply, Just kept staring at him with those striking panicked eyes. Alternately she gazed at her home and at him.  Continue reading “Love Is…”