Fooling yourself!!… sometimes comes in handy

I vividly remember, when I was 9-10 yrs old, I was schooling from in 1 Indore. Swati was my best friend in those days. We both had a good influence on our peer group, they had to listen whatever we say. There was one thing we used to lie about, something am not guilty for. During our lunch break we all girls used to chat.. we told them that me and Swati have a mutual Secret House just for us. It is multistory with an elevator. It has a chocolate floor, an ice-cream floor, a cake floor, an edible flower floor and blah blah…

Daily in those 30 minutes of our lunch break, we used to tell them about how our Secret house is, what we did the previous day, how many care takers we have, name the dishes which aren’t even invented yet and what not. I had a perfect and clear image of my imaginary secret house, and while telling them I used to actually float in my fictional world believing it’s real,relishing it’s every moment.

After a while, two other friends, Nikita and Ritul, joined this lie telling everyone that they visited us last day and now it belongs to all four of us. We never decide with a story, it was like, one starts and others catch up with the flow, exaggerating everything. And by each day , the image of Secret house became more concrete.

That day I realized that we were not fooling anyone, they all knew it’s a lie but no one ever complained because that imagination made them as much happy as it made me. Those 30 minutes of lunch break was the time we all look forward too, it was the time when we smile wholeheartedly, after our hectic brain teasing day. It was the time when we can float in the world with no walls, no ceiling, just us with our imagination. My heart still fills with pleasure when I think of me being in my imaginary secret house.

I don’t remember how it all started and ended but what I learned from this is… “Fool yourself, it won’t hurt you, it will just make you happy, may be for just couple of minutes but it totally worth it if you smile.”

All we need is to be happy, it’s a big key to success. Find what makes you happy the most, it could be owing a mclaren f1 or a gucci purse or a pair of jimmy choo shoes or meeting you dream man/girl or owing a beach house or meeting you favorite superstar. Just give yourself couple of minutes to imagine about it, feel the pleasure, feel it’s real, it’s happening then see the magic. your day will be perfect and who knows, your dreams might come true…

P.S.- So just fool yourself but remember Don’t over do it. Access of it can be injuries.

©AnkitaS 2010

5 thoughts on “Fooling yourself!!… sometimes comes in handy

    1. True.. jingle!!
      Whenever I feel detached or middle of something, not getting an answer or simply dull… I just close my eyes and think about the ONE THING… any thing at that time, I want the most… I feel the pleasure of having it… I smile from heart.. and now, am fresh… happy… light headed… good to go for the job I left behind. I fool myself to make my present worth while. 😀


  1. I can only wish I could say I, fully, partook of these kinds of things. 9, 10, you say, by the time, I was already deep in the philosophy. But now that you mention it, I remember something like that, or not?

    Ok, be happy, your options were limited to a certain one thing. There is a post I have: ‘The Fair Mysterious’, what do you make of the happiness of the explorer in there? It’s wild but well, imagination is a black panther.


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