That’s all that matters…

When was the last time you took a break and mulled over your actions, contemplated between right and wrong?

When was the last time you actually let yourself free and did something meaningful and worthwhile for others, absolutely selfless?

When I was ten, I was given this book ‘Each one Teach one’ back in 2002 under the same campaign at my school. I was ecstatic because I could be the teacher I always admired. But it wasn’t easy, not because I was terrible at teaching but because it was hard to find a student. Shocked? Why would it be difficult to find an uneducated child in India? Right? But it was, have you ever tried to teach reading, writing and doing simple calculations to an eight year old or ten year old. It is difficult, they would come, be very excited for few days but then it will gradually become boring, monotonous. Since they have always spent their time working or playing; sitting at one place, concentrating on one topic is utterly tedious. I wanted to teach a girl, since I was little and going out was not possible for me, I asked my domestic help to bring her daughter along and I started teaching her. I still remember the first spark of excitement in her eyes when she realized that she will be able to write her own name. After few weeks she told me ‘I don’t want to study.‘ That learning became studying gradually. I was really disheartened so I didn’t approach another kid and because of busy days I almost forgot about it. Continue reading “That’s all that matters…”