Recipe of Schezwan paneer with homemade schezwan sauce

winnersfortuneThis is the winning recipe @ BlogAdda contest sponsored by Fortune rice bran oil 🙂

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. —Buddha 

Who says you have to choose between health and taste!! I certainly forbid you to compromise with any of the two.Why I forbid? I have a healthy ingredient which will make my Signature (not to mention favorite) Indo-Chinese recipe delicious yet healthy not only be keeping its goodness intact but also by adding 10 health benefits. 🙂 Who loves Chinese??? 🙂



Homemade Indo-Chinese Schezwan sauce Recipe:

This sauce is super easy and can be prepared in no time.


  • 3-4 table spoons of Fortune Rice bran health oil
  • 5-6 dried red whole chillies soaked overnight or soak in hot water for an hour or two. (no. of chillies may wary according to its spice)
  • 6-7 minced garlic (Or ready-made garlic paste around 1 tablespoon or a bit less)
  • Tomato puree of around 3 1/2 medium-sized tomatoes/ 4-5 tablespoons
  • 1 medium size Finely chopped onion
  • Chilli vinegar
  • soy sauce (dark or regular)
  • Salt to taste


↦ Blend the whole chillies and make a paste, is it doesn’t blend well for you then add a little bit of tomato puree, and blend again.
↦ Add 3-4 table spoons of Fortune rice bran oil to the pan and heat till you see smoke coming out of it.


↦ Add Finely chopped onion and minced garlic, saute it till onion becomes transparent and garlic looses its raw smell.


↦Add salt to taste then add tomato puree and red chilli paste.


↦ Now keep stirring & cook till oil separates out from the sauce, then splash some chilli vinegar and dark soy sauce.


Sauce is ready. This schezwan sauce will be chunky, if you want smooth then blend it again when it cools down. You can use this sauce fresh or store it in air tight glass jar to use some other day. You can make many dishes with this sauce like schezwan rice, schezwan noodles, schezwan veggies, schezwan mushroom etc.

What say about schezwan Paneer (cottage cheese)!

Recipe of schezwan Paneer (cottage cheese):

You can also use tofu in place of paneer.


  • Paneer/Cottage cheese 250 gms
  • Homemade Schezwan sauce
  • vegetables– Bell peppers, onions, broccoli, carrots.
  • Fortune Rice bran oil (Fortune RBO)
I forgot to put carrots in the plate. 🙂


 ↦Shallow fry the paneer:
First of all cut the paneer and put the pan on medium heat because we want to fry the shallow fry the paneer. Now add 3-4 table spoons of Fortune RBO. Arrange the paneer in a single layer, it is very important to use non-stick pan so that paneer doesn’t stick to the bottom. Turn them over gently without breaking so that they are cooked from both sides.


after 5 or so minutes, you don’t wanna fry then too much, take them out on a plate.

↦ Now in the same pan (adjust RBO quantity according to you), put the onion, saute it a bit then add carrots, saute it for another few seconds then add broccoli then bell peppers. It is very important to put the vegetable in this order as the cooking time of each vegetable is different and put it in the pan in decreasing order of their cooking time.

After sauteing the vegetable for another minute, pour the homemade schezwan sauce you made according to your taste. Then still it gently so that every vegetable is coated properly.


 ↦Add salt to taste. Remember schezwan sauce is already salted then add shallow fried paneer to it.


↦ Stir it so that every paneer piece is coated. then turn off the stove.

DSC02766Schezwan Paneer is ready. Serve hot.

You can also use chopsticks to eat. I am learning 🙂

Health Meter:

You know, all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae.–Paul Walker 

My main healthy ingredient– Fortune Rice bran health oil, because well… my Mumma mostly cooks in RBO and since I am learning from her, I used it but that is not the only reason. I want to make sure that people I love are healthy (including me 🙂 ). Now you must be wondering why Fortune Rice Bran oil, Not some other. Because Fortune Rice Bran Health have 10 health benefits. It is a health doctor.

  1. Decreases Cholesterol: reduces blood triglycerides, which are the fat molecules in the blood
  2. Rice Bran oil is high in Oryzanol content thus Helps protect from heart diseases.
  3. MUFA(Mono-unsaturated Fatty Acid) and PUFA( Polly unsaturated fatty acids) play an important role in lowering bad cholesterol hence Helps clean blood vessels.
  4. Rice bran oil contains a balanced proportion of  two kinds of fatty acids- one that provides energy and the other that is required for biological processes so Provides balanced nutrition.
  5. Helps prevent cancer.
  6. Rice bran oil contains good amounts of Squalene, an organic compound naturally produced by human skin cells thus Helps to have better skin.
  7. Rice bran oil is a good source of natural Vitamin E and thus helps in developing a healthier nervous system.
  8. Rice bran oil has natural antioxidants that help build stronger immunity.
  9. Helps develop better hormonal health.
  10. Rce bran oil is highly stable which keeps it non-sticky and the food absorbs less oil.

All the above 10 health benefits adds up to the health benefits of the dish in total:

  • Paneer is a good source of protein and calcium, which helps build strong bones and teeth, and also prevents osteoporosis.
  • Tomatos are packed full of vitamins – including vitamins A, C and E. also contains high volume of water, are low in calorie.
  • broccoli is a nutrition superstar, it has a high amount of potassium, the RDA of vitamin C, contains high levels of both calcium and vitamin K, It helps helpful in repairing skin damage thanks to the glucoraphanin it contains, bolsters the immune system with a large dose of beta-carotene,  high in fiber, which aids in digestion, prevents constipation, maintains low blood sugar.
  • Green bell pepper/capsicum contains Fiber and vitamin C and E and antioxidants.

Since Szhezwan sause is made at home and in Fortune RBO, this dish is packed with Goodness and I am personally a fan of Indo-Chinese dishes. And this one is my Super favorite. Give it a try. It’s easy and delicious.

Fortune rice bran health oil
Fortune rice bran health oil

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Fortune Rice bran oil is 100% rice bran oil meaning 100 % health. 🙂

Cook Healthy
Eat Healthy and stay Healthy
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  1. Very elaborately done… the cooking and then the writing shows your efforts.. the dish looks very inviting.. n congratulations for the win… keep it up!!!


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