Crimson peachy rusky dance in the rain

 Then there was a drop,
Teeny tiny drop
On my peachy cheek
No, my eyes didn’t rain but
the clouds started the game
Oh Yeah, they did.

Then there was rain,
the sky wore the misty veil,
So pretty, that even my stilettos did’t complain
got a smile on my face as I started to dance in the rain.

There ain’t no sunshine, it’s okay baby, ’cause it feels right
Twirling and jumping in puddle makes it bright.
Tantalizing aroma of homemade rusk
flirts with my rumbling stomach
Fresh out of the oven it smells
Sweet, powerfully evocative casting spells
just like the rain, sweet pouring bells.

My Soul friend decided to entice me some more
the odour of  the tea mixed with
Earthy, peachy fresh scent of the rain
made my head turn and
my eyes burn,
Not just plain tea but the vibrant delicious
cajoling potion, he is holding in his hands.

As I seize the borosil carafe
Took a sip of the divine potion
bitter-sweet pomegranate and fresh peachy taste
made me twirl in slow-motion
I bit the fresh hearth brown rusk
and dance some more till dusk

Thus, a blissful day ends
with crimson pomegranate and soft peach transcendence
fresh rusk in rainy musk
in God’s Grandeur blends.

When it rains, the mood swings, and all you want is something that goes with the lemon fresh earthy amora of the pouring rain. I feel the same. There is nothing better then dancing in the rain even in my pretty stilettos, but wait there is. The homemade rusk fresh out of the oven with the natural Pomegranate peach tea. And you know what’s even better? Served in pristine Borosil crockery/cookware, yes you can cook and serve in the same.

The pomegranate peach tea was cooked over flame in  Borisil carafe and served in the same but I poured it in Canard borosil glass tumbler before taking the divine sip and the yummylicious rusks were baked in microwave oven and served fresh both in borosil casseroles, the borosil cookware has a jaw-dropping eye-popping heart-warming B-E-A-Utiful (Read Bruce almighty way 🙂 ) range which is guaranteed to withstand temperatures of upto 350°C, comes with a glass lid, can be perfectly used in the microwave, oven, fridge, freezer, and dishwasher and as a cherry on top, they do not leech chemicals to your food and are always perfectly clear.  You can get them  from  .

This entire scenario made my day perfectly blissful. Thanks to my soul friend who planned the whole thing except  for the rain in which the divine Godly power helped 😛

I hope you had fun reading it but my purpose is to make you parche for the rain and the divine tea and crave for the freshly baked rusk and hold the beautiful borosil glassware in your hands. So next time it rains, do set the day and enjoy full on 🙂 till then keep it pristine.

©Ankita Singhal 2014

This post is written as an entry for  My Beautiful Food contest in association with  and


2 thoughts on “Crimson peachy rusky dance in the rain

  1. A very different approach in connecting rain and tea and bread! Wow! what a poem… How you come up with this idea?
    And I am hungry now, please do post the pomegranate peach tea recipe, it sounds delicious, I want to try it 🙂

    I like your blog and have book marked it. Do follow back on twitter, would live to connect with you.


  2. Hi, I just found your blog, it’s lovely. I love peach and like to experiment different dishes with it, peach tea sounds yummy, thanks for the idea. 🙂
    Nice poem.


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