Truth be told

The most common word that is the least common thing is “Truth”. We can run around the world and this fact will not change.

Even the famous theory of evolution by Charles Darwin could be a hoax & Albert Einstein failing mathematics is a big lie. Lie, in fact, is so common that it has become the natural spontaneous tendency of almost every human being, it is deeply embedded in our subconscious system as a result of evolution, here evolution means surviving because of lies, many times we are told that in this century those who doesn’t have a knack to deceive are often eaten up by the large fishes who survived because of lies thus multiplying liars. And the most interesting factor is that we are always told that lying is wrong, they condemn lying verbally but the same society more than often reward lies and that creates the evolution. But how long can this continue? because with time truth always reveals itself and fake/lies fades away.

Lying is not a one word simplified thing, it’s a string of complexities and it is synonymous with deceit, double-faced being, insincere action, dishonesty, omission and all the disgraceful words. Whereas, Truth has a one sole face, ‘TRUE’.

As per all the physiological studies, we pick up the habit of lying from our childhood. Cum’mon, how many times have you blamed your unfinished homework on the bad health of your neighbor’s dog! we called it harmless lying and that was indeed harmless but a lie nonetheless.

This reminds me of rather an educational incident from couple of years ago when I was in college, studying in a different city than my parents residence. Sending a child to a different city to start their own living is a challenging task for a parent because their biggest fear is always about their child getting hurt or being in some problem. And to avoid that I always had an unspoken bond signed with my parents that I am never going to lie to them.

It was nearing new year and we were done with our semester ending examination and that called for a celebration in itself and my classmates decided to have a new year bash at one of our friend’s farm house. When I asked my mother if I can go out, she declined straightaway and there was no way around it. Since I really wanted to go and I can give an excuse of peer pressure but I will not, I did go without telling my parents, when my mother called I told her I was in hostel playing loud music and having fun with my girls. Humph, Now that was an easy lie right? NO.

Our parents don’t stop us from doing things just because they like stopping us but because they do see what we are not generally able to see. And I realized it pretty fast. Me and my close friends were soon getting very uncomfortable with the drinks that was so openly sloshing here and there but somehow we managed to stay out of its splutter. The food and DJ was pretty awesome that we overlooked the other drawbacks. But as the party was nearing its end we realized that most of our friends were drunk and specially the friend with whom we came was probably passed out under some table of the lawn and that caused the alarm! I was in a city where my Uncle and aunt lived during those days and my only hope was to get a ride from them so I braced myself and called my father and told him the truth. Putting consequences aside, I took a first sigh of relief during the new Year’s bash. The weight that instantly got lifted off my chest was incredible. At that moment my father didn’t shout or even got angry, he arranged a safe ride for me and my friends back to my hostel, that truth saved us from I don’t even know what, a long uncomfortable night in middle of nowhere! Well, the next time when I visited home, I just heard one line from my father ,” Truth will always save you, no matter what.”

If truth be told then there is probably no way around to the lies we are fed daily by people around us but least we can do is not be the same and if each one of us decide not to lie even the harmless one and take the route of truth then it will definitely save us all from the unknown dangers lurking just around the corner.

This post is written for Kinley Happy Hours campaign


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