Welcome changes

#StartANewLife : It’s not easy but you may regret if you don’t give it a chance.

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. ~Lao Tzu

My heart resonates with Lao Tzu on this thought, often we are so hang up on our old selves that we don’t give a chance to new opportunities. We aren’t always so welcoming for changes and we forget that everything is changing everyday albeit we don’t realize that at the moment and suddenly one day everything looks different and then we regret the opportunities we had missed along the journey.

My father is a central government employ, shifting from one city to another after few years comes with his job profile. When I was very young, this shifting hardly mattered to me but when I was middle-aged, I was almost devastated. The longest I have lived in a city is 6 years during my school years, it was Indore. I used to love everything about it, from friends in my colony where I used to live to my school, teachers and friends in school. Whole school used to know me, I was quite an active student and loved making friends. I don’t remember making an excuse for not going to school ever, that’s how much I loved it and at home it was the same. I used to live in department’s colony and those were one of the best childhood days, there were nearly twenty kinds and we used to play almost every sport, from cricket to volley ball to hide & seek. It was simply heaven for me, it was part of my daily routine, it was me. And one day my Father told me we have to move to Raipur, a different city in different state. I didn’t realize it’s gravity then but as the time when I had to leave my beloved school and my residence came near, I couldn’t take it. I still remember crying at railway station where many of my friends came to see me off.

I shifted in mid-session when I was in 7th grade, my first day of school in Raipur was terrible. I felt like out of place, I didn’t belong there, I wanted my old life, my old friends back. The life in which I was happy and content with everything I was and everything I had. But here I felt detached, my mind knew that my only option is to live in Raipur till the next posting but my heart wasn’t ready to accept this change. I didn’t talk much to my fellow classmates and my teachers other than answering their questions, on lunch-break I went to my elder brother’s class and asked how he was finding this new school and he said it’s fine and he looked happy because he already had made many friends. In my family I am more outgoing than my elder brother so I was surprised by his upbeat attitude, he has accepted this new scenario. I met a senior whom I know from Indore and asked him if this school was any good, he told me to give it some time.

When I returned home and told my mother how uncomfortable and sad I am, she also told me to give it some time and I was frustrated by hearing the same reply again and again. My mother saw my frustration so she told me changes are a part of life, life isn’t always going to be same, same people aren’t always going to be around. I must learn to create my identity in that new place and flourish. I should welcome these big changes. And I thought, why not.

Nothing was different at school the next day, my new classmates were still trying to make me comfortable and giving me their maximum attention, teachers were very accommodating and helpful, every corner and every face was still new to me but my perspective was different. Instead of thinking about going back to the old life, I embraced this new atmosphere and started a new life. Finally my heart was in sync with my mind. It wasn’t easy but this new change was an opportunity for many new learning, it acquainted me to my better stronger self.

We shouldn’t resist changes be it natural or the intentional ones that we bring upon ourselves, every change is a door to a whole new exciting world. Don’t miss out on any fun because life is a journey and to enjoy it to the fullest is our duty.

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