Someone Who Made A Difference

I strongly believe that a small change can make a big difference (as the tag line of my blog suggests) but this belief is not something I developed out of the blue, I had an upbringing where I saw many people contributing towards the wellness of general public even unknowingly, yes we are always surrounded by such people and we do notice them and learn from them, many times unconsciously.

One such person in my life was my Guruji, my kathak (classical dance) teacher, Late. Mr. Dholpuria Ji. It was my mother who saw my love for dancing when I was probably too small to speak my own name and at suitable time she found the perfect teacher for me. Little did she know that I wouldn’t only learn the real essence of music & dance but also the real essence of life. Or perhaps she did know.

My Guruji had the most loving caring heart I’d ever had a chance to encounter, I never ever saw him angry or bitter towards anyone or any situation and life was rather challenging for him. He lost his vision in his late 30’s in an accident. Yes, he couldn’t see but only from eyes; from heart and soul, he could see a lot more than one can with open eyes. Most important aspect of any dance specially Indian classical is facial expressions, one would wonder how a blind man can teach that, but whenever I would lose that smile or won’t give proper expression, he would call out to me on that. I did ask him once ” how do you know when I am not giving the right expression,” he replied , “Dancing doesn’t come from eyes or mind, it comes from heart. If your heart is into it then your eyes will speak, your face will tell a story and your feet will replicate that. The rhythm of your feet tells me everything.” I was probably 8-9 years old at that time but I understood him perfectly, it didn’t only teach me the real meaning of dance but also life. If your heart is not into your action, your action will never meet its goal and you will long for that ‘bravo’ effect.

(To be continued…)


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