Love Is…

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My first Entry
My first Entry
Image: Google, Edited by me

There he said it, Bared his heart but the silence was killing him. He mustered all his courage and looked at her face. His amber eyes lost the entire gleam as it met her warm chocolaty eyes becoming too large for her small delicate face. It shook his soul, taking him to the time when he first met the same warm chocolaty eyes wide with fear, her small Frame of twelve years old perfectly hidden behind the row of palm trees of her lawn. He never paid any attention to his neighbors before. And why would he, they only gossip but the rustling of the leaves stopped him by his neighbor Mrs. Sharma’s lawn. He has seen her daughter from his window many times, cycling around the colony, laughing and playing but lately he hadn’t seen her, who was she hiding from. He moved carefully towards her, showing his hands as if to say that he comes in peace. She was quivering badly.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked in n hushed voice. He didn’t know he was capable of talking so quietly.She didn’t reply, Just kept staring at him with those striking panicked eyes. Alternately she gazed at her home and at him.

He tried again in a softer voice as if to tame a scared cat “I am Aaryan Bakshi, Your neighbor.” He added hastily “I won’t hurt you. Who are you hiding from?” His mind was running wildly, he was too small to size up a burglar, and he has left his mobile phone in his room. He was fourteen years old but owes a Mobile phone since he was ten. Yeah, that’s how his family works. He cursed silently at his surrounding as he found nothing he could use as a weapon.
Trisha’s head snapped at Aaryan, she knows him, he was a senior at her school, Straight A student, a star football player and he said he won’t hurt her but that’s what Mommy says all the time, she said it right before she had hit her first time with the lamp. A shiver ran through her at the memory, she touched the scar on her forehead.
“Did some hurt you there,” Aaryan asked pointing at her forehead where she touched.
She snatched her hand back and shook her head in a strange clumsy mix of yes and no at the same time.
“Trisha… Trisha … show yourself before it gets ugly.” A horrific voice came from the house, “I won’t hurt you baby, come to Mommy.” Came another voice but sweeter this time. Sweet as siren trying to lure the child towards the destruction. Trisha was fooled by that voice more than enough times to know what lay ahead.
Is she your mother…” Aaryan stop midway by the look of Trish’s face and he shook by the realization “She hurts you… That scar on your face…” he cursed himself for mentioning. For a brainiac, he can be a real idiot at times. Without thinking, he offered his hand to her and she clutched it for her dear life. And he took her to his room, his sanctuary from the back door. Trisha Followed in a haze, wanting to get away from the nightmare that was engulfing her, to seek some solace in this huge soothingly quite mansion.
That was the first time when Aaryan saved Trisha from the blood curdling strokes of her drunken step-mother. Mrs. Sharma wasn’t always like this but things changed when Mr. Sharma Died. Sober, Mrs. Sharma was almost bearable but drunken, Hell has no fury like a woman she becomes. She had always loathed Trisha but Mr. Sharma’s wealth was too tempting and he left all his property to that spawn of Satan, Trisha. She swore to make her life a living hell. She blamed her for the Death of her husband. And Trisha believes her as if it wasn’t for her Dance performance at her school Annual day function, her daddy wouldn’t have been driving fast in the heavy rain and collide with the truck coming from the wrong side.
Mr. Bakshi is a multi-millionaire and as per the gossip, is involved in some illegal activities, his wife being a business women herself have hardly any time to see to her only child, Aaryan and just to ease up their conscience they give Aaryan things he doesn’t ask for or needs.
His Dad’s reputation always bothered Aaryan so does the colony’s gossip mongrels but at fourteen, he discovered the advantage of his dad’s name when he threaten Trisha’s step-mother that his father will make his dirty dogs lose free on her to clean up the mess he would make if she ever again raise her hand on Trish. And every time Trisha’s step-mother is drunk, she finds her way to his house, mostly empty excluding the butlers and house-maids. They would do their respective homework’s; Trisha would read a book in silence while Aaryan would play x-box. Gradually Aaryan tried to bring down the walls Trisha has built to protect herself and she reluctantly started talking about her happy days, her dreams, Her Daddy, Her mum who died giving birth to her.

“As a friend, Trisha whispered that brought Aaryan back to the present “You love me as a friend, Say it.” Aaryan’s head was spinning; He clutches the fence on the side and bent over it, Not once in last 5 years Trisha have seen him this emotional.
Aaryan repeats softly I am in love with you Trish.
Trisha’s mind felt like it’s on the verge of fracturing “No you can’t, You are my Best Friend, My Safe harbor… You can’t..
Aaryan Spins and cups her face with his warm hands, Lowers his face so that her face was close to his “ I have been in love with you since I was fourteen, I wasn’t man enough to tell you and you continued to believe that you are unloved. But I LOVE YOU.
Trisha’s lungs tighten, she couldn’t breathe “My Dad loved me, he left me, my mum loved me and I killed her… I can’t lose you Aryan…I ..I..
He knew she is scared of love “You did not kill your mum Trish, I have told your many times and I am telling you again, Your mother loved you and You did not kill her and your dad is still here, he will always be here in your heart, he loved you that much, And I am never going to leave you, NEVER. I will ask my dad, he will manage to get your custody transfered to your Mausi. I will get that witch out of your house. Just say the word Trish. She is poisoning you and I can’t see you in so much of pain anymore. Just TRUST ME.. Trish..” His eyes glistening, he never cried before.
Trisha gave a small tentative nod after a long thought and hope pumped Aaryan’s heart “I want my Mausi… Will your dad really do that for me?” she asked softly, She looked so small, so defenseless at that moment that it broke Aryans heart, he gave a firm nod. “Just trust me… He will…Do you.. Do you love me…”
Trisha loves his voice, his calm, his laughter, his constant presence But is it enough to keep him close for the rest of her life? Whoever loves her, leaves her, No she can’t bear another heart break, she needs him so she will keep her emotions bottled up.
She manage to mumble “Please don’t do this to me… I trust you… I..I ..Like you… but I don’t..I can’t..” Aaryan swept her tight in his arms and hushed her. This is enough, enough for now. She agreed to file the complaint against her step-mum, she agreed to live with her Mausi, It’s a start. And He can see that she knows deep down that she did not kill her mother nor her father died because of her. Her step-Mother is full of crap. He saw hope and she accepted that she likes him, he could see her walls were crumpling down and he knows she loves him and with time she will accept what her heart feels, she needs to feel safe And he would be here for her even if the world implodes, he wouldn’t care as long as she is safe and that’s what love is…




©AnkitaS 2013


12 thoughts on “Love Is…

    1. Thanks Fayaz….
      The disclaimer is strategically placed at the end so that readers don’t run away at the beginning by reading that it’s pure Fiction … 😀


    1. Hey Saru, I have read loads of books where protagonists suffer such horrid things, Tough Time and love heals such wounds but as you said, scars remains..
      Hope everyone have a happy childhood.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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