As beautiful as your work ~ My Mia Ma

She is my first teacher and will always be the best one. She is the woman who albeit being married in a conservative family kept on perusing her PhD in Endocrinology in zoology. After completing her PhD she wanted to work, since allowing studies was one thing and getting permission to work by her In-laws was another, her husband helped her finding the middle ground and she started to give guest lecturers in universities. She maintained the balance between work and the responsibilities to her family; she loved both equally with an absolute passion. Her PhD research was on cancer disease, its different causes, its stages, its effects on different organs of the body and its antidotes. While giving lectures she realized that her research will indeed help the students she is teaching and also the scientists in developing the right cure but what about those who don’t have means to know about the root causes of this fatal disease, who die every day in oblivion, what about those who ignore the symptoms of cancer thus unable to treat it at the earlier stages. Her work won’t be satisfying until she does something and that she did.

She started preparing papers but who would want to attend a presentation with all those scientific terms in monochromes? That’s when she zings up her presentation with her special touch, being a botany lover as well she was familiar with the beauty of plants and its life and she added those colors to her black and white screens. That presentation was a huge success and her first step towards a greater goal she was dreaming about. Seeing her determination and beauty of her work, her In-laws were charmed and permitted her to peruse her dreams. She attended many seminars and recruited a circle of those highly motivated people who wanted to work for a greater good. Till date she has been a part of many workshops, ladies circles etc. where she spread cancer awareness and motivate others to do the same, she mostly choose low key areas where people can’t afford the knowledge by themselves. I proudly say that she is my mother; she is as beautiful as her work. She weaves her work, worship and fun in a single elegant yet unflashy string and wears it like a Mia jewelry. She is MY MIA MA.

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‘Mia by Tanishq’  is for such working women who have the confidence in their work, who have a special place for jewelries in their lives but that place is not the center but peripherals lightening the center. It is for the women like Megha in the Mia TVC link below who refuses to be judged but let her work speak for herself. Who lightens and brightens their presentation and themselves with a feather light Mia touch. Tanishq’s Mia collection complements such women like Megha and and my Mia Ma.

This post is a part of the ‘as beautiful as your work’ contest held by Tanishq
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38 thoughts on “As beautiful as your work ~ My Mia Ma

  1. I am proud of my mother too.. She is my first teacher too. Thanks for this nice post. Mia Tanishq looks good and delicate. 🙂 All the best for the contest. 🙂


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