What does jewelry personally mean to you? A question that must have bring innumerable words in your mind but if I ask you to collect them in a comprehensible string forming a sentence, you most probably will fumble. Why? Simply because jewelry isn’t just an article but a piece attached with feelings and emotions, they are a lot more than what they appear to be hence while making a purchase, it’s very crucial that you get the right piece at the right price.

With changing trends in accordance with the need of the hour, online jewelry stores are gaining a lot more attention as customers aren’t shying away from it. Before I give you a walk you through the how-to’s of buying a quality jewelry online let me enlighten you about it’s pros :

  1. Time-Saving : It’s not a hidden fact that online shopping is always time saving, one doesn’t have to struggle in traffic, wait at the conventional jewelry store etc.
  2. Convenience : One can shop anytime from anywhere be it home, workplace, while commuting likewise.
  3. Variety : One can find a lot more variety according to the preference by few clicks.

Important checklist for how to buy jewelry online:

First I am going to pick an online jewelry store –

Parameters :

  1. Return Policy : First step should be to go through site’s return policy meticulously, 30 days return policy is the thing on should look for, such as Candere gives 30 day money back guarantee without any protest if the customer isn’t satisfied provided jewelry is returned in it’s original unworn state with the supporting paperwork. They promise 100% refund which conventional jeweler store doesn’t once it’s sold.
  2. Lifetime exchange : Now this parameter makes the purchase of expensive jewelries especially gold and diamonds easy, not many online stores provide this but Candere does it.
  3. Insured Shipping : Transit insurance works as a blessing if in case an article goes missing and if the shipping is free then it’s an added benefit. At Candere, you get insured free shipment, also it provides international shipping.
  4. Privacy Policy: While purchasing we indulge with our personal information and the only way to safeguard your personal information is to ensure that
  5. Certificate of authenticity : To know you are getting a real deal and not duped by the website, check for from where they are providing certificate of authenticity. Like Candere provides the certificate of authenticity certified by world’s top diamond and jeweler grading laboratories.
  6. Customer Service : Everything depends on customer service, whenever in doubt you should be able to reach out to the customer service and and get satisfies. Such as Candere provides 7 days a week customer service.

For instance I want to buy a pair of elegant designer earrings in diamond:

At Candere, they have extensive and quite an impressive collection of diamond earrings I got hooked to. To navigate further I can easily check my preferences from Type of jewelry, color, price range, number of diamonds, shape of diamond, occasion to wear it etc. catalogue catalogue

Then when some pair of earrings gets my fancy, I can further see each piece with 360 degree view option, and with extensive detail about the particular article make decision in accordance with my liking. The website provides absolutely stunning jewelry box which I reckon will compliment the jewelry.

View angles and 360 degree view
View angles and 360 degree view

Two things are super attractive about Candere:

  1. Products comes with Insured free shipping, Jewelry Certifications and Lifetime exchange
  2. The USP of the product is its bespoke international designs and it’s also available on EMI

With Festive time going on, Candere is providing Rs.1000 off on purchase also many attractive discounts Like flat 25% off which ensures the best deal possible. So, if you want to pamper your wife, your mother, your sister or simply pamper yourself, it’s a good place to indulge yourself in. With wedding season, I am sure a breathtaking piece of jewelry will work as a perfect gift which won’t burn a hole in our pocket.

My Wishlist : Elegant collection by Candere
My Wishlist : Elegant collection by Candere

I hope with this checklist you are no more apprehensive about purchasing jewelry online and have an enthralling experience. And to tell you a secret, girls are wooed by an elegance piece of jewelry (Keep it hush-hush, Don’t tell anyone) Happy shopping dear readers.



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