And it crumbled…

People are moving, vehicles are moving then why does it feel like her world has stopped moving? She probably shouted but she doesn’t remember, maybe it was a scream in her head, all she knows is that her world is crumbling down and she is helpless. She is trying to hold her carefully built castle from shattering but all is in vain. All this time she had built the highest walls to keep people out but he found the way in, he scaled few walls and broke down many and found a way in and helped her built the dreamy castle only to destroy it! She couldn’t believe her ears, she wanted to wake up from this nightmare. She wanted to stop him but she couldn’t. His words kept echoing in her mind, “I won’t be happy with you.” What did she do to deserve this! Why is this happening to her! She wanted to ask but Alas! she already knew the answer and she can’t change what’s done, she can’t change the past and her present got destroyed. It was so easy for him to say because these words were the most honest thing for him and it hurt more because all she ever wanted was his happiness.

“I won’t be happy with you!” These words were like the thousand needles of ice cold water that pierced her heart with all its might and it couldn’t hold against it. No one was there to understand, no one could see, her face was blank but her mind was running everywhere and she was standing still amidst moving vehicles with her crumbled world, shattered castle and pierced heart. Everything was falling apart, she cried screamed but nothing changed. Now, she doubts if it ever will.

©Ankita Singhal


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