Stayzilla: Make room for something new

Stayzilla was born in 2004 when 3 friends got together to bring online the value rooms under budget across India. Since then Stayzilla have seen many changes and came a long way. It doesn’t only let you book hotel rooms online but also have a very interesting feature which I must say is its main feature, renting out the unused rooms of your home as a host or rent other’s room for stay as a guest. You may ask why would one do that. Aren’t hotels good enough? Well let’s look it this way, don’t we all complain about not being able to eat homely food or miss home when we are away from our home. There’s your answer because one can find home away from home.

Recently I tried out Stayzilla App for android, So let’s see how it all works. Once the app is downloaded one has to sign up for it which is the regular signing up process. Or if you are an existing user then sign in to it. Thereafter one can either look for renting properties as a guest under guest view or register their property under host view. The UI (user interface) of the app is pretty easy to surf around and with a pleasant color pallet the experience gets better. Continue reading “Stayzilla: Make room for something new”

Fluffy unicorn, expert adviser, Felicia The Unicorn

Meet the new expert Adviser – Miss Felicia!

Hello my lovely readers, I am absolutely enthralled to introduce you all to my new (or first ever) expert adviser of this blog *Drumroll* Miss Felicia, who is absolutely charming. When I first saw her on television, I just screamed “It’s so fluffy!” Oops 😮 I meant I was so enchanted by her eyes and stature that I knew she is that treasure who will be my partner in crime if I were in need. Well, dang it! who am I kidding, I did scream “It’s so fluffy!!” Or was it Agnes who screamed? I guess it was indeed Agnes but she sounded a lot like me.
Fluffy Unicorn

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What does jewelry personally mean to you? A question that must have bring innumerable words in your mind but if I ask you to collect them in a comprehensible string forming a sentence, you most probably will fumble. Why? Simply because jewelry isn’t just an article but a piece attached with feelings and emotions, they are a lot more than what they appear to be hence while making a purchase, it’s very crucial that you get the right piece at the right price.

With changing trends in accordance with the need of the hour, online jewelry stores are gaining a lot more attention as customers aren’t shying away from it. Before I give you a walk you through the how-to’s of buying a quality jewelry online let me enlighten you about it’s pros :

  1. Time-Saving : It’s not a hidden fact that online shopping is always time saving, one doesn’t have to struggle in traffic, wait at the conventional jewelry store etc.
  2. Convenience : One can shop anytime from anywhere be it home, workplace, while commuting likewise.
  3. Variety : One can find a lot more variety according to the preference by few clicks.


All About Consumer Rights and the Consumer court

Consumer Rights :

On March 15, 1962, US President John F Kennedy made a historical speech about consumer rights as he introduced ‘The Consumer Bill of Rights’ in the US Congress. Ever since, countries all over the world have celebrated March 15 as the Consumers’ Day.
In India, Consumer Protection Act, 1986 was enacted on December 24 by the Indian Parliament. So Dec 24th is celebrated as the National Consumer Day.

Even though strong and clear laws exist in India to protect consumer rights, The real condition of  Indian consumers could be declared as completely dismal. Very few consumers know their rights or understand their basic consumer rights. And many of them are scared of approaching the judiciary. It is important, as consumers, we know our basic rights and about the courts and procedures that deals with the infringement of our rights.

Who is a Consumer (definition):

A person who purchases goods and services for personal use.
☛ Any person who buys or hires any goods or services for a consideration which has been paid or promised or partly paid and partly promised for personal use not for manufacture or resale. A consumer is someone who can make the decision whether or not to purchase an item at the store, and someone who can be influenced by marketing and advertisements.

Explanation— “commercial purpose” does not include use by a person of goods bought and used by him and services availed by him exclusively for the purposes of earning his livelihood by means of self-employment.

Example: If A person X buys a printer and at home X use the printer for printing for livelihood then he comes under consumer category. But if person X buys more printers and opens a printing press then it’ll be commercial and cannot avail the benefits of  Consumer Protection Act of 1986 and National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.

☛Consumer Rights In India:

Under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986, the rights of consumers in India can be listed as under: Continue reading “All About Consumer Rights and the Consumer court”