Asus Zenfone 2 seems promising!

Hello Readers,

Just few days back I wrote about the awesomeness of the much anticipated smartphone of the year, Asus Zefone 2 which is to be released Today, that is 23rd April. So I thought why not indulge in its top features again.

Asus is known to introduce standout features in its every new smartphone and this time with Zenfone 2, it has outdone itself. It is a well known fact that this century belongs to those smartphone makers who are capable of optimizing technology to deliver never-seen-before features to its customers and only those who succeed will survive in the category of premium high-end smart phones. After checking the specifications of Asus Zenfone 2, I am sure it is here not only to stay but is capable of doing what it claims, to give direct competition to high end smart phones like Samsung and Apple.

Zenfone has managed to fit 5.5 inch Gorilla glass 3 and anti-fingerprint display of full HD 1920×1080 resolutions IPS capacitive display in 5 inch phone, thus it will fit in the palm perfectly because of its remarkable 72% screen-to-body ratio. Also the Ergonomic Arc Design enables a comfortable grip. It promises an ultra sharp viewing experience with a good view even in brightest of the day, the best in its price range.

I currently use a cellular tablet,I always am using twitter and google news-stand is always there running im my phone’s background. Being a reader I read ‘n’-numbers of ebooks on my tab. Did I mention I often blog using wordpress app also check stock market ever so often, like ten times a day or more and sometimes my current tablet hangs because it cannot handle the multitasking well enough and I am happy to tell you all that Zenfone 2 which is big enough to be a phablet (Phone+Tablet) will be world’s first 4GB Random access memory (RAM) smartphone powered by Intel atom processor which means no lag and seamless multitasking. I think it will easily replace my cellular tablet.

Another standout feature is it’s ZenUI (User Interface) which one can customize according to one’s need, albeit android itself lets a user do that but this ZenUI promises it’s optimum use with the ‘smart group’ and ‘folder style’ kind of facilities. I haven’t heard of this before so it’s really something I am looking forward to.

Unrivaled Low Light Mode

Then comes the camera, the most used feature of a smartphone specially by a blogger like me. Zenphone 2 is equipped with 13 megapixels rear and 5 megapixel front camera and has a ASUS PixelMaster that enables camera to recognize the current environment automatically so that one doesn’t need to be a professional photographer to click quality pictures. It also has a low-light mode that will capture best picture in low lights as well. PixelMaster is that intelligent know-it-all ‘Hermione Granger’ that automatically adjusts noise-level, color and contrast. Smart Pixel Merging and Pixel Perfecting results in 400% better light sensitivity, 400% noise reduction, and 400% increase in contrast. HDR Pictures can be clicked too. With it’s beautifying feature every selfie will be perfect and ready for instagram and snapchat. Did I mention Panorama Selfie mode? I think I don’t need to explain it further.

This is one smartphone which has it all, it is loaded with latest technology and functions to meet the need of consumer belonging to all age group. It is rumored that it will be priced like a budget smartphone with a premium feel, so that makes it the amazing smartphone in it’s price range. I think it’s making the wait more exciting. It will be sold over one of the e-commerce giant Flipkart. Taking it all in account it seems like one promising phablet I am looking forward too (As I am calling it phablet because it meets the purpose of smartphone and tablet).

Asus zenphone 2

Update : It’s been launched and ready to pre-order at just RS 19999 (For 32 GB) and RS 22999 (For 64 GB).


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