Simple act of care

Time doesn’t wait for anyone, moments pass too quickly to ignore chances to connect and spend quality time with your loved ones. One thing that stands correct is that true happiness comes when you share it with your family. Good or bad, stormy or calm sea, things get better with surrounding love. With inevitably changing environment one thing that stays constant is the presence of our loved ones, our family. When we feel like drowning under pressure our loved ones never leave our hand and keeps us afloat, they become the tremendous source of energy giving us the strength to fight the dark clouds and let the bright sun shine upon us. When we are riding success then the happiness doubles with the presence of our family. The bond that a family shares is always much stronger, ever stronger than a covalent bond ( for non-geeks : covalent bond is the strongest form of chemical bond ).

Studying or working in a different city often leaves us with less time at hand to spend with family, same thing started to happen with me, gradually the time I used to spend on calls shorten as well, as the pressure of other activities started to build up my energy level started to go down in the same proportion. Even with friends around, nobody can be as positive as family, just their presence in enough to keep things on track. My tiredness must have been apparent in my voice whenever I used to talk to my parents because one day they surprised me with a visit. My mother brought me laddos and pickle too.

That weekend spent with my parents is one of the most memorable time, deep down I was desperately craving to meet them but I couldn’t go. My productivity was decreasing, I was taking a lot of stress, I needed a break and weekend hangout with friends wasn’t enough for me. And somehow my parents understood it even when I didn’t utter a single word. I don’t remember missing my family that much, when everything seems to fall apart, they give me the strength to hold everything together.

When I opened the door and saw my mummy papa standing in front of me, I almost had happy tears. I asked my papa “How did you know?” I was surprised beyond words, it was just like a miracle, I wished for something and that happened. My Father just smiled and hugged me. Then my mother hugged me and said “You are getting thinner! Why aren’t you eating properly” and I laughed. I laughed so hard because that was so like my mother, something I miss all the time, her constant care. I didn’t remember laughing from my heart for a long time and that moment I felt like all the stress was leaving my body and I could run a marathon then and there.

It was such a small moment, but it is still so precious to me. It made me realize how just a simple act of care can mean so much. So, whatever you do wherever you are don’t forget how a simple act of care can mean so much to someone.

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