Another Tammara Webber book? Yes, please!

Tammara Webber books from Colleen Hoover!! Heck yeah!

Colleen Hoover

It’s not often I recommend books on my website.  It’s been about ten months, actually, since the last rec I gave.

I’m not really recommending a book right now as much as I’m recommending an entire series.

Between The Lines by Tammara Webber.

A must read.

Yes, it’s amazing.  Yes, it’s worth the read.  Yes, it’s worth recommending.

I read her first book a little over a year ago, told from the perspectives of Emma and Reid. When I finished it, I was in love with a few characters and in hate with a few characters.  I loved how it ended and wasn’t sure I wanted to go on to the next one, but I bit the bullet and did it anyway because Tammara’s writing is flawless.

The second, Where You Are, is told from four points of view and Tammara did not disappoint.  I. Loved. It.

I immediately downloaded…

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