26/11– Mumbai terror attack memories

Mumbai Taj mahal hotel

Blood, blitz everywhere,
Fire fumes high in the air,
But do they care??

Mumbai cst railway station

The gunshots, the slaughtering,
The chaos, the howling,
Mumbai streets full of light
In a blink,
was turned into crimson sight.
Was that right??

Terrorist Ajmal Kasab

So many kinds of people,
each different at their birth
yet all are joined now in death and love
leaving behind their shadows.
they came to kill, to hurt,
to cause mayhem for 59 hours,
but they failed,
to shake amity, humanity
as they should have.

Mumbai CST railway station

Now, the flames are silent,
Peace  is violent,
Tears are frozen
’cause massacre was chosen.

10 terrorists who attacked Mumbai

The heroes, the martyrs
will always be in our memories
who fought against ‘TEN’.
It’s been 600 plus days,
yet the agony, the horror
etched into our heart,


The departed souls have made us
Stand all together to pray
for freshness
A life without terror,
A life without an iota of pain.
Stop this killing
In name of religion,
Stop allegations,
top making political expressions.

And justify the situation.
Can you??

Note: Images source: Google Images

©AnkitaS 2010


68 thoughts on “26/11– Mumbai terror attack memories

  1. Its true that though 600 days have passed since the event, it still strikes with the same intensity as though it happened only now. Dreadful moments, weren’t they? I guess we should just hold on to peace and h0pe everyone chooses the same path too.


    1. Thank you….I guess terrorists made it more powerful… It was/is so much more worst then this.. Brother of 9/11 is what comes in my mind…
      I just pray peace and unity in this world… so that we can live happily… 🙂

      Blogging is uniting different nations ;).


  2. Can violence ever be justified? They may put whatever tag they wish to – religion, politics, cleansing – whatever the heck they wish to! But this is humanity we are talking about here, and not jungle rule! So, let’s just behave like humans – a little love, a little spite (minus the violence), a little faith, a little trust..
    They scarred and injured my Bombay – those buggers… frankly, I don’t know if I can forgive them for what they did.. but at least I won’t go around shooting them down!! And eventually, I (we) will forgive them too…
    I hope they put some sense into their own brains (if they have any), and drop the guns/bombs and pick up some candy/gola(kaala khatta) instead… they will love it, and so will everybody else..

    Luv ya, Mumbai!!!

    And thanks Ankita, for sharing such a strong and brilliant message!
    Long live Bby! And may all those hurt find solace in the lovely city…


    1. yeah they should try gola(kaala khatta) instead… it’ll keep ’em cool…..
      n yeah …. Violence can never be justified… neither our politicians…
      hope it all get better…

      thanks for sharing your thoughts here… means a lot 🙂


  3. brilliant!!!
    but inspite of all this the positive bit was that we never crumbled under the attack…Mumbai is as strong as always…Jai Hind!!!


  4. I so appreciate poetry that pushes beyond the personal and speaks to these very public and painful things. A tribute and a protest. – Solid and worthy work. – Bill


  5. a very poignant piece about a day that terrorized not only the city, but the nation as well.. I remember sitting in front of the TV here, praying that all be okay soon, calling up friends of mine there and enquiring.. it was a day to forget, yet it should be remembered coz else our country won’t be strong to fight such incidents again..

    liked the poem, Ankita.. well versed..!

    mine for the rally is


    1. feelings are mutual Leo, It still give me chills to think abt it…. may god bless the departed souls and keep us safe from invasion.

      grand salute to our armed forces.

      happy weekend
      keep smiling


  6. Ankyo, this is a very timely poem, the emotions similar to those evoked by the 9/11 anniversary. Your line: “joined in death and love” – it is important to believe in that. I agree totally with your conclusions.


    1. yeah, it’s such a pity that we can’t learn to love so that we can unite before death… hope we learn it soon b4 itz too late.

      thankq for your beautiful thought.


  7. A very moving piece, Anky.. I can only imagine the horror and the pain of the victims and their family… I hope there will be no similar in Mumbai, and everywhere on earth.. a vain hope, I realize, but it is through message like this poem that we could hope to increase awareness and peace.. Kudos to you, dear Anky xoxo


  8. we also mourn our terrorist attacks (tomorrow will mark 9 years.) oh how the time flies, as it seems like just yesterday. the devastation to the soul of those affected is more significant than that of the buildings. this is a very powerful poem, i am glad i visited your page…. take good care.


    1. am also glad that u visited…yeah time flies quite smartly leaving everything behind.. only memories are left with us… no matter how many years fly… we all will remember it… always… for good that we all stood together against those beasts.. n in peace for those who departed and who left behind.


  9. “stop this killing,
    on name of religion,
    stop allegations,
    stop making political expressions.
    and justify the situation.
    Can you??”

    By: Anky0112

    To most you can to a few never
    Will words stop the killing
    Words started it
    Will pleading lead us to peace
    Pleading encouraged more blood shad
    Prayer some say is the answer
    Faithless prayer, will never be answered
    When the end comes may the faithful
    prayers be answered.

    A great job you did.on telling the story.


  10. I am sorry for the people of your country who have endured such horror, as well as all people of any country that have witnessed or somehow been affected by something similar…it is so evil and so wrong and the only solution is for all human beings to love one another…
    Thank you for sharing this sad sad event. Peace to you and all your loved ones. Heartspell


  11. Such powerful poetry, and that was one very sad incident. I still remember how horrified we all were to watch what was happening on the news. It is terrible how these terrorists have no regard for human life, and it is always the innocent who suffer. At the end, one must ask, what was achieved?

    Thank you for sharing this, was a very painful incident.


  12. Thank you for this thoughtful and moving post. You have pointed out the senselessness of killing and violence in the name of religion. Bless you, Ankita!


  13. I’m late making my rounds for Rally … I’m so glad you re-posted this. I would not like to have missed it. I remember this as clearly as 9/11 … soul shattering events both … and others … unfortunately.

    It’s well done and the photos do add well to enhance the impact.

    Nice, nice work.

    Blessings …
    Poem on, my friend.


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