Stayzilla: Make room for something new

Stayzilla was born in 2004 when 3 friends got together to bring online the value rooms under budget across India. Since then Stayzilla have seen many changes and came a long way. It doesn’t only let you book hotel rooms online but also have a very interesting feature which I must say is its main feature, renting out the unused rooms of your home as a host or rent other’s room for stay as a guest. You may ask why would one do that. Aren’t hotels good enough? Well let’s look it this way, don’t we all complain about not being able to eat homely food or miss home when we are away from our home. There’s your answer because one can find home away from home.

Recently I tried out Stayzilla App for android, So let’s see how it all works. Once the app is downloaded one has to sign up for it which is the regular signing up process. Or if you are an existing user then sign in to it. Thereafter one can either look for renting properties as a guest under guest view or register their property under host view. The UI (user interface) of the app is pretty easy to surf around and with a pleasant color pallet the experience gets better.

First let’s talk about the guest view. You can either finds stays near the current location with the help of GPS integration or search a particular area of a city. Choose check-in and check-out dates and search amongst many available properties. It also enable the guest to apply filter according to their preferences which cuts down the options according to them. One of the outstanding filter option is “Money back guarantee” which builds more trust as the guest can invoke the money back scheme if they don’t find the property in accordance to what was promised. The condition is that it has to be invoked after the guest reach the property and post check-in, they can call the stayzilla property and proceed.

stayzilla app review
Search for property as a guest.

Now for the host view, the property listing is pretty simple and are as follow:

  • Select the type of property/resident.
  • Fill up the address, locate that on map so that the guest can get easy navigation.
  • Fill up the room listings.
  • Provide the room details such as Room Tariff, maximum occupancy and minimum stay duration. AC/Non Ac etc
  • Select booking rules such as check-in check-out timings, cancellation policy etc.
  • Next step is to select amenities such as food type, WiFi, newspaper, swimming pool, gym etc
  • Choose your guest, yes a host can choose the guest type they are looking for and build a tribe.
  • Set house rules or no house rules. Choice is yours.
  • Upload pictures and you are all set.
Listing your property as a host, stayzilla
Listing your property as a host
Listing your property as a host, stayzilla
Listing your property as a host

When a host opens his doors for something new, he isn’t just looking for money but also to meet new like minded people, make new friends and build his tribe. It’s all bout a new experience that one can get right at their home. I really like this concept of experiencing adventures without having to go out.

All in all the concept of Stayzilla is pretty fun and adventurous and the app meets all the expectations. If you have tried it Stayzilla then do tell me about your experience in the comments below, I would love to read them and if in case you haven’t then what are you waiting for, make room for something new 🙂


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