The Spellbinders – Chapter 1 – Room number 4

Team – The Spellbinders 

Chapter 1

11th April

“She can’t be Roohi!” Shekhar screamed “She is not my Roohi.” His screams and anguish went unheard in the God forsaken secluded warehouse. Another shrill cry of a child stirred the beast in him, he ran frantically towards the sound. His bloodshot eyes filled with rage adjusting through his thin silver specs to the dark disgusting room barely lit by street lights filtering in through broken window panes, and searched the scattered wooden boxes.

“Where are you?” He softened his voice trying not to scare away the child, and then he saw twin tiny pools filled with fear, her eyes he thought “I won’t hurt you.” He tried to coax her out of her hiding place “Come to Daddy, daddy won’t hurt you.” He continued in a sing song voice and felt a strong blow against his jaw, so hard that it rattled all his teeth. He pulled out his knife in fury and started slashing the thin air and froze when he saw blood, thick crimson splashed across his face, splattered on the floor, blood on his hands and the lifeless body of the child, its cold eyes staring deep into his soul as if to ask “Why?”. He squeezed his eyes shut and covered his ear with his bloody hands but the loud blaring of sirens wouldn’t stop. “I said stop. Stop. Stop.” He kept screaming, hot tears on his red cheeks “Stop you spawn of Satan!” he howled not realizing he was Satan himself. The door flew open with a loud thud and he knew it was the police.  His whole body trembled and he sat upright on the battered hard stone bed, his eyes open now and his body on high alert, but his mind still in the hazy arena between nightmare and wakefulness, the iron bars of his cell mocked him.

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Nail art – Independence day

Hello Friends,

Wishing a very happy 68th Independence Day to every Indian across the Globe. It’s time for celebration but before that it’s time to remember the real heroes of our nations, the saviors  ‘Jawans’ who stay up all night each day to to keep us safe so that we can sleep peacefully and the martyrs who freed our nation after colossal struggle.

It’s time to bow to our mother nation and make a solemn promise to take care of her with utmost priority and huge respect. Freedom comes from within, it comes from mind and soul, it comes from deep discipline as well. It means to respect and honor the freedom of others as well. So come together and promise that our patriotism won’t be just for 15th August each year but we will have a patriotic soul throughout the year and do our bidding with utter seriousness.

So to celebrate this awesome patriotic day, I have created a DIY easy Nail art.

nail art, independence day, India, 15th august, august, tricolor, white, DIY

DIY Nail art – Independence day

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Sumptuous Black

Black Poem
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Black melody

1) Black Diamond

You look shiny 
My precious Black Diamond
My life you have brightened
A stunning contrast to the Bling!
A paradox everyone sings.
No, you don’t sparkle in the light
That’s why you will cease the fright
of those who are afraid to be different,
albeit of being brilliant.
That’s why I desire you
to break the taboo.
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Zest up my life

Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest. 

Christian Dior

Recalling those childhood days when I used to meet each day with ardent exuberance, my eyes used to twinkle with delight and feet used to tap as I hum the happy jingles of life, I realize that I still have that child inside me alive, I still greet each day with a smile, seek for adventure, look at the bright side of situations, for I live with enthusiasm for my passion with passion. Zestfulness is not situational but it’s a lifestyle and adopting it will unleash the hidden child in you whose eyes can see beyond the mundane masks and mind can fathom the real beauty as it won’t be clouded.

People wonder if the zest of life is related to age as it is envisaged to be, I simply refuse to accept that. However, no matter how exuberant one is, needs takes onto them hijacking the front seat. Life indeed is not a magical carnival and we have to work hard to achieve certain goals in life, we race to outshine others, we race to attain perfection, we race to race and in this race we struggle and take a lot of stress and lose the beauty of life. So, what do I do? Simple, I keep adding a little zest to my life and have a beautiful meaning to it. I Create those magical moments which makes me more lively, more enthusiastic, makes me want to breath some more and more.

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Adding some more zest to life

As I was taking about how I zest up my life, lets trek into it further.

1) Milky way Stargazing :

It’s not very easy in the city pollution but in remote areas which are not crowded with sky scrapers or polluted in a clear summer night, milky way stargazing is an experience in itself, it is a striking and memorable sight with a spiral arm of our galaxy stretching from horizon to horizon, casting shadows of it’s bright lights. It looks like a inklings of pearls and diamonds sprinkled across the sky.  Continue reading

Adding zest to life

If you have zest and enthusiasm you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in kind.

Norman Vincent Peale
Do everything with zest and enthusiasm, that’s the mantra of my life. It doesn’t matter how big or small or important or mundane the task is, I put my heart and soul into it and that makes all the difference.

1) Cooking and Baking :

Life has as many spices as there are in cupboard and I say in your meal too. So it’s the duty of the cook to serve the best of complementing spices and flavors in her dish and that’s what I do, when I cook, I cook it with my heart, soul and mind to zest up other’s life. I put everything I have into it and then the outcome is always satisfactory. When my family and friends appreciate the food I make, it makes my life worthwhile, I feel like flying and fill up with zest to cook better next time because each batch is an experience and learning. It encourage me to try new cuisines, invent my own flours and combination. Food is as yummy as it look so I pay particular attention to it’s presentation as well. The better it looks and tastes, the more lively I feel :) Continue reading

She is a Khasi ‘Mardaani’

Shillong, best known as ‘Scotland of the East’, capital of Meghalaya, one of the seven sister states of North East India. It’s a beauty that attracts many travellers from around the globe. Its quaint charm is not hidden even to the naked eyes and for which it attracted me even more when I heard the seven sisters (seven states) of North East calling.

Travelling is exploring, learning new culture but most importantly it gives a glimpse to the world out there and I had such similar life changing glimpse when I was travelling from Guwahati (Assam) to Shillong (Meghalayala), on National Highway 40 we took a stop to a roadside vendor selling many fruits but Pineapple got our attention.

While having a rather casual chat with the Lady who was selling pineapples, she told me she was a ‘Khasi’ woman. Khasi is a tribe of Meghayala where the status of women is a lot different from rest of the nation; they are treated with more respect, have more freedom and control over life. Having known that I was very curious about them hence I asked her about her culture and specifically status of women in their tribe. Her name was Munasha, I am going to call her Munasha the Khasi.

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Love of makke di roti sarson da saag

Dear Makke di roti,
You are like rhombic cube
the more I try to knead you,
the more you go apart.
then I have to do it all from the start.

Only If I knew the trick.

“Mummy, HowonEarth do you make Makkediroti?” I implored even before my mother got the chance to speak.

“Take a breath Beta, and then say, I couldn’t catch a word.” She said in her ever so calming voice.

“Oh, Yeah, umm.. Can you please teach me how to make makke di rodi? I tried to roll it and failed terribly each time.” I said

“Well, its bit difficult to roll, I roll it using rolling pin itself but I think you can do it using a muslin cloth or a plastic sheet. You have either?” She said.

“I do have plastic bags, wait a second, and let me grab them.” Continue reading

Salsa with Amigas (Friends)

Amigas ( English translation – friends)
My friends are the people to be found
even when I go around.
They are here to stay
and are as weird as me anyway :P

There is nothing better than spending time with your friends, even the most mundane of things when done with my amigas (friends) become extraordinary for me, from talking to dancing to shopping to eating. With FIFA World cup going on and two major latin American teams making place in the semifinals then it calls for a party (Read Parthy :P ) latino style and my Amigas love all-things-latin, be it music or food even latin attire (yo mi chica salsa ^^’ ) is the way to go. So we all barged into one of my cousins place who is mastered in Mexican cuisine. Mexican food have its own flavorful kick by the use of fresh aromatic ingredients and colourful presentation it’s pure heavenly. So we are here for a yummy tummy Mexican time consisting Enchiladas, Taco chips with salsa and Corn kernel salad. Mmmm Am all set to have salsa with my Amigas.

Amigas ( English translation – friends)
We are señoritas.
Over Mexican Platter
Let’s start our tatter Chatter,
whether it rain or shine
we know where to find
the paradise, the Mexican paradise. Continue reading