Edelweiss Tokio Life -CritiCare+

The pace of the this contemporary world is rapidly accelerating, everyone seems to be rushing for next appointment, next project, next presentation, next exam and when we have time at hand we spend it over whatsapp, twitter, facebook or start crushing candies. Albeit with 20th century breakthough in medical science and proper awareness about hygiene and sanitation has increased the life span of an individual but the lack of time for self-care, constantly increasing stress, pollution, climate change has increased the health risks. Today, almost all the critical illnesses have a cure and with many people adopting healthy lifestyle, the chances of such unfortunate happening have been reduced but it’s better to be plan ahead than be sorry. Critical illness makes an individual indisposed to work also it incur significantly high treatment cost, with current scenario of medical inflation rates may lead to improper cure due to non-affordability which can be avoided with a critical illness plan. It ensures that at the time of need the patient and his family concentrates on the recovery rather than finances and absurdly high hospital bills, one such solution is ‘Edelweiss Tokio Life -CritiCare+’.

Why to choose Edelweiss Tokio Life -CritiCare+ plan?

  • Stay protected against 17 Critical Illness: CritiCare+ is a non-participating, non linked critical illness plan that covers a truly wide range of 17 critical illnesses.
  • Get lump sum benefit on the diagnosis of Critical illness: This relives the patient’s family from worrying about the expenses so that they can focus on the treatment.
  • You can claim three times during the policy term under Multiclaim option: When the fight gets tougher, multiclain helps the patient in the fight against the illness.
  • When you choose Multiclaim option, you get waiver of future premiums on occurrence of first claim.
  • Get assured discounts for higher Sum: Of course Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+ is considerate and understands the value of money.
  • Simplified benefit design for better understanding of the product: Often the schemes are so complex to understand that a its benefits aren’t utilized to its best, which leads to an unsatisfied customer but Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+ makes sure that his customers gets the maximum benefit.
  • Get tax benefits for premium and claim amount: As an icing on the cake, the premium you pay is eligible for tax deduction under 80D of Indian Income Tax Act. Government of India encourages citizens to take such covers so that every citizen can get a good treatment without getting under enormous dept.

Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+ can be purchased online so it’s convenient to, you can also request an adviser to guide you through. To know more about the features of Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+ you can visit HERE. You can download their brochure from HERE.

Getting a good critical illness cover is necessary so that you aren’t under-insured which may lead to inadequate medical care. So choose your critical illness cover wisely such as Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+.


One thought on “Edelweiss Tokio Life -CritiCare+

  1. Useful information about Critical Illness policy. Researching on the policy helped me to develop a good understanding on the things that we should look for.
    Would like to invite you to join Blogger India group on LinkedIn. Best. Somali K Chakrabarti


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