What is this new league?

I have never shied away from expressing my love for twitter, how often I can be found browsing my timeline whenever I am free even for a minute is well known so yesterday while browsing, an unusual hashtag #EkNayiLeague caught my attention and looking into that hashtag I found it’s being connected to none other than the legendary Mr. Kapil Dev , a true hero, a mentor and a humanitarian, Just his name is enough to get high on adrenaline. My curiosity was piqued about this ‘Ek nayi league’, no surprises there.

So, let’s get cracking to this new league #EkNayiLeague Kapil Dev is talking about! 

Make a guess

The hints I have so far:

1) If one plays Kapil Dev’s new league with heart then he will be clean bold that is fail. Yes, one is not supposed to play with heart so it simply means only mind is to be used.

2) In the promo advertisements Kapil Dev is giving advises to the celebrities like Yuvraj Singh etc.

Cracking the code: 

The hints are pretty interesting, we are often told to do everything from heart and with heart but here the legend is telling us otherwise. There aren’t many things where heart screws everything up. No we are not going to even consider the league of people who got heart broken in love because if that was the case then Kapil would have given an advise something along the lines of not losing hope and being positive. So a sane guess would be a quiz competition? A league to test your general knowledge and current affairs perhaps. Of course you answer with your heart and not mind then you are going to lose. As far as celebrities goes, I guess they could be occasional guests. It seems to fit, right. But I won’t count it as my best guess. I am pretty sure that it’s not some quiz contest even though it fits the hints.

Could it be something like a Roast? Celebrity roast just like the latest one that created so much of controversy. Well, again I guess not because Mr.Kapil Dev is too much dignified and well spoken, I can imagine him with only in aristocratic or educated shows, not something offensive or juvenile.

What else could it be? Something related to business perhaps. Why? Haven’t you heard the famous rule of business ‘use mind in business not your heart’ or something like that. Well, I don’t personally believe that and it’s really a bad advise, because heart, mind and soul all are needed to run a successful business and create such an environment where employees work with their hearts and mind.

So, what else indeed? The stock market or the equity market! The place which is a window to a very large world! World of investment and trades! It could be an investor’s league, one of it’s kind in India. Wouldn’t it be great if it’s that.

What’s your best guess? Do you agree with me? You can leave a comment below or visit EK Nayi League and submit your predictions there.


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