Tricolor exotic pasta platter

Tricolor exotic pasta platter: celebrating happiness

When I say the word ‘celebration’, what image dose your mind conjure? Don’t you see a joyous place filled with your family, friend and loved ones with lavish food to sooth your cravings. Isn’t that image too enticing for your taste buds! Celebration and food are two most essential tools that fill everyone’s life with exuberance and enthusiasm. They both complement each other and coexist. A celebration is not complete without food and every food is a celebration in itself. In real terms they are aspects that connect us to the profound meaning of life that is to be happy and help others to achieve the same happiness. Now, how can one help others to be happy? Simply by making them a part of our happiness especially those who aren’t as privileged as most of us. So, that’s why I decided to celebrate this 69th Independence day of India (15th August) with an underprivileged little girl along with my friends.

This blog post is an appeal to all those who are reading this, please share your happiness, celebrate your happiness with underprivileged kids as well, they need us. How many times have you seen a small child across a bakery looking longingly at it’s glass display, reach out and buy something for him, he will remember that for his life. We eat lavish exotic food all the time, share it with someone who can’t afford it and it’s taste will enhance ten folds for you.

Now back to the Independence day celebration, the first thing was to decide the menu as I planned to call them up at my home so that little girl would be more comfortable in homely simple environment. I think only my refrigerator can decide the menu so let’s take a look into it.


Del monte pasta, farfalle, spaghetti
Del monte pastas, sauces and others

Kids love pasta and the shape of Farfalle and I love it too. From my well stocked Del monte Farfalle and spaghetti pasta also sauces you must have guessed it’s quite an awesome brand when it comes to Italian refine cooking. So for me, exotic pasta platter it is, taking account of the occasion am going to give it a patriotic twist, yes it’s going to be tricolor. Hey isn’t national flag of Italy is of tricolor too! Well, that just fits in perfectly. Let’s get on with the recipe then.

Watch above video for detailed visual instructions of the complete recipe.

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Crimson peachy rusky dance in the rain

 Then there was a drop,
Teeny tiny drop
On my peachy cheek
No, my eyes didn’t rain but
the clouds started the game
Oh Yeah, they did.

Then there was rain,
the sky wore the misty veil,
So pretty, that even my stilettos did’t complain
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Recipe of Schezwan paneer with homemade schezwan sauce

winnersfortuneThis is the winning recipe @ BlogAdda contest sponsored by Fortune rice bran oil 🙂

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. —Buddha 

Who says you have to choose between health and taste!! I certainly forbid you to compromise with any of the two.Why I forbid? I have a healthy ingredient which will make my Signature (not to mention favorite) Indo-Chinese recipe delicious yet healthy not only be keeping its goodness intact but also by adding 10 health benefits. 🙂 Who loves Chinese??? 🙂



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My signature healthy recipes

In this fast paced stressful life where we don’t get much time to workout regularly hence fresh and healthy eating is must. In order to eat healthy, cooking healthy is the necessity. Oil is the one core ingredient used in every cuisine be it Mexican or Thai and in India food without oil is beyond the bounds of possibility so it is very important to change your regular oil with a healthy oil and Fortune Rise bran oil is one such healthy oil at the right price with many benefits.

Benefits of the Rice bran oil:
It Decreases Cholesterol, is high in Oryzanol content, has MUFA(Mono-unsaturated Fatty Acid) which Helps clean blood vessels, Provides balanced nutrition, is a good source of natural Vitamin E which helps in developing a healthier nervous system, Natural antioxidants that help build stronger immunity, has Ferulic acid, Squalene and  Tocotrienols and Phytosterols which is good for the body overall.

A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.–Tom Stoppard 

And ‘ME‘ being the carrier, showing ‘YOU‘ some such healthy recipes… 🙂


Viola 🙂

Stir fried mushrooms with red bell pepper
Vinaigrette (With my signature twist) colourful salad:
Vinaigrette (With my signature twist) colourful salad
Corn lettuce salad:
Corn lettuce salad

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