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Meet the new expert Adviser – Miss Felicia!

Meet my enchanting expert Adviser Miss Felicia! She is Vibrant, mystical and absolutely adorable! Continue reading Meet the new expert Adviser – Miss Felicia!

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What is this new league?

I have never shied away from expressing my love for twitter, how often I can be found browsing my timeline whenever I am free even for a minute is well known so yesterday while browsing, an unusual hashtag #EkNayiLeague caught my attention and looking into that hashtag I found it’s being connected to none other than the legendary Mr. Kapil Dev , a true hero, a mentor and a humanitarian, Just his name is enough to get high on adrenaline. My curiosity was piqued about this ‘Ek nayi league’, no surprises there.

So, let’s get cracking to this new league #EkNayiLeague Kapil Dev is talking about! 

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As beautiful as your work ~ My Mia Ma

She is my first teacher and will always be the best one. She is the woman who albeit being married in a conservative family kept on perusing her PhD in Endocrinology in zoology. After completing her PhD she wanted to work, since allowing studies was one thing and getting permission to work by her In-laws was another, her husband helped her finding the middle ground and she started to give guest lecturers in universities. She maintained the balance between work and the responsibilities to her family; she loved both equally with an absolute passion. Her PhD research was on cancer disease, its different causes, its stages, its effects on different organs of the body and its antidotes. While giving lectures she realized that her research will indeed help the students she is teaching and also the scientists in developing the right cure but what about those who don’t have means to know about the root causes of this fatal disease, who die every day in oblivion, what about those who ignore the symptoms of cancer thus unable to treat it at the earlier stages. Her work won’t be satisfying until she does something and that she did.

She started preparing papers but who would want to attend a presentation with all those scientific terms in monochromes? That’s when she zings up her presentation with her special touch, being a botany lover as well she was familiar with the beauty of plants and its life and she added those colors to her black and white screens. That presentation was a huge success and her first step towards a greater goal she was dreaming about. Seeing her determination and beauty of her work, her In-laws were charmed and permitted her to peruse her dreams. She attended many seminars and recruited a circle of those highly motivated people who wanted to work for a greater good. Till date she has been a part of many workshops, ladies circles etc. where she spread cancer awareness and motivate others to do the same, she mostly choose low key areas where people can’t afford the knowledge by themselves. I proudly say that she is my mother; she is as beautiful as her work. She weaves her work, worship and fun in a single elegant yet unflashy string and wears it like a Mia jewelry. She is MY MIA MA.
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A Great Drive – entry for Michelin Pilot Experience by Ankita

Remember those enamoring days of first love, when suddenly you start noticing the charm of moonlight, World become a better enchanting place that you don’t want to close your eyes, don’t want to miss out even a single moment. And then sometimes comes the worst situation, your first breakup. Something similar happened to one of my best friends Shreya (changed name) and she was devastated. Even after cheer-up movie marathons, night outs, shopping when things couldn’t get better, we, that would be me, Shreya and Roops decided to have a getaway, it wasn’t planned but not exactly impromptu as well. We didn’t know the destination but we wanted to be at the place that was lush green, revitalized with the recent monsoon showers.

We took Khandwa road from Indore and drove away. Traffic till Rao was pretty dense and the roads were still damp, weather was cloudy. We attached our iPod to stereo and started singing or rather screaming ‘Irreplaceable by Beyonce’, I cannot carry a tune to save my life but Shreya is pretty good herself. I especially like the lines:

“I can have another you by tomorrow
So don’t you ever for a second get to thinkin’
You’re irreplaceable?”

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Band-wagon Tag and Three Things Tag Plus An Award

Band-wagon Tag I am tagged by Emmanuel Ibok: http://lordemmanuel.wordpress.com/2010/09/07/trivia-band-wagon/ and Olivia many thanks to you both for thinking of me 🙂 1. Why did you start blogging? →To explore the blogging world, make friends and express my thoughts. 2. If you could travel anywhere in the world with no restriction of costs, where would it be and why? →If it also includes getting back safe … Continue reading Band-wagon Tag and Three Things Tag Plus An Award

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FRIENDS are special

THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD This award was passed to me by Jamie Dades and Amanda. I sincerely thanks them. There are some rules that go with this award: Thank and link back to the person that gave you the award. Share seven things about yourself. Pass the award to fifteen bloggers that you think deserve it. Lastly, contact all the bloggers that you’ve picked for … Continue reading FRIENDS are special

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A special Thanks to JINGLE

TO JINGLE: You are excellent in your work. You maintain an excellent community. You put so much of selfless hard work everyday on your blogging friends. A small token of respect for all your amazing work. Award of excellence for you Jingle 🙂 You are a star, You shine so bright, High in the sky you reach, Is what I pray for you. YOU ARE … Continue reading A special Thanks to JINGLE

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