Thou shalt laugh your hats off


Me: I went to a restaurant yesterday, there was this board hanging that said “Help Wanted” and just beneath it another board said “Self-service” so I did what any sane person would have done.

Miss Felicia: And what would that be?

Me: I hired myself. Since I was well qualified so I gave myself a raise and seeing my dedication I promoted myself. But you know I am not good at taking orders so I fired myself.

Miss Felicia *making a face, rolled her eyes*.

Did your hat go flying right out of the window? Did it? It didn’t! Well, that was a bummer but I warned you not to sit in a windowless room. You can’t blame me for trying my hands or rather humor at stand-up comedy which is totally hot these days, as in red-hottest-chili hot.

And why wouldn’t it be! We all go through such mind-taxing jobs daily that unwinding ourselves with a good laugh over most genuine topics becomes an addiction. With growing reach of digital media, finding some quality stand-up comedy videos isn’t too difficult. Talking about difficulty have you ever thought how difficult it must be for a comedian to make his viewers laugh? I just tried at the beginning of this post and be honest you all made a face. A few days ago while hunting for some good stand-up comedy videos I stumbled upon a website which has a section of Stand-up Comedy that doesn’t only feature hilarious comedy videos but also have a super cool section of articles on all things comedy and that section inspired the hidden comedian in me (although my inner comedian is really terrible but it’s fun. Right?) Also I found out that there is a comedy hunt going on that throws challenges to the participants every week and the best video gets all the perks. What I really liked about is that those participants are general people like us. We all have a hidden comedian in us, who knows it may just make its way out with the help of such shows.

A comedian isn’t only someone who makes us laugh but he is also that daring person who makes us confront the truth which society is afraid to see. The comics that stand out always have the nerve to make us see the raw abashed reality of the current situation and that’s why I absolutely love to spend some of my time laughing my hats off with some best stand-up comedians online. If you want to really unwind yourself and at the same time exercise many muscles of your body then go and watch some class-apart stand-up comedy videos and get inspired too. Well, don’t keep reading, just do it right now. Oh wait! I forgot to tell you about all the fun things that are happening in your city, right now. Want to know more about it? Then check out this super awesome ‘Nightlife/Party App’, it is your perfect partner that will tell you everything you need to zest up your nightlife, I mean it has all the information about parties, events, pictures and reviews that will make you land up to the coolest happening place of your city. Now you can go and say buh-bye to boredom and monotonous routines and thank me later.

Miss Felicia *incredulous expression* : Did you just punch the line?

Me: Yes because it was punch-line, get it? Punch-line.

Miss Felicia punched my face,  *OW! it really hurts* I should try better next time.


3 thoughts on “Thou shalt laugh your hats off

  1. Your comedy was awful, but I loved your article for that abashed reality part. And you will surely be a good humorist some good day, just keep trying 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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