Contagious Optimism

Nowadays, many people have lost confidence in the world around them. Rampant increase in crime rates, daily marathon of horrific and gruesome news headlines concentrating mainly upon the bad that’s happening in the world isn’t helping either. Due to personal hardship, failures and day to day stress we are becoming less optimistic about a well defined bright future. People around are mostly in bad mood all the time, their faces are mostly decorated with a frown than a sweet smile. Amidst of black clouds it’s very difficult for a person to look for a silver lining in each cloud but it is an essential aspect if we want to be at the brighter side of the picture.

A person have two options when he wakes up in the morning, either to be in a good mood or a bad mood. I suggest to pick a good mood for the day, if something bad happens then choose to learn from it than to play a victim. When you see a problem then without taking stress you are bound to find a better solution for it. When someone comes to you and complains about something, show them the positive side of life, I know it may sound like I am being impractical but when you try it for yourself even for once, you will find that looking up at the brighter side is always rewarding as even after the darkest night, sun always shines. Every situation is a choice, it depends upon the choices we make. Albeit I agree that many a times situations aren’t in our control, problems arises due to the dreadful surroundings, because world is tainted with mud and asphalt but that’s not the complete picture, the world is also filled with people who believes in random acts of kindness, those who are always helping someone, those who are honest and helpful.

Let me tell you about an incident that proves honesty and kindness is still alive which makes me optimistic. It was more than a decade ago, on my brother’s birthday in 2002 when I used to live in Gwalior, my father had organized a small birthday party in a hotel and me being a girl who loves gold and glitz insisted on wearing my mother’s heavy gold chain. We went to the hotel, had a fun celebration with family and friends. Played musical chair and some more games, had delicious food then when we were returning a waiter from the party approached my father and handed him a gold chain “Sir, I think someone dropped it.” He said.
My family and people around were amazed by that waiter’s honesty. My hand suddenly went to my neck and I realized my gold chain wasn’t there, or my mother’s which I got to wear after a long convincing session. I told them it was mine and thanked the waiter. When my father gave him some money for his honesty, he refused very humbly. He said that he found it at the corner and it looked expensive so he brought it to my father, he don’t want anything in return as he only gave what wasn’t his. When my mother insisted that it was a token of thanks for his honesty and he deserves it, he said if we really want to thank him then donate that money to some who needs is, preferably for the education of a child, he wished he would have gotten someone to sponsor his education when he was young, somehow his faith, hard work and some luck landed him to this decent job but not every child have that. We all were vary moved by his words; whenever I think back of him I don’t recall his face but the satisfactory smile on his face, the smile that fills your heart with contentment when you do something noble. Even from his disconsolate memories, something fruitful came out, his words didn’t only inspire my family but also others who were present there, they must have told others about this incident and with a good chain reaction, his kindness prevailed. It fills me with optimism that goodness is still berating the same air we breathe and this world is not completely hopeless.

Optimism is contagious just like kindness, it spreads from one person to another mainly when it touches your heart. So dear readers, remember that you have the ability to infuse happiness and kindness in everything you touch only if you choose to. Believe in the universe, believe in yourself, be optimistic throughout the day, smile and make others see the positive side of their lives and know in your heart that you see what you want to see.

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2 thoughts on “Contagious Optimism

  1. Perfectly said ankita ☺ I motivate myself by reading quotes and watching similar inspirational videos. They help me in dealing with negatives and being kind to others.


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