ASUS Zenfone 2

ASUS Zenfone 2

Asus zenphone 2

Are you one of those people who are waiting for Smart phone giants to launch a new smart phone which isn’t just an upgrade of its old models but has a completely innovative design and is all about the new technology that makes you want to simply grab it & make it your own? And I forgot to mention the prime factor, the price tag, of course a smart phone that fits your pocket too metaphorically? Today smart phone makers have the needed innovative technology at their disposal but not all of them are jumping right in to use that. For a quite while we have been seeing not-so-tech-giants barging into the realm of premium high-end smart phones with their totally-worth-it luxurious series. Only those smart phone makers who come up with never-seen-before standout feature will survive this realm and Asus Zenphone 2 seems like one of those. Asus has announced this phone a flagship destroyer, which is goin to give the direct competition to the likes of Samsung and Sony. It has quite an interesting specification sheet that sparks confidence, Asus is known for its accountability and product quality, so it is indeed a trust worthy brand. This beauty is to be launched on 23rd April’2015 in New Delhi.

How Asus Zenphone 2 can Redefine smart phone experience:

1) After the introduction 64-bit ARM mobile chipsets by Intel, MediaTek and Qualcomm, 4GB RAM (Random access memory) is like the next big thing to have in a smart phone, albeit experts say there isn’t much one can do with 4GB RAM that 3GB or 2GB can’t handle but with the speed with which technology is evolving, soon enough many applications will come which will rum seamlessly with 4GB RAM, and when it comes to technology, owning the latest plus next big thing is because we don’t change a gadget in 4 months. Asus Zenphone 2 is been tagged as “world’s first 4 GB RAM phone”, now that’s something.

2) Asus has redesigned the Zenphone 2 with shifting the volume key from side to back, it sure makes the controls easier also they have switched the power bottom from side to the top, this will prevent the accidental turn off of screen while holding the phone. I think this little shift of power button placement is going to decrease the cursing and frowned face frequency on daily basis.

3) It is a 5.5 inch screen smart phone or phablet (Phone plus tablet) was many prefers to call it, it’s not bulky as the screen is fit into a usual 5 inch smart phone, so they has optimized the usage of phone surface without compromising with the fit-in-the-palm factor as it has a remarkable 72% screen-to-body ratio. It offers a full-HD IPS capacitive display with a 1080×1920 pixels resolution, this upgrade improves the viewing experience significantly as the screen appeals very sharp with 178-degree viewing angles.

4) Software & processor : It runs on the latest android software ‘Android 5.0 Lollipop’ with the company’s user Interface that is clutter free and has zero lag, a huge positive factor. It is powered by a 2.3GHz Intel Atom quad core Z3580 processor coupled with PowerVR G6430 GPU and 4GB RAM, it can run smoothly with 9-10 apps on background.

5) It comes protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 covering, it is carved with ultra thin edges.

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