Rise above fear

The ‘rejection bodies’ of the society were arguing with the ‘acceptance bodies’ of the society, the RB (Rejection bodies) firmly put forth the argument that what they think is correct and rest is completely rubbish, and what they think is “whatever you do is wrong, the right is completely opposite of the wrong.”

The AB (acceptance bodies) of the society was perplexed, “Yes RB, the opposite of right is wrong. But your right is always not right moreover the point is not about being right or wrong all the time, It’s about being oneself.”

RB in unison countered “No, it’s about doing as we say.”

AB asked humbly “And what would that be?”

RB1 shouted “Taking the left turn from first corner.”

RB2 muttered at the same time “Staying where you are.”

RB3 Yelled louder “abandon and take a U-turn”

While RB4 was still thinking and said afterwards “Swimming seems about correct.”

and AB just raised eyebrow at them although RBies were busy in arguing within themselves about what is right.

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10 steps to Swachh Bharat

We like our homes neat and clean. When it comes to cleanliness we become best orators then how our surroundings are not as clean as our homes? How many of us actually make an effort to clean our community or have stopped someone from spreading filth. Ask yourself? We are the best critics of our society, when we see an unattended garbage or filthy roads, we blame the municipal corporation workers, it’s true it’s their duty to clean the city but what about our social responsibilities? We see, We Blame; But we need to be the change we want to see and raise our voice, make a change and change the game.

10 steps to Swachh Bharat :

 1) Stop littering and dispose garbage properly:

We have a very bad habit of disposing the thrash right where we are sitting or standing. Don’t do that. Don’t litter in your streets, your society, the woods, the water bodies, or your surroundings. Start with yourself by being a model example and encourage others to do the same. Throwing thrash at wrong places never goes away, ever. It will find it’s way to effect you so dispose it in dustbin only for your own good. Continue reading

Fat Cat™ – Unique Lottery-Style Games on Mobile

Getting lucky has never been this easy!

Yeah who doesn’t like to have Lady luck on their side but Alas! Lady isn’t always pleased with everyone all the time. but behold, this FAT CAT™ can make it happen. And you my dear friend can be the most favorite fellow of Lady luck. Want to know how to do it in the most interesting way? Simple, by playing Lucky 6 Games by FAT CAT ™.

What is Lucky6™ by FAT CAT™ ?

It’s a combination of fun engaging social games with a chance of winning life changing prizes. You dear friend can win humongous prizes by playing on your own or by challenging your friends and increasing your chances of winning even bigger. You get exciting games to play with the prizes that are actually worth winning.

Features :

  • WIN CASH : Fat Cats don’t play for points, they play for big money.
  • HUGE JACKPOTS : Fat Cat jackpots are huge because it’s more fun that way.
  • Challenge your friends : Competing against friends is great, but winning even when they win is the Fat Cat way.
  • Share with your friends : When your friends win, you win. Every friend you invite increases your odds of winning.
  • BRANDS YOU KNOW : There’s no research involved because every brand is a household name.
  • EASY TO PLAY : Playing is as easy as tapping the logos of your favourite brands.

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Quikr : Perfect matchmaker of buyer and seller

“Hmm.. this corner of the living room looks dull, I need something to add to the charm.”

*Go to the mall swishing my hair in complete confidence and browse almost all the home decor stores, found nothing that goes with the entire Royal golden maroon theme of my living room.*

Then suddenly, an antique brass statue  caught my fancy and I almost swoon after taking a look at the price tag which suggested Rs. 14,999 and it wasn’t even that appealing. Yeah, I may have moved on but there was only a teeny-tiny-tad-bit problem, I was completely taken by the idea of placing some brass sculptures in my living room, My father loves such artifacts and this would be perfect Diwali gift  for my parents.

“Well, I may have to sell my  tab to buy this statue, or my smartphone, or may be on serious note I can try looking for such sculptures online.”

And that idea lead me to http://www.quikr.com/

Why Quikr.com :

I have tried almost all the eCommerce portals which sells articles at a fixed price, they mostly add royalty and other profits and sell it at the retail store price and basically there is no scope of bargain. But with quickr.com , buyer gets to meet the seller in person like conventional shopping with the advantage of not going through the hassle of hunting down what they need in the market, but simply logging on to the website, filtering the options to your liking and voilà, you have a huge listing from the dealers and individuals.

It’s the perfect combination of online shopping and conventional shopping. You see the item, meet the dealer/individual, check the item, bargain, then bargain and some more bargain, pay hand to hand and bring it to your home with yourself with a smile as big as river Nile . Can anything get better than that ? I guess not :) Perfect matchmaker of buyer and seller

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Raj Express Pride of MP

A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who just tries to give back as much as possible and help people. A hero to me is someone who saves people and who really deeply cares.

Debi Mazar

Hero can be anyone, he can be Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luthor King, your neighbor, your father, your brother, your friend or yourself. He is anyone who shows bravery, is selfless and benevolent, gives back as much to the society as possible, who doesn’t expect anything in return, who has a bigger heart and a brighter soul. Such heroes are the need of an hour, such people needs to come into light so that others can get inspired and do the same. Just imagine a place where everyone is helping everyone and fot that we all need to come and extend our arms to help others.

Madhya Pradesh’s leading Hindi newspaper, Raj Express has recently launched a social and communal initiative to recognize the real life heroes amongst us. The Pride of MP contest urges the people of Madhya Pradesh to cast light on the unseen efforts of locals that have helped the community become a better place to live in.

Be it an environmental action, a social cause pursued or small acts of kindness in Madhya Pradesh, Raj Express wants to hear from you! Nominate your family, friends, community members or even yourself for a chance to get published in our newspaper. Your cause and your nominee will be pressed on the pages of a leading newspaper. Furthermore, one lucky participant who makes will also win glorious a pair of Reebok Sunglasses.

To nominate and enter the Pride of MP Contest share your nominee on our Facebook Wall: www.facebook.com/rajexpressnews or Tweets us @rajexpressnews with #PrideofMP. The contest has begun from October 10th and nominations are open till 31st November 2014. Don’t miss out the chance of being the pride of Madhya Pradesh and winning this prestigious title.

raj express Pride of MP

“A small change can make a big difference. You are the only one who can make our world a better place to inhabit. So, don’t be afraid to take a stand .”
Ankita Singhal

Review : Private India by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson

In Mumbai, seemingly unconnected people are dying, strangled in a chilling ritual and with strange objects carefully arranged with the corpses.

For Santosh Wagh, head of Private India, the Mumbai branch of the world’s finest investigation agency, it’s a race against time to stop the killer striking again.

In a city of over thirteen million, he’d have his work cut out at the best of times, but this case has him battling Mumbai’s biggest gang lord and a godman who isn’t all he seems.

And then he discovers there may be an even greater danger facing Private India. Hidden in the shadows is someone who could destroy the whole organisation – along with thousands of innocent Mumbai citizens

With this book the Author Ashwin Sanghi has given us the Indian’s a much advanced technified detective agency, Private India, an Indian Chapter of world’s top-notch detective Agency controlled by Jack Morgan. Private Investigator Santosh Wagh with a troubled past is the head of Private India and his team is rather more fascinating with Hari the one-of-a-kind Techie who has a personality like Hritick Rohshan (with too much bollywood-ness in the book, Hritick’s comparison fits perfectly :P ) , Mubeen the medical guy and  Nisha – an indispensable irresistible ex-cop turned Private Investigator


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Chapter 13 : Breaking Bad

Team – The Spellbinders

The story up until now :

Chapter 13
Breaking Bad

“I am afraid patient is in no shape for the interrogation,  Officer.  Fortunately the knife missed the spinal cord tissues but he lost a great deal of blood and has concussion.” The doctor informed Malik who was waiting outside the operation theatre.

“It will take only a minute; this is a crucial case and he is a vital lead.” Malik persisted sizing the doctor in blue scrubs.  It was a futile effort; he knew officials of this type.  The doctor would not let him anyway near the patient.  Interrogating a patient can make you a bad guy fast.

“Officer Malik I have to ask you to come back later.” The doctor started to walk towards his cabin only to be stopped by Malik’s piercing gaze and urgent voice, “Little girls are dying and he can lead us to the killer. You have to understand – ”

“No, you have to understand” the doctor raised his voice by a notch “I cannot let you take risk with my patient’s life.  Now if you will excuse me I have more patients to attend.” And he walked past him.

Malik stormed into the police station with such a fury that everybody steered clear of him. Where is my coffee? he wanted to shout at the juniors.  If it was his police station, he would have.  But he was here at the behest of the DGP and had been given the use of a corner of the evidence room.  At least he had a desk and a phone.

He had a strong hunch that this attack on Aryan was the breakthrough he was looking for.  If he could get a clue, he would solve the case and go home.  Living in circuit houses was not his favourite thing.  But the damn doctor …
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Review : Rise of the Sun Prince (Ramayana: The Game of Life #1)


Title: Rise of the Sun Prince
Series: Ramayana – The Game of Life #1
Author: Shubha Vilas
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Pages: 256  Paperback
Genre: Mythology | Ramayana
Release :  December 2013

Recounting an epic masterpiece saga like Ramayana which is already engraved in the souls of many of us is not an easy job, specially doing justice to it is unfathomable. The author Shubh Vilas of the book ‘rise of the sun prince’ has done an exemplary justice to the treasures saga Ramayana.

Ramayana is an humongous epic poem of India which narrates the journey of Virtue to annihilate vice, it is ascribes to the Hindu sage Valmiki,  Srimad Valmiki Ramayana is composed of verses called Sloka, in Sanskrit language, which is an ancient language from India and a complex meter called Anustup. These verses are grouped into individual chapters called Sargas, wherein a specific event or intent is told. These chapters or sargas are grouped into books called Kaandas where Kaanda means the inter-node stem of sugar cane, or also a particular phase of the story or an event in the course of story telling. Ramayana contains 24,000 verses [sloka] arranged into numerous cantos [sarga] which are contained in 6 books as mentioned earlier.

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The Spellbinders : Chapter 1 – Room number 4

Team – The Spellbinders 

We are a team called the Spellbinders.  We are collaborating and writing a story for the Blogadda challenge “Game of Blogs”.  The team is diverse, and we are having fun interacting with each other creatively.  To know about us, join us here

Chapter 1
Room number 4

11th April

“She can’t be Roohi!” Shekhar screamed “She is not my Roohi.” His screams and anguish went unheard in the God forsaken secluded warehouse. Another shrill cry of a child stirred the beast in him, he ran frantically towards the sound. His bloodshot eyes filled with rage adjusting through his thin silver specs to the dark disgusting room barely lit by street lights filtering in through broken window panes, and searched the scattered wooden boxes.

“Where are you?” He softened his voice trying not to scare away the child, and then he saw twin tiny pools filled with fear, her eyes he thought “I won’t hurt you.” He tried to coax her out of her hiding place “Come to Daddy, daddy won’t hurt you.” He continued in a sing song voice and felt a strong blow against his jaw, so hard that it rattled all his teeth. He pulled out his knife in fury and started slashing the thin air and froze when he saw blood, thick crimson splashed across his face, splattered on the floor, blood on his hands and the lifeless body of the child, its cold eyes staring deep into his soul as if to ask “Why?”. He squeezed his eyes shut and covered his ear with his bloody hands but the loud blaring of sirens wouldn’t stop. “I said stop. Stop. Stop.” He kept screaming, hot tears on his red cheeks “Stop you spawn of Satan!” he howled not realizing he was Satan himself. The door flew open with a loud thud and he knew it was the police.  His whole body trembled and he sat upright on the battered hard stone bed, his eyes open now and his body on high alert, but his mind still in the hazy arena between nightmare and wakefulness, the iron bars of his cell mocked him. Continue reading

Nail art – Independence day

Hello Friends,

Wishing a very happy 68th Independence Day to every Indian across the Globe. It’s time for celebration but before that it’s time to remember the real heroes of our nations, the saviors  ‘Jawans’ who stay up all night each day to to keep us safe so that we can sleep peacefully and the martyrs who freed our nation after colossal struggle.

It’s time to bow to our mother nation and make a solemn promise to take care of her with utmost priority and huge respect. Freedom comes from within, it comes from mind and soul, it comes from deep discipline as well. It means to respect and honor the freedom of others as well. So come together and promise that our patriotism won’t be just for 15th August each year but we will have a patriotic soul throughout the year and do our bidding with utter seriousness.

So to celebrate this awesome patriotic day, I have created a DIY easy Nail art.

nail art, independence day, India, 15th august, august, tricolor, white, DIY

DIY Nail art – Independence day

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