Quikr : Perfect matchmaker of buyer and seller

“Hmm.. this corner of the living room looks dull, I need something to add to the charm.”

*Go to the mall swishing my hair in complete confidence and browse almost all the home decor stores, found nothing that goes with the entire Royal golden maroon theme of my living room.*

Then suddenly, an antique brass statue  caught my fancy and I almost swoon after taking a look at the price tag which suggested Rs. 14,999 and it wasn’t even that appealing. Yeah, I may have moved on but there was only a teeny-tiny-tad-bit problem, I was completely taken by the idea of placing some brass sculptures in my living room, My father loves such artifacts and this would be perfect Diwali gift  for my parents.

“Well, I may have to sell my  tab to buy this statue, or my smartphone, or may be on serious note I can try looking for such sculptures online.”

And that idea lead me to http://www.quikr.com/

Why Quikr.com :

I have tried almost all the eCommerce portals which sells articles at a fixed price, they mostly add royalty and other profits and sell it at the retail store price and basically there is no scope of bargain. But with quickr.com , buyer gets to meet the seller in person like conventional shopping with the advantage of not going through the hassle of hunting down what they need in the market, but simply logging on to the website, filtering the options to your liking and voilà, you have a huge listing from the dealers and individuals.

It’s the perfect combination of online shopping and conventional shopping. You see the item, meet the dealer/individual, check the item, bargain, then bargain and some more bargain, pay hand to hand and bring it to your home with yourself with a smile as big as river Nile . Can anything get better than that ? I guess not 🙂 Perfect matchmaker of buyer and seller

How I Proceeded : 

Now after an easy-peasy sign in, I selected my city Indore and filtered it to Home & Lifestyle –> Antique-Handicrafts –>metalwares (Since I was looking for brass sculptures)


Quikr.com home
Quikr.com home
Quikr.com –> Indore –> Home & Lifestyle –> Antique-Handicrafts –>metalwares

And there I had the same kind of metal sculptures almost at the half price in comparison to the mall, and I searched all the products but again what I liked was exceeding my budget which was Rs.5000.

With a heavy heart I decided to buy something else under budget, after adding price filter and changing category to Garments/ethnic wear I surfed and was amazed by so many advertisements. I need ethnic ware for my Best Friend’s wedding in December this year and what better way to shortlist the sellers first, right!
Filtering yet again Home & Lifestyle –> Clothing-Garments –> Ethnic Wear


ethnic ware

I called and messaged multiple sellers and was amazed by the super quick response from all of them. Here are some screenshots of the conversation I had with them. They sent me so many pictures of lahengas and srees and asked me to revert back with the pieces I liked for the price quote. Well, the conversation was going on with multiple sellers and deal was getting finalized but as soon as I would deciede on a piece they would send another breathtaking picture and I would get confuse again. Don’t you just love that part of shopping when you are confused what to buy from hundreds of options! Well I was like a starry-eyed little girl who was left in a candy store and I wanted to eat all.



I also got a reply from a girl who was selling a beautiful Orange used lahenga for Rs 15,000. I found her add using the Quikr.com mobile app which I found very convenient. I contacted her from the Live chat feature over the Quickr mobile app for android and got a quick response from her.

orange lahenga
Well, this deal was off as you can see that she wasn’t budging and I had a restricted budget.

While I was surfing through my whatsapp messages by the sellers I saw the dull corner of my living room again which reminded of the antique-pure-brass sculptures that brought me to quikr.com at the very beginning and I immediately switched onto the handicraft section again. See the confused shopper in me was awaken again.


Aren’t brass statues of goddess Tara (female bodhisattva) in dancing form are breath taking and also way out my budget but I though why not give it a try and I short listed few of the brass items from the seller, sent him a message to revert back if he is interested in negotiations and guess what, he celled back and we arranged a meeting.

The Artifacts that caught my fancy are as follow, I was planning to buy few of them.


add request1

add 2 add5 brass horseIf you calculate the price of all the three brass items that I short listed, it will come out to be Rs. 11100 (2000+6200+2900) and these price seems genuine to me because I searched these sculptures online which have MRP way over the price he has quoted. The description of the items was well detailed and matched exactly to what I found over his godown. He was a decent fellow, Mr. Sandesh Chaterjee, he is an exporter of antique-pure-brass sculptures who sell them to showrooms as well. After meeting him I was over moon, you want to know why? Because after a good session of bargaining, persuasion and knowledge sharing I got all of these at a whopping price of Rs. 4000 🙂 🙂 Can you Imagine the bound of my happiness as I got them at a stealing price because these same sculptures are available online at much higher price.

What I bought from Mr. Sandesh Chaterjee :

1) Beautiful pure Brass Bullock Cart :

Bullock-cart has been a primitive means of transportation used since ancient times in many parts of the world, it still is used in the rural areas of India, our villages. It is used by those who gives the real prosperity to our Mother Land, our farmers. It moves on where there is no path and make it’s own path,  in many sense it’s a symbol of hard work, dedication, movement towards prosperity and serene peace that connects to the raw India. When I saw this piece in real, it oozed that rawness because it was in antique brass finish,  I knew I had to buy it and I did. I tried putting at different corners of my room, it added it’s unrefined charm to all of it.


It’s description (From the add over quikr.com and I even measured before buying)

Material: Brass
Color: Antique Golden
Bullock Cart Height: 10 cm, Length: 15 cm, Width: 12 cm

2) Pure Brass Horse Cart (Big) :

Remember the epic Bollywood movie “Sholey” and the ever beautiful Basanti with her savior Dhanno the horse, this Horse cart reminds me of that blockbuster pair, Basanti-Dhanno. Need I say more, even the guests referred it as that, the Horse is crafted in such a way that it gives the illusion of running and that totally screams the ever famous dialogue of Sholey movie “Chal Dhanno … aaj teri Basanti ki izzat ka sawaal hai (Go Dhanno … today is the question of Basanti’s honor)”

Pure Brass Horse Cart
Pure Brass Horse Cart

It’s description (From the add over quikr.com and I even measured before buying)

Material: Brass
Big Horse Cart Height: 10 cm, Length: 18 cm, Width: 8 cm
Big Horse Cart Weight: 800 gms
Color: Antique Brass

3) Mesmerizing dancing Tara (goddess) pure brass statue in Antique green-black Finish :

Goddess Tara, she is a female bodhisattva and one of my favorites who was told that as a woman she could never reach enlightenment but she proved everyone wrong. When I saw her Dancing statues, there were many statues but I liked the Black-green antique polished one since it looked like it belongs to the ancient times. Tara name means Star, The Great Compassionate Mother, The Embodiment of Wisdom, and the Great Protector, Goddess of Peace, she represents  the eternal life force that fuels all lives, she is the most revered deity amongst Buddhism. Tara is an archetype of our own inner wisdom. She guides and protects us as we navigate the depths of our unconscious minds, helping us to transform consciousness, our own personal journeys of freedom. Her Dancing statue has a lot deeper meaning than one can Imagine. I am extremely content by having her enchanting statue in my house.

Dancing Tara (goddess) pure brass statue in Antique green-black Finish
Dancing Tara (goddess) pure brass statue in Antique green-black Finish

It’s description (From the add over quikr.com and I even measured before buying)

Material: Brass
Color: Green and black (Antique finish)
Dancing Tara Height: 58 cm, Length: 50 cm, Width: 15 cm
weight = 4.87 Kgs (Approx.)

Add of all the three items I bought over Quikr.com app
Add of all the three items I bought over Quikr.com app
Dancing Goddess TARA Statue, Bullock-cart and house cart all uplifting the charm of my otherwise dull corner of the living room :) Now I am a happy girl :)
Dancing Goddess TARA Statue, Bullock-cart and house cart all uplifting the charm of my otherwise dull corner of the living room 🙂 Now I am a happy girl 🙂
Comparison from the other online portals

If one compare my purchase from the online portals then one will find that if I had bought it from anywhere else then it would have cost around 14,470 (Refer the image above for costing). And I got them at a stealing price of Rs.4000.

Well after this hard bargain and awesome steal-deal, I still had Rs. 1000 left and my confidence in quikr.com was on it’s peak, I browsed for handy mixer-grinders as I needed them badly and guess what, my luck or you can say quikr was on my side.


GrinderI liked the Homemate Juicer Mixer Grinder in black and the description suggested that it’s very new, only few months old and used only once. It was though exceeding my budget being of Rs.1600, but after my last deal-of-deals-the-mega-deal I had confidence that I may get it under 1000 bucks.

4) Homemate Juicer Mixer Grinder in black (MRP Rs 3999) :


I met the girl, her name was Radha, she was moving out hence wanted to sell it and I saw the bill of it too, it was pursed at Rs.2299 from star CJ and it’s original price is Rs. 3999, it was used only once that too onl;y one jar, rest of them were still well packed and had stickers still on. And after a long bargaining I got it at Rs. 1000 with the original bill , it was purchased on 18/03/14 by her so I practically got a few months old Mixer grinder at a monumental 75% discount!

Original Packing with details of the article
Homemate Juicer Mixer Grinder


I made a super quick banana smoothie in just 3 taps which means practically 3-4 seconds and the attachment glass is so convenient that I can put the lid on and out it in the refrigerator then it’s good to be consumed anytime. This mixer grinder is a blessing to me because I love to drink smoothies and for grinding stuff in small quantity at much lesser lime, it’s a must have.

Original bill
Original bill of the Homemate Juicer Mixer Grinder

My verdict : 

I absolutely loved my experience with quikr.com , I met so many genuine sellers, had talk with them, met them, I didn’t feel like I was shopping online, it was a pure shopping bliss. I didn’t miss any single step of shopping. It was completely trustworthy as the sellers are 100% genuine and we buy after taking a full a complete demo of our purchasing.

Irecommend this website in full confidence and I am so going to sell over it because it’s super easy. I hope you guys also have an awesome experience with it. It indeed is a Perfect matchmaker of buyer and seller, No fikar #SHOPQUIKR

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