I am litterbug and I know it

When I walk on the street (Yeah)
This is what I see,
Every minister is
sweeping the street. (Ohkay)
I got thrash in my hand,
And I ain’t afraid to
Throw it, throw it, throw it. (Heck Yeah)
I am litterbug and I know it.

Oh yeah! The great Indian litterbug.


This one is for the Indians with litter-system
Top notch, freedom of the tossing system
When they go outside they throw stuff
‘Cause sitting inside they collect enough

And then this guy walking on the street
drank water from bottle, looking so neat (dashing)
In slow SRK style he
Spread his hands in a lazy stretch
dropped the bottle right there, that wretch.
That kind of dude I was looking for,
To master the art of littering is my hope.

I said, excuse me, you are a talented guy,
I mean, my my my you didn’t even bat an eye
You spit you spill
You piss on the walls in a goodwill
specially when it says “don’t piss here”
You feel proud to do right there,
You musketeer.

How on Earth, you do the right thing
flipping thrash on the street while whistling
will you tech me to be like you
you litterbug,
I wanna do that too with a shrug.

He said:
Hey girl, you are cute.
I like your dress; do you like my suit?
You are an Indian
and littering is in your system.
Mind it.

And he left with a smirk.
That piece of work.


My mind is working like some complex clock-tower mechanism, His words are echoing, “You are an Indian and littering is in your system” then How on Earth I am not able to throw my garbage outside my balcony, of course dustbin is not the right place then why do I do the wrong thing. How can I let down my nation like that, what If I lose my identity.

  1. We are born to make streets dirty, to eat pan and decorate the walls of public buildings with pan-stains by spitting with many head-bangs.
  2. We are proud of our ability to make a newly open building look like a decade old ruin which was never ever swiped, even for once.
  3. We are habitual of fighting with our neighbors over our thrash-throwing-rights in their premises.
  4. Daily in the morning, the pious-dirty-water left after the ‘pochas’ (floor cleaning) gets out of the balcony, on this fine well-dressed gentleman who is going for work, he probably didn’t have bath with the pious water in the morning, he needed that so desperately.
  5. Our gums after a thorough chewing are meant to find it’s spot under the chair, and if you are lucky it will be waiting for you on top of the chair.
  6. Chocolate wrappers, lays wrappers, cookies wrappers, fruit peels, nut-shells are meant to beautify the roadside.
  7. And don’t get me started on how Indians piss on walls, be it public, private, train or bus.

We shall follow the above mentioned rules to be a proud litterbug.
I want to master this art of littering soon enough to be a great Indian Litterbug, and I want your help.
A shout-out to all my dear fellow-litterbug-Indians, You will all help me, Right?

If you want to know more about the great Indian Litterbug, do not hesitate and visit : http://greatindian.timesofindia.com/
The great Indian Litterbug
Credit : https://www.indiblogger.in/



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