Curious case of 4G

“Buying a new smartphone? Do look for the device that supports 4G.” If you have heard this statement or if you have said the same to someone then you are part of the latest tech-savvy flexible generation. Most of you must have heard the term 4G and it’s evident that soon 4G will take Indian mobile broadband market by storm and its network is growing as fast as its speed. Do you know what exactly is 4G and how fast it is than it’s preceders 3G and 2G? let’s take a small walk with little Miss Curious to find more about it.


4G is an abbreviation for fourth-generation mobile data protocol; In one word it means ‘Fast’, it’s all about the escalated speed upto 100 Mbps for moving users and 1 Gbps for stationary users. With this cutting-edge speed and enhanced connectivity it proves a satisfactory experience to users while browsing, watching a video, downloading full HD Movie, online shopping, high-end gaming or even working. 3G provides data transfer speed from 144 Kbps to 2Mbps. With this huge difference in speed and the services it provides, 4G is often called MAGIC.

M: Mobile broadband
A: Anytime everywhere
G: Global Mobility Support
I: Integrated wireless solution
C: Customized Personal services

4G also provides better security in terms of data so it’s far more reliable for online banking and online shopping or anywhere that involves online commercials. Workers can hugely benefit from this as they can carry out innumerable tasks like conduct meetings over video-conferencing on mobile phone right where they are hence reduction of wastage of time over commute plus they can work faster which will directly affect their productivity in a positive way.

How fast is 4G:

4G claims to be 5-7 times faster than 3G. Recently Airtel India has launched a responsive twitter campaign #Airtel4GSpeedTest via which one can test the difference between the downloading speeds of different apps over different generations (4G, 3G and 2G). Airtel then responded with a picture infographic that illustrates the time difference.

Hence, I tweeted to @AirtelIndia using hashtag #Airtel4GSpeedTest with the name of the app (Angry Bird 2 in this case). You can try for any other app simply by following this format:
@airtelindia #Airtel4GSpeedTest <AppName>

Let me share the results with you:

#Airtel4GSpeedTest Angry Bird 2
#Airtel4GSpeedTest Angry Bird 2

When I first heard about this mind-blowing speed claim by #Airtel4G, I wasn’t convinced but after taking the test myself on more than one apps I can surely say that it truly is impressive. With Airtel 4G you can carry out any online task without any hassle over your mobile phone and if you connect your laptop to your mobile network then you will experience a huge difference in terms of speed.

3G vs 4G, about 4G
3G vs 4G

It is indeed next-improved-level of 3G which has started to change the entire domain of mobile broadband experience making it instantaneous and constrain-free.



5 thoughts on “Curious case of 4G

  1. Interesting! I guess this means there will be more players in the field? Or is this going to be a monopoly held by Airtel.
    Having connections that can be truly fast can drive a lot of growth in our economy, considering how massive our mobile ownership statistics are.
    Nicely written!


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