Closer they came…

Sara clutched her seat tightly as soon as the airplane took off, she could feel her heart shattering as the gravity of the situation sinked in, closing her eyes she swallowed the tears that were threatening to break the walls of tightly closed doors of her emotions. She felt Sahil’s hand on her own and her death grip eased a bit and calmness seeped in. She is flaying back to London, her home, to her parents. Her father is an Indian and her mother in British, they fell in love long back and the best part was that no one objected to their marriage. Seeing her parents blooming together day after day she believed that Love always conquers all, be it countries or religion, little did she know, that kind of love wasn’t her fate. All her life juggling with two religions never tired her, from attending Sunday mass as much as possible and starting her day with the name of her beloved Kanha(Lord), choosing one was simply impossible to her. Sounds crazy huh? But when you have parents who follow different religions still are one, its fades away any difficulty.

When she set her foot in India thirty months ago to do her doctorate, she did anticipative to fall in love here because deep down she always felt connected to India and all her life she waited to find that one love, there was nothing in this world which could have made her happier. And Jason was everything she could ever dream of.

“Ma’am, here’s your coffee.” Flight attendant handed her the coffee mug with a smile so captivating that she couldn’t help but smile back in return. Sahil smiled too, he must have ringed for it.

“Don’t they serve the world class coffee?” Sahil said sipping the British Airways coffee.

She sipped her coffee too thinking Jason did love her but didn’t love enough to accept her with her religious beliefs. She is half Christian but she couldn’t leave her beloved Kanha (Lord) for Jason, hence they had to end it and she booked a ticket back to London the very next day. Sahil insisted to come saying it’s been a while since he last visited her family, of course she expected him to as she can’t remember a single moment since her childhood when he abandoned her. He has always been there as her safe anchor. He is the neighbour of his grandparents and she had known him for almost her life. Continue reading

Saturday Coffee interview with Parthajeet Sarma (Video Segment)

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the very first Video segment of Saturday coffee interview with the Author Parthajeet Sarma also an award winning innovator and a successful entrepreneur. The author of the non-fiction ‘Smartphones dumb people?” a book that reveals how to use 21st century tools to address 19th century issues India is still facing today.

This is not just an interview but also a Wisdom platter, where you can surely find something for yourself to get inspired from. 
This was my first ever Video segment hence there could be some flaws on my part but the purpose of this interview is flawless, the message is profound and food for thought. Hope you enjoy it.
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Parthajeet Sarma signing the book

 A Special thanks to my Wonderful Cameraman Rahul:

My cameraman meeting the author as well... thank you

My cameraman meeting the author as well… thank you

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Hope you enjoyed this segment.
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Exploring NeverLand!

Neverland, a land that thrives on the imagination of humankind specially kids is weakening as technology is taking place in the dreams rather than breathtaking imaginary stories and Metal is a deadly poison to NeverLand. The growing demand of technology is Metal-lashing the NeverLand. A land in alternate dimension that used to stand strong between human world and the Downworlder.

Downworlder are nightwalkers, blood suckers, demons, werewolves, and all the evil that can destroy humanity. Albeit NeverLand is a part Downworld but part human as well. Nightwalkers wants to rule the world, bite each human either to kill them or convert them into one of them, since NeverLand is standing between their dreams, they are attacking NeverLand with all their might when NeverLand is already weakening. It is Nephilim’s, (who are part human and part Angel) duty to save humans from Downworlder but because the Clave* signed an accord** which restrict them to kill a Downworlder unless they are attacking a human or seen near the vicinity of a human.

Nightwalker is attacking Faeries of NeverLand and if they succeed in taking over NeverLand then they will unleash demons and all the evil on humankind and there won’t be any saving for us so it is the high time that a human enters NeverLand and save it to save Humankind and I am chosen for the job. I didn’t know all my training of my twenty-two something years was for this precise moment. I am one of the only few people who have ‘the sight’, who can see clearly in NeverLand, distinguish between reality and figment of imagination, and I am chosen because of my strong will because NeverLand is ambiguous, constantly changing with one’s imagination and will power. My father, the India’s representative in Interpol along with each Interpol General Secretariat believes that I am their last hope; they can send only one person through the portal to NeverLand which takes a lot of energy to open hence can be open once in four years so yes I have no army at my disposal only one other Nephilim who was sent to NeverLand 4 years ago. And you heard me right, Interpol does believe in this gibberish, I would have waved it off and walk out of the door if I wasn’t already excited to explore a different enchanting dimension.

Times slow down to almost constant in NeverLand hence it’s impossible to age and deduce the time period. NeverLand is addictive; it calls to you and once you enter you’d never want to leave. It grows on your thoughts which consume your human essence and you become a NeverLand creature day by day, slowly gradually. NeverLand is mainly a realm of Summer and Winter Faeries, their queens rule it and are hostile to each other mostly. It is a dwelling places of several magical creatures I have no clue about because one has to explore it themselves to know the truth.

When it was time to leave, my dad handed me the keys of his new TATA SAFARI STORME explorer edition, “this will ensure your safety.” He told me in full faith. I looked at him dubiously, it was his SUV and I loved it but I am afraid I might ruin it in the fight that is calling to me but he told me not to worry it is equipped with all the safety equipments I would need. Metal is a poison to Neverland so I don’t understand the logic of storming around in Safari Storm there! Well I just need to keep my faith on elders and my new SUV. Here I come NeverLand. You won’t believe what is the portal to NeverLand, it is my Garage door, yes I ran my Safari Storm right into it but didn’t hit anything but passed right through it.

My eyes popped out as soon as I entered NeverLand, it is a lot more then I can ever imagine, like I landed into some high budget magical fairy tale, I could hear the twittering of musical birds, land was covered with lush green grass and there were trees, so green that it looks like that it’s ready to drip the green syrup. I saw a purple beautiful roots entangles with pink flowers and drove towards them realizing a bit too late that they were deadly vines; I hit the brake just in time and quickly reserves the Safari, front ventilated brakes just saved me. Then I was startled by the voice at the driver’s window.

Tata-Safari-Storme-Explorer-Edition-canopy-720x453 Continue reading

Trek into the future of shopping in 2030!

World is changing every next moment which is directly proportional to the environment, technology and people. These changes define the needs, requirements, desires and a dream of an individual which again determines the lifestyle which is directly proportional to shopping. Today consumers are already embracing the goodness of online shopping over conventional shopping because it is convenient, they can shop anytime even at night in their night dress, they don’t have to wait in long queues, prices are always better, discounts are available 12 months not only in EOSS (End of season sale), there is variety and trust over shopping portals is building specially by the feedbacks and reviews of real customers and in addition to all these there is no worry about petrol price hike and wastage of the precious time. World has seen drastic changes in our lifestyles in the past 17 years mainly by the assistance of technology, where Smartphone, 4G networks and online shopping were beyond our dreams in last decade then just imagine how will it change by 2030, every possibility comes rushing to me with lightning speed. So, let’s begin our trek into the world of tomorrow.

Future of Shopping! 2030

Future of Shopping! 2030

Future of Shopping:

To run a household and simply to run our lives, to exist we need supplies hence we make purchases; it is something that will never seize but only increase in time with growing demands and expectations. Albeit by 2030 world may face many crises as with each passing day as fast as our free-time quota is decreasing the global population on Earth is increasing and will certainly reach the crisis point, to contain everyone over planet will require more land hence land crises will be generated, with the depletion of water reservoirs and fuel reservoirs energy crises will be at heights, but with all that Artificial intelligence is also working day and night and new technology is seeing the light of the day every next moment  and technology is accelerating exponentially and amidst of all these humans will happily thrive on that.

Now we all know the benefits of online shopping in the current scenario and we can also agree that market is shifting to online shopping where one can find from an elastic band to a house decor things with just a click away and online shopping portals are growing each day and by 2030 it will not only be much more advanced but more user friendly as well.

One of the major aspects that still keeps some people away from online shopping is the delivery time, minimum delivery time on an average in 36 hours. And also the reluctance due to not knowing if the dress will fit you properly, albeit reverse pickup and exchange facilities are available but still it does make a new user reluctant. Continue reading

Dare to Say

Protagonists and antagonists introduction:

1)  (Newcomer) Urvashi Garg : Skilled classical dancer from north India, knows all the eight classical forms to perfection. They say her eye speaks, her expressions tell a story and when she dances, the world disappear except her. Her smile, her charm, her ‘addayen’ can make dead sing her tunes and kill an undead. She is desired not only in India but in Europe as well were she has performed numerous times.

2) (Superstar) Aryan: He holds most people in disdain but is quite chivalrous when it comes to women. He is full of himself, extremely arrogant, believing himself to be the best superstar ever lived in Bollywood. His charisma, his charm and his good looks never seize to impress and he is well aware about the affect he has specially over women. From girls to a mum, everyone goes gaga over him. No wonder he is quite a ladies’ man but despite his popularity he is still tagged as ‘Single-heartless-heartbreaking-heartthrob”.

3) (Baby) Agni : A girl of eight years, highest paid child artist, she is in limelight, achieved more than what other stars can’t achieve in their lifetime. She made her debut when she was six years old with an Hollywood Oscar nominated film and entered bollywood with a bang in a children’s film and since then she is everywhere.

4) (Eyes and ears Knows-it-all) Bruna: No one knows what she is, is she an item girl? Or a controversy queen? Perhaps that fish that is rotting the Bollywood pond? Or just a misunderstood girl?

5) (Casting Director) Bose: Rumours has it that he has deep connections to underworld, an alchemist who converts a piece of stone into precious gemstone. Every newcomer wants to be casted by him, every director, producer wants him on their good side, pays him a fortune for casting and well, he is not the one who doesn’t take any advantage of his position.

6) (Paparazzi) Newshunt : Well, he is a paparazzi who became a paparazzi because of a stunt he pulled on a bollywood actor, demoted from crime reporter to a paparazzi. But seems like a triple skinned man but is he really or he has more masks than one can count. And most important question is, can you count on him?



“And cut!” Director Dev Bhansali called it a day after getting the perfect shot of scene 2 where Urvashi as Latika a dancer in Shanshah’s Darbar, a role inspired from the very famous Anarkali, stumbled upon Aryan as Zoyeb, a role inspired from Prince Salim. This is their first meet in the enchanting garden under pristine moonlight and Zoyeb is utterly besotted by Latika’s beauty. He doesn’t know who she is, doesn’t know that she is no Nobel blood, have no clue that she will not be pardon when his father, the Shanshah Rehman hear about their affair. But this movie is no Mughal – E – Azam, this is ‘Pyar ki Daastan(Tale of Love) and Latika is not alone, she has a friend Sara played by Bruna, who is a lady-in-waiting of Begam Banu. And the Shanshah has a deep-dark secret, an illegitimate daughter from Sara. That daughter is going to be the game changer in the story, and she is been portraited by none other than highest paid child artist, baby Agni.

Urvashi had no interest in acting; she was more than content with her booming dancing career, but on last trip to Paris she met Director Dev B. who offered her this chance to play the lead actress, she refused at first but after hearing the script and knowing she will be playing the role she loves she accepted and landed in this mire of Bollywood.

“You really looked enchanting in that scene, if I had a heart; it would have throbbed for you?” Aryan smirked down at her, he knows that such flattery makes Urvashi uncomfortable and he finds it endearing. No matter how many times tabloids call him heartless heartbreaking heartthrob, he won’t change his ways of living. It’s been almost a month since she landed in this Mayanagri and met Superstar Aryan. Being a fast learner she has learned how to handle tabloids and paparazzi but her co-star is a different story altogether, when he looks at her, his dark chocolaty eyes changes to deep black, gets so intense that it makes her almost fidget in nervousness. No she doesn’t get scared but gets pulled towards him and it’s a well known fact that he is a heart-breaker and she is rather fond of her heart hence she has no qualms of falling for him charms. So she remained poised and just brushed off his flattery. Aryan always gets what he want, girls, best quality of whiskey, that unavailable suit in LA hotel or the role he desires but Urvashi’s change of behaviour makes him impatient, she used to get nervous under his heavy stare now it doesn’t affects her. He stormed off the set to his vanity van.

Casting director Bose was lying on his infamous couch enjoying the treasures life brings to him or should we say enjoying the desperate girls that the dream of being an actress brings him.
“Darling, you said that you will cast me as Latika, why isn’t Urvashi kicked out yet?” Poonam said batting her eyelashes. Bose promised Latika’s role to her about an year ago, since then she has been pleasuring him and Bose is a scum who has no plans of casting Poonam in any movie but yes if she agrees to enter in C grade then he may give it a thought but again he does not cast for such dirt. Now all he wants is to get his paws on Urvashi, her bewitching beauty is calling for him but that girl won’t submit to his wishes.

One day Bose caught up to Urvashi in one of the page 3 parties, subtly charming her to submit to him but he didn’t know she was that difficult. He caught her hand in a firm grasp and twisted it, “You will act upon my wishes or I will destroy you and your pretty face.” He threatened her, he was reeking of booze.
“Is everything alright?” Aryan came forward eyeing Bose angrily, to others eyes Bose was just dancing with Urvashi but Aryan saw the pain and fear in her eyes. Bose arranged his expressions and smiled “Nothing, was just enjoying the company of an upcoming superstar.” And he walked away. Ayran took Urvashi’s wrist in his hand, the faint bruise was clear to him “I will kill that Ba.. Umm scum” he said, his teeth were clenched. Urvashi tried to snatch her hand back feeling suddenly very venerable.
“What did he say to you? If he threatened you in any way you will tell me. Understand.” He gave her a levelled reassuring look but Urvashi couldn’t bring herself to concede, this sudden change in his behavior confused her. Aryans carefree-stiff demeanor was slipping and he didn’t care that Urvashi could see right through him, all he was seeing were red dots, he knows Bose very well and he won’t let him get near Urvashi, he promised to himself. Baby Agni was seeing everything, she was one of the few people who almost understood that Uncle Bose was hurting Urvashi Di, she likes Urvashi di and she was glad that Aryan was there to save her when her Daddy couldn’t come. She doesn’t like this Bollywood much but her daddy told her that life is expensive and we have to earn it so she is earning life. Bose was angry, beyond angry. He wanted to unleash his anger so he called Poonam to come and see him. Continue reading

Smiley memories :)

“Are you sure this much of Garam masala is enough?” I asked sceptically at my roommate, Suhani as she added just few pinches of Garam masala into the cooker gave it a stir and put the lid back on. The whole flat was already filled with yummylicious or I must say mummylicious Rajma.

“Mm-Hmm I am pretty sure…” She mumbled, she was rather occupied in re-reading the Rajma recipe my mother told her over phone last night. I brought the garam masala my mother make during my last trip to home, she makes it with 21 something rare and common dry herbs and masalas, I call it the ‘masala of magic’. It smells of fresh tropical forest, of earthen divine taste, it smells of Home. Every year during my childhood we used to visit Vaishno Devi holy shrine, sometimes even twice a year. I can never forget the Rajma-Chawal we always had there, it is one of the most deliciously-filling meals I ever had, but to be honest, my mother makes a better Rajma. Whenever she used to cook, our neighbours Trivedi Uncle and Aunty used to come unannounced-uninvited over dinner. Gradually it became a ritual and I used to look forward to it, not only because it was a pleasure to taste that Rajma but also because Trivedi Uncle used to bring either chocolates or puzzles for me, sometimes even fluffy toys.

Suddenly the smell of Rajma hit my nostrils and filled every nook and corner of my flat as Suhani removed cooker lid.
“Viola” She exclaimed inhaling the spicy smell, her expressions said how pleased she was with her work; “It smells just like your Mother’s, Right? Well, almost like hers!!” She asked expectantly waiting for my reply and my eyes were gleaming with unshed tears, I was suddenly overwhelmed with longing to see my Mother, eat her cooked meals. I couldn’t bring myself to reply so I simple nodded and called my mother.

Life is very different when you are living in your home far away from your real home, it’s just not the smell of food that takes your mind back to your home, gives you a stroll down the memory lane, and it’s everything around you. The colours, the smell, the small moments have its own distinct fragrance.

Sometimes when I burn the meal I am preparing I miss home, I reminiscence those days when I used to inhale the food without even bothering to think that cooking can be this difficult. Continue reading

Tropical paradise – Creating Happy travellers!

The spirit of Aloha!!

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard

Hawaiian-IslandsWhen I was asked if I could take my parents to any place on planet where would that be? One place instantly popped in my mind, just the thought of visiting it made me giddy and jubilant, it’s a tropical paradise, yes, it’s Hawaii! (Aloha!! — Hawaiian word used when greeting or parting from someone)

I have always yearned to go to Hawaii, everyone says it’s beautiful beyond imagination; has superb weather, wondrous sparkling beaches, and is a relaxing place far from sky-scrapers sitting on the lap of goddess nature. But for me it is far beyond these reasons, it is about meeting new people, learning their ways, experiencing a different culture and that’s the magic of travelling – the real gift is what’s around you, the natural beauty of the place, the people, and the friendly atmosphere.

Dreaming is easy but planning itinerary and the whole process of booking holiday is tenacious especially when you are visiting a foreign land. I would definitely want my holidays to be the happiest one ever. Vacation in Hawaii is like a dream come true. Like a lot of visitors to Hawaii, there is a question about which Hawaii island to visit, which will suit the adventurous streak of my brother, the spontaneous and moody style of the very me, a relaxed luxurious spectacular time for my parents, also I would want to give them some alone time for themselves, they have spent their whole lives in meeting mine and my brother’s needs, they have almost forgotten how to just sit back and enjoy life, relax and watch a sunset together, have some quality time and making up my mind to choose islands from a cluster of Six Hawaii islands: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and the big island of Hawaii, will spin my hear right round hence I would definitely seek for experts help; we’ve used for couple of trips and every time been pleased with their services hence it would be.

I would visit Yatra Holiday one-stop-shop premium lounge in my City, best part about them is the privacy and comfort they provide along with of course Yatra Travel experts who assist with all aspects of travel. Isn’t it awesome! :) They also give travelling tips and information we need.

tumblr_m96fdcovKF1r1p3h1o1_400There are two options to reach Hawaii, by air or by cruise. I personally prefer to arrive by air, albeit cruise does sound tempting but there is a thing about built up anticipation of just waiting to step foot on the island and a long cruise can spoil that. Right! For my needs and expectations from this trip I believe a tip of 7 days and 6 nights visiting Maui, Kauai, Oahu and the big island will suit me the best, all main parts of the chain of Hawaiian Islands.

Now the question was when to visit? Well that is what is so great about tropical paradises, is great anytime of the year, there are at least one major festival every month on the big island like Big Island Film Festival, Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, Merrie Monarch Festival etc. And I really yern to experience Aloha Festivals which occurs in September. Next other major issue will be jet-lag! Yes, I believe that by keeping to our regular schedule we can avoid the worst cases of jet-lag, plus you’ll have a lag up on most other travellers. I would ask to book flights which will reduce the lag up time making a trip happy even before it started.

Usually on a trip we waste so much of time in finding hotel/resort that we don’t realise that we are missing out on so much and most of the times specially in it’s a peak season we are unable to find the accommodation we desire and have to settle for less which spoils the mood from the beginning hence it is very important to book everything in advance, and if we book flight, rental car, and accommodations all together, it will save heaps of bucks, believe me. And one does not have to spend a fortune on Hawaii or anywhere else for that matter to have a good time, creating a happy traveller. Packing lightly and precisely also matters, because I do want to be a Hawaiian once in Hawaii and for that I will be doing Hawaiian Shopping once I land there!! Continue reading

As beautiful as your work ~ My Mia Ma

She is my first teacher and will always be the best one. She is the woman who albeit being married in a conservative family kept on perusing her PhD in Endocrinology in zoology. After completing her PhD she wanted to work, since allowing studies was one thing and getting permission to work by her In-laws was another, her husband helped her finding the middle ground and she started to give guest lecturers in universities. She maintained the balance between work and the responsibilities to her family; she loved both equally with an absolute passion. Her PhD research was on cancer disease, its different causes, its stages, its effects on different organs of the body and its antidotes. While giving lectures she realized that her research will indeed help the students she is teaching and also the scientists in developing the right cure but what about those who don’t have means to know about the root causes of this fatal disease, who die every day in oblivion, what about those who ignore the symptoms of cancer thus unable to treat it at the earlier stages. Her work won’t be satisfying until she does something and that she did.

She started preparing papers but who would want to attend a presentation with all those scientific terms in monochromes? That’s when she zings up her presentation with her special touch, being a botany lover as well she was familiar with the beauty of plants and its life and she added those colors to her black and white screens. That presentation was a huge success and her first step towards a greater goal she was dreaming about. Seeing her determination and beauty of her work, her In-laws were charmed and permitted her to peruse her dreams. She attended many seminars and recruited a circle of those highly motivated people who wanted to work for a greater good. Till date she has been a part of many workshops, ladies circles etc. where she spread cancer awareness and motivate others to do the same, she mostly choose low key areas where people can’t afford the knowledge by themselves. I proudly say that she is my mother; she is as beautiful as her work. She weaves her work, worship and fun in a single elegant yet unflashy string and wears it like a Mia jewelry. She is MY MIA MA.
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Another Tammara Webber book? Yes, please!

Ankita Singhal:

Tammara Webber books from Colleen Hoover!! Heck yeah!

Originally posted on Colleen Hoover:

It’s not often I recommend books on my website.  It’s been about ten months, actually, since the last rec I gave.

I’m not really recommending a book right now as much as I’m recommending an entire series.

Between The Lines by Tammara Webber.

A must read.

Yes, it’s amazing.  Yes, it’s worth the read.  Yes, it’s worth recommending.

I read her first book a little over a year ago, told from the perspectives of Emma and Reid. When I finished it, I was in love with a few characters and in hate with a few characters.  I loved how it ended and wasn’t sure I wanted to go on to the next one, but I bit the bullet and did it anyway because Tammara’s writing is flawless.

The second, Where You Are, is told from four points of view and Tammara did not disappoint.  I. Loved. It.

I immediately downloaded…

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First camp Bulbul story…

I was a ‘Bulbul’ and everyone who has been an integral part of ‘Cubs & Bulbuls’ knows that 22nd February is the celebration day for Lord Baden Powell’s birthday. It is called ‘Cubs and Bulbul Mahotsav’, always celebrated with utmost zeal and grate compassion. (Cubs & Bulbuls are ‘The Bharat Scouts and Guides’ under the age of 10)

The first opportunity I got to attend the Mahotsav and ‘Cubs & Bulbuls’ camp was when I was 9 years old and few of the Cubs and Bulbuls were selected for the regional camp to be conducted in Ujjain in February ending on 22nd. Now these are the camps which not only helps in building a concrete foundation of a child but also test it by putting them in real life challenging scenarios.
It commenced with flag hoisting followed by scout prayers and oath:

On my honour, I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country,
To help other people at all times,
And to obey the Scout/Guide Law.

Then we were informed about the various good work done by our scouts followed by B.P. Six exercise. Cubs masters informed the students about the importance of cubs and bulbuls and their need in the present day scenario. Those were the reasons I became ‘Bulbul’ at the first place. Then we were enlightened about the aims and laws of scouts and various activities carried out by scouts and guides.

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