The innovative harbour of learning

It is a well known fact that the real wealth of a nation dwells not in its current economy or abundant resources but in the quality of lifestyle of its children, they are the future of a nation so it’s important to give them extra attention, ensure that their basic needs are fulfilled but alas, not all children are privileged.

With around 37% of global illiterate adults in Indie and about 30% people living under poverty line, it’s a challenge to make sure that each child of the nation gets basic education. It’s an ambitious dream to see 100% literacy in India, ambitious but not impossible. If each one of us, the educated group contributes, we can achieve this ambitious dream. We can do right, we have the power and resources only if we channel them in the right way.

Varanasi Boat school - Do Right
Varanasi Boat school – Do Right

One of us, the do righter Ajeet Singh of Varanasi has taken upon himself to educate the unprivileged children who roams around the city with dreams in eyes, dreams to be something, to do something, to live a happy fulfilling life, the dreams that shouldn’t go wasted. An NGO Guria, under the leadership of Ajeet Singh decided to make those dream come true through an enchanting boat ride along the pious river Ganga. They have started a ‘Varanasi boat school‘, a place where children come and learn from computers, mathematics to arts. Over this boat school, an ideal learning environment is created that ensures that the children learn with fun so that they are encouraged to study without any pressure, they understand it’s importance and convert their dreams into reality. The unique concept of boat school is bringing magical transformation into the lives of many children, with their help many have been enrolled into school for formal education. They provide them with #ScholarShip, basic study material, fees and almost everything they need to study, to make a better person out of them. This unique boat school is also making sure that children utilize their time is most fruitful manner, now they don’t roam on street but come to this boat and learn.

This boat that brings magical transformation in the lives of many children needs magical transformation in itself too, it needs to be equipped with other basic needs that will bring smiles on the faces of those children, it needs restoration and redecoration of the interiors for proving them the necessary books, music CDs, games. We all like an interactive environment, The noble NGO Guria and Ajeet Singh needs your help in providing the same to unpriviladge children.

How can you help:

  • Campaign : Learning on Board.
  • Visit the campaign site
  • Read their story, get connected with them.
  • Make a contribution with your free will.

The money you donate will be used in creating a most ideal environment for those children and many more. This innovative idea is already making an impact in the lives of the children of Varanasi, it needs to come in limelight so that many such fun innovative learning boats can be created throughout India and India can achieve its most treasured dream of 100% literacy.

Be the part of the change, spread a word about this campaign and encourage your family and friends to donate as well. Let’s channel our resources in the right direction and do right.


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