Love Experiment

She clenched her pen again,
that was bleeding on paper in vain.
Another letter she won’t send,
Everything’s magnificent she’d pretend.

“You deserve someone who’d move mountains for you,
And I deserve someone whom I could love without ado.
I never wanted to cause you hurt,
and this truth needed an assert.”
He’d reasoned but
All she wanted was to hold fast the dreams
the promises he’d made,
the world he’d painted.

She still is a little girl, not a grownup,
who believes in rainbows, unicorns, and buttercup.
With hues of eternal love she’d sculpted
a future he’d vowed to give.
Was it so easy for him
to wreck it all with a sudden thwack.
To turn a page and close the chapter
Move forward with a shrug.

Misty-eyed she walked the path
that evoked the words he uttered at last.
“We are mature, let’s be practical,
“It’s not your first heartbreak, don’t be dramatic.”
She was stumped and at complete lost,
Is he the same guy she believed to be her soulmate, she thought.
What happened to the amazing guy she loved!
Was he so eager to get rid of her!
Yes her heart was broken once before
But that didn’t give him the right to shatter it once more.

She trusted him with her soul and heart
But for him,
it was just a beautiful art,
of an admirable atonement
for his exquisite love experiment.

~ Ankita Singhal

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