Save time while browsing with UC Browser

We all are well aware of the fact that the current generation is tech-savvy and today almost 80% of internet users own a smartphone. We can not simply survive without internet not necessarily because we are addicted but it is in-fact one of the basic necessity. There is so much happening in the world, so much that we don’t know, we are always curious and that’s where internet saves our lives, from work to education or even the most mundane task, it is our lifesaver. A Smartphone is one of the most easily accessible devices so it has gained a tremendous popularity which has opened an enormous market for mobile apps to grow.

Now let’s see some statistics on per day basis (2014 – Mobile Internet user):

  • The time spent on the internet – 6 hours average.
  • Time division :
    48% – Start on Search engine
    33% – Start on branded pages (Including social media)
    26% – Start on branded apps (Including Social media)
  • NOTE: 11% of social media time is through the mobile apps

So, it’s clear that we tech-savvy people spend significant time on our smartphone now the question is, are we spending that time smartly? Because time is money, once lost isn’t found so time management and proper usage holds utmost importance. And from my personal experience and of people I know, I can safely say that we also spend a significant time in waiting for the browser to load a page. Yeah, I know that’s a real pain but what else is the option? Well, perhaps there is an option to increase yours productively by doing your internetwork faster.

Don’t worry; I am not going to ask you to cut down the browsing time, browsing enables us to know stuff and we got to know what we got to know when we got to know. So, it’s essential to use a modern browser like UC Browser. It simply compresses data with advanced technology which enables a user to save data and get a faster browsing experience. Also, the next time you open the same page, it loads much faster. How simple is that!

 fast browser UC Browser, Modern browser, fast browsing
Screenshots of UC Browser Mobile App

No, another trick which we generally use over desktop/laptop is to use extensions/plug-ins/adds-ons but when you are using a mobile browser, you can simply have shortcuts of your destination source or key source. This targeted search provision not only cuts down the time page takes to load but also it’s hassle-free, that is, you don’t have to give much thought about the keywords to search over google, it does it all by itself.

For instance, the UC Cricket, a service provided by UC Browser. Now, I know you people are all ears by the word ‘cricket’, in India it’s not just a sport but a religion and I know how much in life you have to miss because of this religion!  Don’t tell me you regret the time you spend on Cricket rather you regret the events that keep you away from your game and then most of the time you are just searching Live scores online or trying to watch the Live feed. If in case you, cricket worshiper is stuck in something which makes him miss his game then he can very simply make use of UC Cricket, it gives Live feed of all the ongoing cricket games, gives full data on the previous/upcoming games, teams, it’s players and everything one can think of related to Cricket. At the same time, it’s fast and targeted that you don’t have to type a single word. You can just open it, see the score, stream live etc and close it. That’s it. And if in-case my long explanation fails then just know that Yuvraj Singh aka Yuvi surfs UC 🙂

Fast Browsing
UC Cricket App
UC Cricket gives live feed notifications as well

Now for all the girls out there, don’t we like our smartphone all customized according to our personalities! Well, UC Browser have a lot more to offer to you as well, don’t you feel left out. We can choose the wallpaper, themes, and colors. And with incognito browsing option, we can search a lot, a LOT! (If you know what I mean). So the gist is let’s try something new which is modern and fun and will definitely save your time.

UC Browser 4
Customize all you want!

If you have used UC Browser or UC Cricket the I would love to read about your experiences as we, do tell me about it. Otherwise, I am always open to feedback and love to read comments.

Happy Browsing!


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