Life I Have Always Dreamed Of!

Some say dreaming is a waste of time, I believe it raps the ineffable creative energy that is stored somewhere in your mind. Dreaming lets you connect with your inner desires, your inner hidden strengths. It tells you what your soul really craves for and that dreaming is self exploration hence It’s important for physical, emotion and mental health also as it creates a bridge between your conscious and subconscious self. But this dreaming is more or less like a dream seen with open eyes, sometimes lucid sometimes wishes. These dreams are most vital and in order to convert dreams into reality, it takes a lot of effort, determination and freedom. Most of the times in the rat race our wishes takes a back seat and others expectations from us calls the shot gun as we drive through our lives. Our duties, constrains, priorities, what’s-need-to-be-done makes us forget our dreams and often our dreams lose confidence in us as well.

They say don’t dream a life but live a life of your dreams. Well I am carving the life of my dreams and if in case there was nothing to hold me back then I can think of top 5 things from top of my bucket list that I would love to do should be:

1) Skydiving :

I am far from the person who is reckless though I am impulsive but that’s beside the point. Doing something which is so extreme and completely opposite of my regular life is one thing I really want to do, most specifically skydiving. The idea of freedom at its extreme level is most appealing. Skydiving is not just diving but it’s flying like a bird, well nearly like a bird. For human race, if there is something is which exceptionally close to flying without any support, it’s sky diving and it’s one outrageously risky sport as there is so much that could go wrong and If I didn’t have any worry in the world then I would do it in my next breath. Someday I will, That’s why it tops my bucket list.

1. Skydiving

2) Experience several foreign cultures in a year :

I love to learn different languages, till date I have self-taught Espanol (Spanish), French and German (All beginner’s level but I know Spanish a lot better) , I have learn to cook different cuisine from Italian to Mexican and read about so many cultures but all is just theory unless I experience it all in person. My wish is to live on a foreign land/country for a month, experience their culture, adopt their lifestyle, learn their language and slang, embrace their habits, be a part of their community, live according to them for a month then move on to the another county, another land and keep doing it for a year at least. Thus, experiencing 12 exotic yet local atmosphere of 12 countries. Exotic because I will be a foreigner and local because it’s local for them only if.

Travel quote, travelling makes you richer
Travel quote

3) Snow Skiing :

I love snow, pristine white snowflakes as soft as well snowflakes because there is nothing in this world that comes anywhere close it. I love snowfall and snowman and snow and ice skating and snow skiing.. not that I have done ice skating and snow skiing but I like the idea of it and it’s something what I really want to do. Alas, I live in the region where it doesn’t snow and to experience it I would need a good week long break and a planned trip to north India in winter season. Again, Hopefully someday!

Mickey Mouse
Snow Skiing

4) Stay in Ice hotel :

Did I mention how much I love snow and ice and winters and everything cold. I wish I could call winter season back and demand it to stay year long. But that’s the silly part of me is wishing but sane pat wishes to stay in an Ice hotel for a week! Yes The idea of it is so tempting that I can’t express in words. It’s like living an Eskimo life with style.

Ice Hotel
Ice Hotel of Canada

5) Astronaut Training Experience:

I am not an astronaut, neither have I graduation in Astrophysics or Astronomy, I am a simple computer Science graduate who is running away from baking codes. That being said, I am all starry eyed by the lifestyle of an Astronomer and It’s extremely fascinating to know what sort of training a person goes through to be an Astronaut or to be a part of NASA so that’s on my bucket list and there are facilities in that provides such experience to a common person. If not the real thing, I can at least get the taste of it.

That’s all about my Bucket list, the life I dreamed of and someday I will make some of it true. What’s your bucket list? Have you made one? Make it and see it through because you got to live the moment before it passes by.

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One thought on “Life I Have Always Dreamed Of!

  1. I very much liked the beginning of the article ,specially your gyan on importance of dreaming. Even I want to do many things from your stated bucket list, but the time is yet to come. I like the way you simply connect to your reader. Hope to get more gyan from you ahead. Stay Connected 🙂


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