Every day is a Fashion show

TRESemmé Ramp Ready Hair - IndiBlogger Contest Winner

Here comes the Summer, Time for swimming, chilling out beachside, a good time to party and have fun with everyone but isn’t it too hot, unbearably hot these days. Amidst of all these fun activities aren’t we forgetting something?? Yes.. Your Hair!!
After spending time in the wind, sun, air conditioning, chlorine & salt water (I know, summer and Goa is a match made in heaven 🙂 ) and your hair may be dull, brassy, frizzy, dry or brittle. So what to do, Hair’s can’t repair itself, we have to put back what is taken away. Yes we can try “Dadi maa ke nuskhe” to put back the life to our hair but Summers are also Hellova-Busy, when not, simply-lazy, Hence no “Dadi maa ke nuskkhe” for me. Much convenient, affordable & reliable option would be to use a good, I mean real good shampoo, conditioner and hair serum that actually works. One such brand would be TRESemmé. This time, summer has given me hair fall problem so I am using TRESemmé HAIR FALL DEFENSE Shampoo-conditioner, It’s is showing good results so far. They have many other ranges like CLIMATE CONTROL range, very effective for this particular climate, SMOOTH & SHINE Range, STYLING Range and KERATIN SMOOTH range. Pick any range that suits you and have ramp-ready hair in no time.

Now that we know how to bring hair to its former glory, it’s time to party!! But nobody parties every day, not me at least but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to look at my best every day. As Coco Chanel once said “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway”.It’s true, you never know who you’ll bump into today, it could be your old friend you want to leave an impression on or it could be your Mr. Perfect (I know, not all of the things are about Mr. Perfect but most of the things are)!!  And you do want to leave an unforgettably breathtaking impression on the people you meet, apart from that, most important thing is when you look good, you feel good and everything we do in life is to make ourselves happy.

Here are some super quick hair-styles you can recreate that will make you steal the show and give you an edge over that feel-good factor.


1) Twisted side Bun:

I have learnt it from Ramp Ready Hairstyles by TRESemmé – Twisted Side Bun

All you need is a comb, some bobby pins, rubber band/ elastic band. This Side Updo is chic and classy, perfect summer hairstyle as it’ll keep all your hairs away from neck, You can wear it at any occasion.

➡ Make a side parting.
➡ Bind the rest of the hair into a side ponytail.
➡ Divide the ponytail into three sections.
➡ Twist one section, Curl it into a bun and secure it with bobby pins.
➡ Repeat till all three sections are twisted and secures into 3 small buns.


There you have it. This is one way of wearing it.

Filetwisted1And You can as well twist the front section of your hair.
➡ Take a small section of the front parting and twist it.
➡ Take another section from beneath, add it to the first and twist.
➡ Repeat first two steps till you react the end, now secure it above the side bun with bobby pin.
➡ You can do the same to the other side as well (slight alteration to the original hairstyle)


2. European (Adele) inspired Look:

This one is also inspired from ‘Ramp Ready Hairstyles by TRESemmé – Athena Braid‘. You can wear this look in several different ways.

➡ Grab a section of hair about an inch or two from where hairline starts leaving the front flick/bangs.
➡ (Hairspray that section- optional) then tease/back comb that section using hair/teasing brush,then lay it forward,
➡ Now repeat it twice or as many times as it takes to reach the back of your head.
➡ When you are done teasing/back combing, flip your hairs back then smooth it out a bit to give a neat look, then grab it into a poof and secure it using some bobby pins in crisscross.
➡ You can either leave rest of the hair straight or curl it using a curling tong or hair straightener (Yes hair straighteners can be used for soft curls)
➡ After curling, either you can run your hands through it or leave your ringlets just be. I prefer it ringlet-y.



The next look would be a side ponytail.
➡ Take all your hair to a side and bind it with a band.
➡ wrap the band with a tiny section of your hair, then secure it with a bobby pin on underneath of the pony tail. And Viola 🙂


Or you can make a ponytail at the back. whichever way you prefer. I like it on my side, preferably right side. 🙂

3) Messy Updo:

 This one is a slight variation of Ramp Ready Hairstyles by TRESemmé – Messy Updo‘ .
You don’t even need a comb for this hair style. Just few bobby pins, a rubber/elastic band and any hair accessory (Optional).

➡ Bend forward and ruffle your hair to create volume.
➡ Now Grab all your hair into a low pony tail at the back, secure it tightly with the elastic band.
➡ Divide the ponytail into two, Hold one section, twist it a bit and secure it around ponytail using bobby pins.
➡ Now do the same with the other section of hair in opposite direction.
➡ Accessories it and Viola 🙂


4)Rodarte Inspired Rosette Braids:

This one is a half-do sorta braid with a little Rosette in-between inspired by Rodarte runway. It’s feminine, lovely and perfect for spring/summer.

:arrow:You can part the front of your hair sideways or middle, it’s upto you.
➡ Take some hair from right section and start braiding it, not all the way down, just three quarters, then pin it at the back with a bobby pin.
➡ do the same with the left section as well.
➡ Now take the remaining part of the hair from the braid at the back, twist it and secure it with some bobby pins in a bun or Rosette sorta.
➡ then, take a small section from right below the rosette and braid it three quarters and pin it.


My hair has multiple layers so Rosette is not so neat, I like it messy anyway, but with long hair, The Rosette will be neater and much prettier, Its Super Chic and classy, perfect for this season.

This is the Rodarte runway actual look. Image courtesy: Google Images.
This is the Rodarte runway actual look. Image courtesy: Google Images.


Everyday is a fashion show,
And World is your runway.

Don’t wear a mask of fashion but own the halo,
‘cause baby, you are on Broadway.

Look fabulous in Gucci, Fendi & Jimmy Choo,
On Monday, Friday, everyday anyway.

Enjoy the summer, soak up the sunshine,
Be it Delhi, B’lore, Nainital or Bombay.

Swish your hair, flick, twirl and make them dance,
Love them and It’ll make you flyaway.

With TRESemmé,
Have ramp ready hair right away,
‘cause baby,
Everyday is a fashion show,
And World is MY runway.

~Ankita Singhal

DSC03074 ©ANKITAS 2013

For more fun with Hair styles and to create your own fashion show Visit :
TRESemmé India Youtube channel.

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