Meet the new expert Adviser – Miss Felicia!

Hello, my lovely readers, I am absolutely enthralled to introduce you all to my new (or first ever) expert adviser of this blog *Drumroll* Miss Felicia, who is absolutely charming. When I first saw her on television, I just screamed: “It’s so fluffy!” Oops 😮 I meant I was so enchanted by her eyes and stature that I knew she is that treasure who will be my partner in crime if I were in need. Well, dang it! who am I kidding, I did scream “It’s so fluffy!!” Or was it Agnes who screamed? I guess it was indeed Agnes but she sounded a lot like me.
Fluffy Unicorn

Yes, my Felicia is the fluffy unicorn right out of Disney’s Despicable me 🙂 ! And I have her in real! Don’t believe me? See for yourself…

Fluffy unicorn, expert adviser, Felicia The Unicorn
Expert Adviser: Miss Felicia

Why have I bestowed such an honor upon Felicia the unicorn? Well, she is everything I love and believe in. She represents magic, mystery, fantasy, strength, and purity. Don’t we all need a dash of magic in our lives! Magic is believing in ourselves, leaving a trail of sparkles that makes other to remember us. Magic is seeing things that other’s don’t, it’s about believing in that vibrating inextinguishable energy that keeps us alive and is always in motion. Unicorns are those mystical creatures that are unexplainable, some believe they used to exist and some says it’s all a myth, it’s a big mystery that is still unsolved. I believe they are the form of an art that came right out of fantasies that gives her the richness of imagination and subversiveness of creativity (I love fantasies by the way). Unicorns have tremendous strength, Jewish legend says they can even kill an elephant. At the same time, they are so pure that they can detect truth from a falsehood. Believe it or not, My Felicia the unicorn is undoubtedly real and a rollicking, witty companion.

Fluffy unicorn, expert adviser, Felicia The Unicorn
Expert Adviser: Miss Felicia

You have a problem with my Felicia? If Calvin can have Hobbes then why can’t I have Felicia!

Best of Calvin and hobbes

Good now that’s settled, let’s welcome her with a warm hug! I hope you all like her the same 🙂 ❤

Unicorn and minnion


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