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Meet the new expert Adviser – Miss Felicia!

Hello my lovely readers, I am absolutely enthralled to introduce you all to my new (or first ever) expert adviser of this blog *Drumroll* Miss Felicia, who is absolutely charming. When I first saw her on television, I just screamed “It’s so fluffy!” Oops 😮 I meant I was so enchanted by her eyes and stature that I knew she is that treasure who will be my partner in crime if I were in need. Well, dang it! who am I kidding, I did scream “It’s so fluffy!!” Or was it Agnes who screamed? I guess it was indeed Agnes but she sounded a lot like me.
Fluffy Unicorn

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moning burned

The plot twist of burned by Karen Marie Moning

burned by karen marie moning

Title: Burned #7
Series : Fever Series
Author: Karen Marie Moning
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Pages: 475 paperback
Release : January 20th 2015
Genre: Fantasy | Paranormal | Urban-fantasy

It’s easy to walk away from lies. Power is another thing.

MacKayla Lane would do anything to save the home she loves. A gifted sidhe-seer, she’s already fought and defeated the deadly Sinsar Dubh—an ancient book of terrible evil—yet its hold on her has never been stronger.

When the wall that protected humans from the seductive, insatiable Fae was destroyed on Halloween, long-imprisoned immortals ravaged the planet. Now Dublin is a war zone with factions battling for control. As the city heats up and the ice left by the Hoar Frost King melts, tempers flare, passions run red-hot, and dangerous lines get crossed.

Seelie and Unseelie vie for power against nine ancient immortals who have governed Dublin for millennia; a rival band of sidhe-seers invades the city, determined to claim it for their own; Mac’s former protégé and best friend, Dani “Mega” O’Malley, is now her fierce enemy; and even more urgent, Highland druid Christian MacKeltar has been captured by the Crimson Hag and is being driven deeper into Unseelie madness with each passing day. The only one Mac can depend on is the powerful, dangerous immortal Jericho Barrons, but even their fiery bond is tested by betrayal.

It’s a world where staying alive is a constant struggle, the line between good and evil gets blurred, and every alliance comes at a price. In an epic battle against dark forces, Mac must decide who she can trust, and what her survival is ultimately worth.

This is not going to be a regular review but more of a talk about the book #7 Burned in Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. Let’s go back to #6 book ‘Iced‘ first, it was released in 2012 and the readers were grossed out by the possible insinuated chemistry of Dani a fierce lively Fourteen-year-old girl and millennia-old-dashing-immortal Ryoden which probably made Karen Marie Moning (the author) change her plot for the next book and she pushed the publication date and Burned was released two years after Iced. (It’s my first fiction/fantasy/novel of this year) Continue reading “The plot twist of burned by Karen Marie Moning”

Tricolor exotic pasta platter

Tricolor exotic pasta platter: celebrating happiness

When I say the word ‘celebration’, what image dose your mind conjure? Don’t you see a joyous place filled with your family, friend and loved ones with lavish food to sooth your cravings. Isn’t that image too enticing for your taste buds! Celebration and food are two most essential tools that fill everyone’s life with exuberance and enthusiasm. They both complement each other and coexist. A celebration is not complete without food and every food is a celebration in itself. In real terms they are aspects that connect us to the profound meaning of life that is to be happy and help others to achieve the same happiness. Now, how can one help others to be happy? Simply by making them a part of our happiness especially those who aren’t as privileged as most of us. So, that’s why I decided to celebrate this 69th Independence day of India (15th August) with an underprivileged little girl along with my friends.

This blog post is an appeal to all those who are reading this, please share your happiness, celebrate your happiness with underprivileged kids as well, they need us. How many times have you seen a small child across a bakery looking longingly at it’s glass display, reach out and buy something for him, he will remember that for his life. We eat lavish exotic food all the time, share it with someone who can’t afford it and it’s taste will enhance ten folds for you.

Now back to the Independence day celebration, the first thing was to decide the menu as I planned to call them up at my home so that little girl would be more comfortable in homely simple environment. I think only my refrigerator can decide the menu so let’s take a look into it.


Del monte pasta, farfalle, spaghetti
Del monte pastas, sauces and others

Kids love pasta and the shape of Farfalle and I love it too. From my well stocked Del monte Farfalle and spaghetti pasta also sauces you must have guessed it’s quite an awesome brand when it comes to Italian refine cooking. So for me, exotic pasta platter it is, taking account of the occasion am going to give it a patriotic twist, yes it’s going to be tricolor. Hey isn’t national flag of Italy is of tricolor too! Well, that just fits in perfectly. Let’s get on with the recipe then.

Watch above video for detailed visual instructions of the complete recipe.

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3G vs 4G, about 4G

Curious case of 4G

“Buying a new smartphone? Do look for the device that supports 4G.” If you have heard this statement or if you have said the same to someone then you are part of the latest tech-savvy flexible generation. Most of you must have heard the term 4G and it’s evident that soon 4G will take Indian mobile broadband market by storm and its network is growing as fast as its speed. Do you know what exactly is 4G and how fast it is than it’s preceders 3G and 2G? let’s take a small walk with little Miss Curious to find more about it.


4G is an abbreviation for fourth generation mobile data protocol; In one word it means ‘Fast’, it’s all about the escalated speed upto 100 Mbps for moving users and 1 Gbps for stationary users. With this cutting-edge speed and enhanced connectivity it proves a satisfactory experience to users while browsing, watching a video, downloading full HD Movie, online shopping, high end gaming or even working. 3G provides data transfer speed from 144 Kbps to 2Mbps. With this huge difference in speed and the services it provides, 4G is often called MAGIC. Continue reading “Curious case of 4G”

the sun and the moon, story of sun and moon

The Legend Of The Sun and The Moon

the sun and the moon, story of sun and moon

In the kingdom of Merylun,
Once lived a girl called moon.
Her enchanting looks were so Noble,
That the princes of all the seven kingdoms
were under her spell.
They avowed,
Her eyes held all the stars
that twinkles and soothes the scars.
When its gleam would fall upon the kingdom’s dome,
It would take away the darkness of a million homes.
Her skin, oh! so radiant,
It could heal even a maiden.
Her smile knew all the answers
People would blindly follow her, even the masters.
She was the epitome of calmness,
Her presence would give solace.

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letter, old letter, love experiment

Love Experiment

She clenched her pen again,
that was bleeding on paper in vain.
Another letter she won’t send,
Everything’s magnificent she’d pretend.

“You deserve someone who’d move mountains for you,
And I deserve someone whom I could love without ado.
I never wanted to cause you hurt,
and this truth needed an assert.”
He’d reasoned but
All she wanted was to hold fast the dreams
the promises he’d made,
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Honey, Honey diet, benefits of honey

Say hello to Honey

“I love Pizza.” My youngest cousin declared, she is 8 years old and dear lord being the youngest, she is most pampered and most adorable so everyone gives into her wishes.
“And pasta, Manchurian, Hakka-noodles, burger without lettuce,” She made a face while saying lettuce as if its lizard (sorry for giving that image) and then she continued, “Finger fries, potato chips, soft drinks. Did I mention Pizza? I love pizza a lot; a lot.” She emphasized it all in a single breath. I just stood there nodding my head like a bubble-head doll, she isn’t getting any of that, I thought. Of course she isn’t. Do you know how unhealthy all that is! That’s the problem with kids today; they just want junk food not healthy, oh! Hang on there for a moment! I am giving this know-it-all speech because I am aware about the benefits of balanced healthy-diet but I am a kid myself; now that we are clear on that, let’s continue. (Where was I? Yes) Because of the easy access of world cuisine to kids, they just want food that tastes delicious and general misconception is that the food that’s healthy isn’t delicious.
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fast browser UC Browser, Modern browser, fast browsing

Save time while browsing with UC Browser

We all are well aware of the fact that the current generation is tech-savvya and today almost 80% of internet users own a smartphone. We can not simply survive without internet not necessarily because we are addicted but it is in-fact one of the basic necessity. There is so much happening in the world, so much that we don’t know, we are always curious and that’s where internet save our lives, from work to education or even the most mundane task, it is our life saver. A Smartphone is one of the most easily accessible devices so it has gained a tremendous popularity which has opened an enormous market for mobile apps to grow.

Now let’s see some statistics on per day basis (2014 – Mobile Internet user):

  • The time spent on internet – 6 hours average.
  • Time division :
    48% – Start on Search engine
    33% – Start on branded pages (Including social media)
    26% – Start on branded apps (Including Social media)
  • NOTE : 11% of social media time is through the mobile apps

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Finding the rainbow: They meet again (Chapter-1)


This is going to be one horrible weekend, Anjali thought as she scrambled through the crowd. She hasn’t visited birth town in for a long time ever since her family shifted to another place, She almost forgot how crowded local market could be.

“Anjali! Anjali! wait up!” Anjali heard someone calling, “Excuse me ma’am, please step aside. Anjali Gupta! Is that you?” Anjali whirled on her toes and was startled to see a very familiar face beaming right back at her.

“Hi Anjali.” his smile was so innocent as if nothing has ever been wrong, as if it was the most natural thing, well it was, but not here, not like this.

“Hi Roy.” She replied matching his upbeat tone.

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