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Poster poem: Another love story

Beautiful Poster poem about ups and downs in love and relationship. Continue reading Poster poem: Another love story

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the sun and the moon, story of sun and moon

The Legend Of The Sun and The Moon

the sun and the moon, story of sun and moon

In the kingdom of Merylun,
Once lived a girl called moon.
Her enchanting looks were so Noble,
That the princes of all the seven kingdoms
were under her spell.
They avowed,
Her eyes held all the stars
that twinkles and soothes the scars.
When its gleam would fall upon the kingdom’s dome,
It would take away the darkness of a million homes.
Her skin, oh! so radiant,
It could heal even a maiden.
Her smile knew all the answers
People would blindly follow her, even the masters.
She was the epitome of calmness,
Her presence would give solace.

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Tibetans memory lane

I remember getting a star badge when I was eight, in a ‘Roof of the world’ relate. My Naive heart couldn’t grasp the severity then, But now, ‘The Stopover‘  has given a chance to express Why, pray tell, its people are Roofless? Land of meditation, monasteries and Buddhist serenity, Alas! Their unique nation, culture and religious identity, Imperiled by the Chinese dictum. A small story I want to … Continue reading Tibetans memory lane

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26/11– Mumbai terror attack memories

Blood, blitz everywhere, Fire fumes high in the air, But do they care?? The gunshots, the slaughtering, The chaos, the howling, Mumbai streets full of light In a blink, was turned into crimson sight. Was that right?? So many kinds of people, each different at their birth yet all are joined now in death and love leaving behind their shadows. ’cause, they came to kill, … Continue reading 26/11– Mumbai terror attack memories

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