Quikr NXT!

In this digital world, one can get anything and everything online, all they need to is to search at the right place similarly one can sell anything and everything online, all they need to find is a right place to sell. They don’t necessarily have to be a seller, wholesaler, shop keeper but a regular person who can sell his goods, be it old or new, his services and advertise for anything ranging from their business to look for a new tenant/room-mate and one such right place is quikr.com. It’s a website that lets you put classified advertisements online and where you can look up from a knife to a car, from anything to everything.

Now, what happened when I had put up an advertisement regarding my used microwave oven over quickr.com, I start getting n number of calls daily from interested buyers. Getting many calls from interested buyers sounds very good, right! But in reality it can be a real nightmare, I will tell you how and also let me introduce you to the super cool Chat option of the quikr NXT.

1) Initially I was happy when I started to get calls from buyers, but then it was really hard to keep track on all the conversation and the negotiations and quoted price, I would obviously be going for the best deal. But with Quick Chat option, I had the data of all the buyers plus the quoted price right in my palm (in my phone technically) and thus, it was extremely convenient.

2) People likes to irritate others, and after putting your number on a website, you are bound to get funny calls that irritates you specially at the oddest hours like when you are in a meeting at work and you get a call to from someone who wants to buy ‘Taj Mahal’ and imagine the frustration and exasperation of that so this chat option enables a seller (or myself) to keep the privacy of the number intact and that is one incredible thing. Once you are sure with which buyer you want to go with, you can exchange numbers and go ahead with it.

3) Third biggest issue in these kind of exchanges is the availability of a person, many times you lose a better buyer because you were not able to receive the call, so with chat option, you can get the messages at anytime. And also with the image sharing option you can send across the picture of the product to convince the buyer. That validates the product and proves credibility of the seller.

With these top 3 benefits there are numerous benefits attached not only for a buyer but a seller too. Like if I want to buy something then I can contact multiple sellers for the same and I can keep the privacy of my number intact and only contact the seller whom I am sure about. So, I give this Chat feature of Quickr NXT! Thumbs up. And as it says “No Fikar, Chat quikr”
You can read about my shopping experience with quickr.com HERE

Here is how Chat feature looks
Here is how Chat feature looks

I have used this Chat feature multiple times, as you can see in the above Image, the deal didn’t went well but it was convenient nonetheless.


For more details check http://www.quikr.com/
Image Credit : Indiblogger.in

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