Rise above fear

The ‘rejection bodies’ of the society were arguing with the ‘acceptance bodies’ of the society, the RB (Rejection bodies) firmly put forth the argument that what they think is correct and rest is completely rubbish, and what they think is “whatever you do is wrong, the right is completely opposite of the wrong.”

The AB (acceptance bodies) of the society was perplexed, “Yes RB, the opposite of right is wrong. But your right is always not right moreover the point is not about being right or wrong all the time, It’s about being oneself.”

RB in unison countered “No, it’s about doing as we say.”

AB asked humbly “And what would that be?”

RB1 shouted “Taking the left turn from first corner.”

RB2 muttered at the same time “Staying where you are.”

RB3 Yelled louder “abandon and take a U-turn”

While RB4 was still thinking and said afterwards “Swimming seems about correct.”

and AB just raised eyebrow at them although RBies were busy in arguing within themselves about what is right.

So, you see people this is how the acceptance and rejection works. Acceptance is more about accepting the person you are, the things you do, the habits you have and moreover it’s about being ourselves as long as in our heart we know we are right and rejection is about saying ‘No’ in general no matter what is right.

Still we all worry about rejections, if I talk about fears then the only two prominent fears I have are the fear of rejection and fear of losing the people I love. Today I want to talk about my fear of rejection or to say it better the fear I used to have or I still have, I am not sure.

Approval from others specially those who truly matter is still one of the most important things for me, but it was unhealthy for me when that need of approval used to be a fear in its own sense. Although I am the person who likes to stand out at the same time I wanted to fit in, and that need of being accepted all the time lead to a point where I started to express less of me, where I started holding back and not telling how exactly I feel, checked me from doing what I want to do and there was this constant worry of hurting others feeling and gradually it all builded up and unknowingly lead to an unnecessary stress that ultimately resulted in loss, loss of health, spirit, charm and smile and that my dear friend was my biggest enemy because fear is the biggest hindrance in the path of success.

Fear is good as long as it keeps us alert but too much of it is fatal and it’s basically state of mind. Although my fear of being rejected wasn’t at its extreme but it stopped me from putting myself at a spot where there is a distant chance of being rejected and Since I recognize my fear, I decided to take it under control before it takes control over my life.

The best way to overcome a fear is to stare it right in its eye and that’s what I did. I stopped worrying about what others think and concentrated more on myself and know my worth. The most important thing I told myself was that down the line I won’t regret the times I failed but rather the times I didn’t take the chance out of fear.

The first risk I took was at work, not huge but big enough, being a computer science graduate, I am expected to work in technical field but I have immense interest in marketing and I took a risk of applying in that sector with a huge odds of rejection and surprisingly enough I did nail a job, not the best yet but good enough and without a MBA degree at hand it wasn’t easy but the key was ‘Try’.

My another risk was to confront some feelings, it wasn’t easy! Believe me my hands shook pretty hard and my voice wavered more that I am usually comfortable with and I did choke on few or well say many words but I did confront my feelings and I am more than glad, I did make confession and honestly I don’t know if I have claimed victory yet but I am at least somewhere which is better than nowhere and working hard for the things to work out.

For me, writing this blog post isn’t easy too because talking about such a fear is rather embarrassing and specially when I am taking with cent percent honestly with no added spice. All I can say is, Fear is nothing, has no power of its own, It’s our mind that is feeding that fear. To overcome it, we have to face it head on.

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