My signature healthy recipes

In this fast paced stressful life where we don’t get much time to workout regularly hence fresh and healthy eating is must. In order to eat healthy, cooking healthy is the necessity. Oil is the one core ingredient used in every cuisine be it Mexican or Thai and in India food without oil is beyond the bounds of possibility so it is very important to change your regular oil with a healthy oil and Fortune Rise bran oil is one such healthy oil at the right price with many benefits.

Benefits of the Rice bran oil:
It Decreases Cholesterol, is high in Oryzanol content, has MUFA(Mono-unsaturated Fatty Acid) which Helps clean blood vessels, Provides balanced nutrition, is a good source of natural Vitamin E which helps in developing a healthier nervous system, Natural antioxidants that help build stronger immunity, has Ferulic acid, Squalene and  Tocotrienols and Phytosterols which is good for the body overall.

A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.–Tom Stoppard 

And ‘ME‘ being the carrier, showing ‘YOU‘ some such healthy recipes… 🙂


Viola 🙂

Stir fried mushrooms with red bell pepper
Vinaigrette (With my signature twist) colourful salad:
Vinaigrette (With my signature twist) colourful salad
Corn lettuce salad:
Corn lettuce salad


1. Stir fried mushrooms with red bell pepper


  • 2-3 tablespoons of Fortune rice bran oil
  • Button mushrooms (2 packets)
  • One small red bell pepper (capsicum)
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly crushed black pepper
  • Processed cheese


Wash button mushrooms thoroughly then cut it in half then Julienne Red bell pepper .


Take a pan; add 2-3 table spoons of Fortune rice bran oil and let it heat, as mushrooms lose its moister easily, adding it in very heated oil keeps them from much shrinking. As Rice bran oil is light, has a high smoke point and is neutral in taste hence Fortune rice bran oil.


Now add Mushrooms and red bell paper, add salt to taste, around 1-2 teaspoons crushed black pepper.


Now stir it gently. When mushrooms get soft, add shredded processed cheese switch off the flame.


Now Plate and garnish it with some shredded cheese. 🙂


2. Vinaigrette (With my signature twist) colourful salad:

Have you had your salad today? Eating salad almost every day may be one of the most healthy eating habits one can adopt — and one of the simplest, experts say.
Salads are Rich in nutrients not in calorie, rice in fiber, anti oxidants, Vitamins, Potassium,  minerals, zinc. It also balances the water content of the body.
I am using Fortune RBO as a core ingredient because of its lightness and delicate and neutral taste RBO
 is also great for dressing salads. and also it adds to the star health benefits of any salad and helps as a precaution to many diseases.

As I always say I like to keep it sweet and tangy at the same time so… Here it is– Vinaigrette salad dressing with my signature twist.


  • 3-4 teaspoons of Fortune rice bran oil
  • 3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (Vinaigrette is authentically made in wine vinegar but I am not using it, if you don’t have apple cider Vinegar then use white chilly vinegar)
  • Kosher salt (or you can use regular salt)
  • Freshly crushed black pepper
  • ½-1 teaspoon of honey (To add sweetness– my signature twist)
  • ½ teaspoon of oregano
  • ½ teaspoon of mustard (readily available in market and to make it tangy– My signature twist)


For colorful salad:

  • 2-3 juicy ripe tomatoes
  • Half cucumber (whitish-green)
  • Small bowl of cabbage
  • Half green bell paper (capsicum)
  • Carrot and reddish (according to your likings)
  • Seasonal fruits (Black grapes and orange)


In a small bowl, take fortune rice bran oil, add apple cider vinegar, salt to taste, around ½ teaspoon of black pepper, honey, mustard and oregano (Crush oregano with hands before adding).
Now whisk it until the vinaigrette is emulsified. I have a cute little whisk for making salad dressings.


Roughly chop tomatoes, cucumber (don’t peel off the skin of cucumber as it is full of fibres), deseed the bell paper before dicing. Julienne cabbage. Finely chop reddish (as I don’t like its taste), cut roundels of carrot. Pun all the vegetables in a bowl.


Add Vinaigrette dressing to it.


Mix gently, top with some black grapes and Oranges.
Then Plate and Garnish. 🙂

Vinaigrette (With my signature twist) colourful salad:
Vinaigrette (With my signature twist) colourful salad:

3. Corn lettuce salad:

I am going to keep this salad dressing simple as the vegetable used in this has a very delicate taste of it’s own and is very refreshing and filling at the same time is high source of proteins, Lettuce is full of fibbers, contains over 90% of water, contain useful amounts of beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium and certain phyto-chemicals,calcium and potassium.


  • 1-2 teaspoons Fortune Rice bran oil
  • 2-3 cups American corn kernels, boiled/steamed.
  • Lettuce (Iceberg and crispy leaf type)
  • 1 small juicy red tomato
  • ½ small green bell pepper (capsicum)
  • Kosher salt (regular will also work)
  • Freshly crushed black pepper (a pinch)
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice, freshly squeezed


Take 1-2 teaspoons of Fortune rice bran oil in a bowl, add 1 tablespoon  of lime juice, add salt, black pepper and whisk till emulsifies.
Wash lettuce thoroughly; dice Green bell pepper, tomato and some iceberg lettuce. Put it all in a bowl, add salad dressing and mix gently.
Now take big leaves of regular lettuce and plate it as in Image then put the vegetables in the middle and garnish it with green bell pepper and diced tomatoes.


Cook Healthy
Eat Healthy and stay Healthy
Fit and healthy– Best Style Statement


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10 thoughts on “My signature healthy recipes

    1. Hey Surbhi!! You are always a sweetheart!!
      Masterchef!! I am no match to those talented chefs but You just boosted my moral to post few baking recipes I have been contemplating to post or not for a while, Thanks 🙂
      I would cook it for you totally!! Temme your address and I’ll be your personal chef for a day, but beware, I am not that good…


    2. Haha 😀 If I’m allowed to laugh monstrously then Huuuuhaahaa 😀

      I will be on cloud nine if you bake a chocolate cake for me. I’m an avid cakeoholic. 😛
      And I’m dumb to your warnings ‘coz I know howsoever bad you cook ( though thats completely vague) you will garnish it in the most impressive way and my eyes will please my tongue to lip-smack your dishes. 😀 Well!!! When are you coming to my place??? :O

      Just give a try to Masterchef (trust me at this) afterall they are not gonna ban you from posting your recipes on blog 😛

      Ahhh!! I have cooked so much here. You can have some HAJMOLA to digest this crap for today. Ciao Ankita (to-be-Chef)!!!


    3. You are always welcome to laugh, monstrous laughs are contagious 🙂
      Actually I was trying to keep getting chocolate cake finished off before it reaches you, but my bad. I guess Now I would have to bake at your place so that you could take it out of the oven before I take it out and finish it off… But somehow , After your dal-bati I guess You’ll make it better, I’ll plate it. 🙂


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